Return to Football Roadmap and Guidelines

It is important that all members familiarise themselves with these guidelines. No Club (Senior/Youth/Flag) is permitted to return to any football activity until the following has been completed:
  1. Covid-19 Safety Officer(s) has been appointed and AFI Commissioner has been informed. 
  2. Risk Assessment Form has been completed/actioned and submitted to the AFI Commissioner. 
  3. AFI Commissioner has signed off on your club returning to activities. (earliest will be 27th June for up to 15 people including coaches). 
  4. All Members of your club participating in practice sessions has completed the self assessment declaration and are registered with AFI. 
  5. Coaching Plan has been submitted to Covid-19 Safety Officer and forwarded to the AFI Commissioner (first session plan only to Commissioner).
This is a fluid situation and Government guidelines will supersede AFI guidelines. 
If you have any queries please contact me by email at