Kitted Football

American Football has been played in Ireland since 1984 when the first training session was held in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. Fast forward to today, and we have a number of American Football programmes to cater for players aged 16 and up.

Senior Leagues

In 2018, we have 21 clubs playing across three Senior Conferences; the Shamrock Bowl Conference (SBC) and IAFL1 . Our premier conference, the SBC, currently has 10 clubs participating from around the country. The current SBC champions are the Dublin Rebels, who have won the conference for the last two years. Our second division, IAFL1,  with 11 clubs competing in this season, consists of clubs that are newer or are still growing.  Along with the rest of Europe, all our clubs play using the NCAA rules, with slight modifications to suit the Irish environment.

YouTH League

Due to the high demand from younger players wanting to play football, in 2015 we established a Youth League to cater for players between the ages of 16 and 19. We designed our Junior Programme to align with the established European model for junior football.

National Programme

In 2015, the IAFA National programme was implemented with the goal of establishing a team to represent IAFA and Ireland at the International level. This programme brings together the most experienced coaches in Ireland at each position to provide focused and advanced training to our elite players at both the senior and junior level. Both the senior and junior squads have their own dedicated coaching teams, with the programme overseen by the National Team General Manager.