New Tiebreaker System Proposed for IAFL.

The IAFL Board has decided to recommend a new tiebreaker system for 2013. The major change is that points conceded will be replaced by points difference. As forfeits are uncommon, head to head points difference and points difference in all games will be the main tiebreakers after head to head won/loss record. The Board has also decided to recommend a new tiebreaker – number of touchdowns scored, to be used ahead of previous season’s standings. The Board’s view is that points difference is a fairer way of separating teams in the event that the finish with identical head to head and/or regular season records. This revised system will be recommended to the members’ for ratification at Decembers AGM.

As reported earlier this week, a major announcement on the league structure for 2013 will be made tomorrow at noon.

Proposed New Tie-Breaker System.

1. Least number of forfeits given.

2. Head to Head least number of forfeits given.

3. Head to Head won/loss %.

4. Head to Head points difference.

5. Points difference in all games.

(forfeits count as 30-0 or 30-30).

6. Number of touchdowns scored.

7. Seeding based on­ position in previous season’s standings. For clarification, seedings will be based on the teams’ regular season record from the previous season(s).

8. Drawn out of hat.