IAFL Head Coaches Meeting a huge success

The Master Coaches of Irish Football meet in Dublin

Saturday 6th March saw the IAFCA Master Coaches convene to the Camden Court Hotel once again, this time for the inaugural IAFL Head Coaches Meeting.

Each IAFL team was represented by their Head Coach and their Assistant Head Coach for this vital 4 hour session. IAFCA Technical Director Darrin O’Toole opened the meeting with a presentation on a Head Coach’s responsibilities on game day. Topics such as health & safety, team ethics, game day procedures and coaching conduct.

The second session saw IAFL Board members Maurice Cosgrave and Barry Bolton give an update on the IAFL By-Laws for 2010. Coaches asked a variety of questions and both Cosgrave and Bolton were extremely helpful in clarifying a number of items.

The IAFOA was next up and saw veteran IAFOA official Tony Rivers give a presentation on this year’s rule changes. Coaches could be seen furiously scribbling and taking down this vital update.

Following this a presentation on Coaching Etiquette throughout the season was given. Topics such as player registration, transfers and video trading were discussed.

Coach Paul McKillop of the Carrickfergus Knights was introduced at this point to give a presentation on proposed video citation procedures in the IAFL this season. Coaches exchanged viewpoints on the pros and cons of this system and Coach McKillop was given the IAFCA’s endorsement to continue working on this procedure for inclusion in the IAFL By-Laws this year, and this will be worked upon by the IAFL this week with the full support of IAFCA.

In closing Coach O’Toole officially welcomed the beginning of the 2010 season, and all coaches were extremely jubilant and looking forward to meeting each other in the coming weeks in the games ahead.