Irish American Football Association

Management Team

IAFA Board Members

The IAFA Board manages all aspects of American Football in Ireland. Board members are elected every year, with members staying on the Board for a three-year term. Board members may also have another role within the sport. The currently serving board members are as follows:

Position Name E-mail address
IAFA Board    
Board Mailing List All active Board Members
Board Member (President) Michael Smith
Board Member Cillian Smith
Board Member Aidan Maguire
Board Member Brian Cleary
Board Member Emma Burrows
Board Member Declan McNally
Board Member Fergal O’Hanlon TBC
Board Member Russell Kerley
Board Member (External) Vacant  
IAFA Administration    
Commissioner Cillian Smith
Finance Officer David Norton
National Children’s Officer Vacant
Communications Officer Vacant
(Steve McDonnell interim)
Directors and Support Personnel
Director of Officiating Adrian O’Reilly
Director of Coaching Vacant
Director of Flag Football Guillaume Poznanski
Director of Development Russell Kerley
Director of Youth Russell Kerley
Events Manager Pauline Kwasniak
International/IFAF Michael Smith
Irish National Team General Manager Vacant
Website & Social Media Frieda Gallagher