IAFL2 2019 Playoff Picture

As it stands in the IAFL2 has three teams with an option to reach the playoff stage:

  • The Cill Dara Crusaders
  • The Meath Bulldogs
  • The Antrim Jets

However, it is not yet clear which of these will take the top two spots who will have the chance to battle it out and be crowned IAFL2 bowl champions on July 14th. The IAFL2 Bowl game will also be hosted by the top seeded IAFL2 team.

Before we get to the scenarios here is some key factors to help us determine the possible outcome of each scenario.

  • Bulldogs beat Jets on June 9th
  • Bulldogs beat Crusaders on May 26th (33-12)
  • Crusaders beat Bulldogs on April 14th (21-6)
  • Crusaders play Jets on June 23rd
  • Bulldogs play Causeway Giants on June 23rd

The current standings as of last weekend are:

So – unto the scenarios. There are 9 possible outcomes so bear with us while we lay them out for you.