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The Irish American Football Association (IAFA) is the National Governing Body for American Football in Ireland. The IAFA is recognised by the Irish Sports Council and the Federation of Irish Sports. It is affiliated to the European Federation of American Football (EFAF).


Irish American Football League

In 2016 we have 22 clubs playing adult full-contact American football. Similar to the rest of Europe, we play according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, which are the rules used in major college football in the USA. Currently, we have nine clubs playing in the Shamrock Bowl Conference, our premier competitive league, seven clubs playing in the IAFL1 division and six clubs playing in the IAFL2 division. For more information, please see our American Football page.

Flag Football Ireland

We run a mixed Flag Football league (Emerald Bowl Conference) for anyone 16 and over. There are teams in most parts of the country, some affiliated to kitted clubs and others independent. We also are also beginning to introduce the sport to schools and are keen on having an all-women’s league in partnership with the Women in Sport programme, both of which are supported by the Irish Sports Council. We also cater to those who would prefer to be on the coaching or officiating side of things. Playing Flag Football is an excellent way to exercise and stay in shape. While being an alternative to kitted football, you are constantly running, sprinting, tumbling and tossing the ball – all in just one play. No matter at what level you play flag football, you are bound to get a workout. Flag football is the perfect sport for young players who’d like to go on to kitted football at an older age and for adult players interested in keeping fit and having fun. For more information, please see our Flag Football page.


Our Officiating Department is responsible for officiating in Ireland. It supplies full-time officials to all levels of football in Ireland and manages the Team Provided Officials (TPOs). The Officiating Department also provides officials to International tournaments and also runs certification courses for Irish officials.


Our Coaching Department runs educational and certification courses for Irish Coaches . Certification courses are approved by Coaching Ireland.

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