FAQ About Coaching in Ireland

If you are from overseas,we’d be delighted to have you but please read the following before contacting IAFCA:

Q: Do Coaches Get Paid?

A: No.Our coaches work voluntarily in their positions.Housing is not provided either.

Q:Will IAFCA arrange my visa?

A:No,all non EU citizens will have to have already arranged their visas before being considered for a coaching vacancy.

Q:Do I need to be qualified?

A:Yes.All IAFCA coaches are IAFCA level one minimum qualified.All Head Coaches are level 2 minimum.All IAFCA Head Coaches also hold Ethics in Sport licenses through the Irish Sports Council & have IAFCA Head Coaching Licenses, earned through ongoing training and appraisal.All these can be obtained through IAFCA.

Q:I have an education in coaching football from another country or NCAA,does this count?

A:Maybe.IAFCA does give recognition of prior development(RPD) based on previous education,if IAFCA has granted RPD status to the qualification.These are granted on a case by case basis,so contact IAFCA and we can investigate if you qualify.

Q:How do I join IAFCA?

A: Contact us once you have decided to coach in Ireland and are aware of the items above.We’ll be happy to assist you in getting started!