New DoFF, Assistant DoFF Announced

AFI are pleased to announce our new Director of Flag Football, Ben Arulogun, and Assistant Director of Flag Football, Ruben Ruiz.

Ben started out with the now-defunct Dublin Vipers and is currently Chairperson of the South Dublin Panthers. Ben believes in the progress of the sport in Ireland and is excited to step into the role of Director. 

“Flag football is in a great position; we’re hosting the European Championships, and participation has grown exponentially. As the DOFF, I aim to put all my effort into developing the sport nationally and increasing our international presence. I am especially interested in having this be a more gender-inclusion sport and getting more females to play flag football. Flag football is a fantastic, accessible sport with simple rules and a great introduction to American Football.”

Meanwhile, Ruben’s roots in American and flag football stretch back to nearly two decades of experience, when he picked the sport up in Mexico. Winning the Western Mexico Flag Football Championship in 2017, Ruben soon moved to Ireland, where he has since played with the Panthers and — more recently — helped establish the Dublin City Wolves. Excited to help further promote and grow the game, Ruben was an excellent choice for Assistant DoFF.

You can contact Ben and Ruben by emailing