IAFCA Announces First Coach for IAFCA Convention 2010

Coach Seay and his famous wild bunch scheme comes to Ireland

 The IAFCA is delighted to announce that the first speaker for the 4th Irish American Football Coaches Association convention,held Sept 10-12th in The Camden Court Hotel,Dublin, will be Coach Ted Seay.

Coach Seay has built up a legendary following in the coaching community following the publication of his “Wild Bunch” Offense.Coach Seay has had a successful coaching  career at several different levels and has served as a consultant over the years for several teams worldwide. Coach Seay has been a guest speaker at various double wing & single wing seminars in Texas, Los Angeles & Philadelphia.

Coach Seay has coached internationally at the American High School in Mexico City, with the Waverley University Sharks in Melbourne, Australia, and as a volunteer assistant with the youth program of the Chrysler Vikings in Vienna, Austria.

Coach Seay is the first Coach to be confirmed for what promises to be IAFCA’s biggest convention to date.

Keep checking back for further exciting announcements.