EBIV Game Day 3 Preview

This Saturday will see 3 teams in action on Game day 3. The Craigavon Cowboys will be hosting, and are in action first at 11am when they face off against the Edenderry Eagles. The Cowboys have had a perfect start to the year, winning all their games so far whilst having an 81 net point difference, thus topping the league table. The Eagles have also been in form, winning 3 and drawing 1 so far and lead the league in points for (213) and points against (52). Last year’s match-up between these two saw the Eagles come out on top in the first game, then drawing the second. These rivals are well known to each other and should prove to be an epic encounter.

Game 2 will see the Westmeath Minotaurs take on the Eagles, scheduled for 12 noon. The Minotaurs started the season well with 2 strong wins against the Dublin Rebels and the South Dublin Panthers, but struggled when they hosted game week 2, losing to the Cowboys and Dublin Vipers. They will be looking to recapture their winning form on Saturday as 2 wins could secure a spot in the playoffs. The Eagles are in back to back action, hoping to win either game if not both, to secure a place in the playoffs. Both have plenty of history, promises to be a cracking game!

The final game of the day will see the Cowboys play the Minotaurs, scheduled for 1pm. Due to point deductions for other teams, the Cowboys have already secured a place in the playoffs, but will be looking to remain on top and head into the playoffs as number 1 seed. Recent history has seen the Cowboys always able to edge out the Minotaurs, with the latest face-off between happening in Game Day 2, where the Cowboys came out on top with a 41-31 victory. Should be another tight and thrilling game that neither will want to lose!

All games will be played at Peoples Park, Portadown.

by Jo Buchanan