Alumni Programme

Since the sport first started in Ireland in the 1980’s, several thousand people have passed through the sport. Over the years, most of these Irish football alumni have drifted off into other walks of life or into retirement, yet many have made significant contributions to the sport in past years. Our Alumni organisation will allow these past members to reconnect with the sport – for some it will be an opportunity to reconnect with old friends or foes to talk about their time in the sport and for others, it will present an opportunity to get back involved with IAFA going forward.

All past members of the sport, be that of the current IAFA organisation or of any of the previous Associations and Leagues which existed in Ireland in the past, e.g. AFAI, Combined Gridiron League, original IAFA, original IAFL, etc., are welcome to join. Those interested should forward contact our Senior Alumni Officer, Doug Platten, at