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February 1st 2006



Coach Phil DeMonte has announced the new Team Ireland coaching squad. His coaching staff includes some very well known names including coaches with both NFL, NFL Europe and EuroBowl experience. His offensive coordinator is ex-NFL and USFL wide receiver Greg Anderson who is also coach of the North Dublin Marshals. Other well known names coaching the offense include ex-London Monarchs wide receiver Mark Cohen, Nigel Brown who has won British titles with the London Olympians and Steve Coles of the Coventry Jets.

There is no shortage of big names on the defensive side of the ball either.Assisting defensive coordinator Darrin O'Toole will be coaches including ex-Ireland international Paul Newey who played for the Birmingham Bulls EuroBowl team before entering the coaching ranks, fellow ex-Ireland international Dave McGrath (formerly of Dublin Tornadoes), and Chris Cunnane - Head Coach of Birmingham Bulls. Guillaume Marignan from the French league is also on the squad. Coventry Jets Head Coach Gerry McManus will handle special teams

Irish players will have the first chance to meet the new coaches at the upcoming session at ALSAA Sports Ground, Dublin on Saturday February 18th. The session is open to all Irish players regardless of whether or not they have tried out before. Players will have the opportunity to be assessed using drills similar to those used in NFL Europe testing. The coaches will also run individual positional drills. Registration for the session is at 11am with all players expected to be on the field by noon. The session will be free of charge.

Coach DeMonte and newly appointed General Manager, Mike Brady are excited about the quality of coaches who wish to be part of Team Ireland.


Head Coach: Phil De Monte

Offense -

Offensive Coordinator: Greg Anderson (IAFL)

Offensive Line:
Mike Cluskey: Offensive Line Coach Sheffield Hallam Warriors (BCAFL) and Yorkshire
Rams (BAFL) and Nigel Brown, Offensive Assistant Coach London Olympians (BAFL)

Running Backs:
Steve Coles, Coventry Jets (BAFL) and Carsten Wunderlic: Offensive Assistant Coach,
Dublin City University

Neil O'Hare, Head Coach Essex University (BCAFL) and Diarmuid Haugh (IAFL)

Mark Cohen: Coventry Jets (BAFL)

Tight Ends:
John Durrad Dublin Dragons (IAFL) and Neil Morgan (BCAFL)

Defense -

Defensive Coordinator:
Darrin O'Toole: Defensive Coordinator Dublin City University (IAFL)

Defensive Line: Gareth Boyd:
Defensive Coordinator East Midlands Saxons (BAFL)

Paul Newey: Coventry Jets (BAFL) and Guillaume Marignan: Le Harve Salamandres (FFFA)

Dave McGrath and Barry Magee (IAFL)

Defensive Coordinator Advisor
Chris Cunnane: Head Coach Birmingham Bulls (BAFL)

Special Teams
Gerry McManus: Head Coach Coventry Jets (BAFL) and Mark Lawless: Head Coach Dublin
Dragons (IAFL)

General Manager:
Mike Brady

BAFL - British American Football League
BCAFL - British Collegiate American Football League
FFFA - Fédération Française de Football Américain
IAFL - Irish American Football League


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