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IAFA Glas Bowl Conference

This year will see the inaugural season of the newly established IAFA Glas Bowl Conference or GBC league.

While the Emerald Bowl Conference (EBC) is now tailored for the top 12 teams in Ireland to compete for the national championship, the GBC has been especially created for brand new teams wanting to give a go at Flag Football and also for returning teams needing a bit of TLC to hopefully reach the EBC in a future season.

The core goal of the GBC is to foster a vision of growth and learning of Flag Football and ultimately American Football, without the daunting pressure to compete against seasoned and experienced teams while still being competitive.

The season will run like its sister league. This is a mixed leagues for players 16 years old and upward. The format will see several teams meeting in one venue and play a set of games on the same day.

Although all EBC teams now must have a certified coach to compete, GBC teams do not. The only requirements is for all players to be registered with IAFA and for all teams to have the proper playing equipment.

The season will kick off during the second half of August to finish the last week of October.

GBC teams will have the chance to be promoted to the EBC at the end of the season while some EBC teams will also be relegated to the GBC ensuring the competitive legitimacy of both leagues in the long run.

If you have any questions as to what the requirements are just contact us through our online form here.

Looking forward to see you compete in the GBC in the near future.

Team registration will open very soon. Stay tuned.


IAFA Flag Football in 2019






IAFA Flag Football is now 5 years old this month and the interest keeps on growing. To mark the occasion we thought we’d let you know what 2019 is going to be like for IAFA Flag

Since the birth of the Emerald Bowl Conference (EBC) in 2014, teams have come and gone but the level of the game as only be raised every year making it difficult for new entrants to compete against more experienced teams and hoping to win the championship. So in order to make IAFA Flag more competitive and fairer for all we will be kicking off EBC’s 6th season with a few twists.

  • For the first time EBC will limit the number of teams participating to 12 and to start things off, EBC 2019 will be composed of the top 12 teams from EBC 2018. This also created the need for a new league for developing teams and new entrants named the Glas (Green) Bowl Conference or GBC.
  • Both leagues will be linked with a promotion/relegation scheme which will allow teams who have progressed enough to be able to compete against the best teams in the country.
  • Both leagues will run in parallel and are both mixed leagues for all players 16 years old and up. (details for registration and rules to follow).
  • All game-days for both EBC and GBC will see nine or more teams compete in the one venue in order alleviate heavy schedule and better manage possible forfeits or postponed games
  • We are also introducing another change to raise the level of competitiveness in the EBC. All EBC teams now must have at least one certified coach to be eligible to play in EBC 2019. Two IAFA level 0 coaching courses will scheduled for Flag Football coaches only in the spring (Dates and registration details to follow)

Other programmes will also be taking place this year:

  • We will open bids to host flag football blitz tournaments to be held in July and August
  • NFL Play Flag Football in School programme which will be run by NFL UK with the support of their Presenting Sponsor Subway. They are supporting schools to bring the NFL Flag programme to their school via a teacher training programme (more details to follow).
  • An inaugural Flag Football Intervarsity championship will be held in the autumn (details to follow).

We will have more detailed posts about each upcoming event in the near future so stay tuned.



IAFA Appoints New Flag Football Committee Members

Due to an ever growing interest and membership, Flag Football is becoming a key element in the growth of American Football in Ireland.
With a record number of teams and the most members involved in the Emerald Bowl Conference league in 4 years running, and it has been decided to re-vamp the Flag Football Committee (FFC) to make sure all aspects of the sport are efficiently developed and managed. The newly appointed committee members will be working with IAFA Director of Flag Football, Guillaume Poznanski, reporting to the Board of IAFA.

The FFC will be an essential part of ensuring that IAFA 2019 strategic plan for Flag Football in Ireland are successfully implemented. Some of the key elements of the plan the FFC will be working on are (and this is by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Flag Football Competition programmes (EBC, New League (TBA), Intervarsities, Tournaments)
  • Flag 4 School (F4S)
  • Women in Sport
  • Flag Football Coaching
  • Flag Football Officiating

IAFA are pleased to announce the appointments of the following to serve as members of the Flag Football Committee:

Ethan Fitzsimons, who was invaluable as IAFA Administrator, has accepted to take on the role of IAFA Assistant Director of Flag Football and will be a great asset to the FFC working closely with the Director of Flag Football.

Robbie Caldwell from the Louth Mavericks. Robbie has played for the Louth Mavericks for 7 years (the Dundalk Mavericks then). Robbie has played as running back mainly, but stepped in different positions and was part of the Mavericks squad who won the IAFA League 1 in 2017. He has played Flag Football for two years and is now the Mavericks Flag Football team head coach. Robbie is also a strong follower of the Washington Redskins.
Dave Healy from UCC Raiders/Cork Admirals. Dave is entering his third season of football. He plays defensive back for the Cork Admirals and won Shamrock Bowl 32 as defensive captain and also helped coach the Cork Admirals Youth team to victory in 2018. Dave was called onto the Irish Wolfhounds squad for their win against the Belgian Barbarians and has also founded the UCC Raiders Flag Football club two years ago. He is a proud Green Bay Packers fan.
Daniel Shaw from the Belfast Trojans. Daniel has been involved in American Football in Ireland since he was 16. Daniel coached the Ulster Elks for two seasons and is now the team manager of the Belfast Trojans Flag Football team and is also involved in the kitted setup. Daniel is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.
Robbie Tighe from the Edenderry Eagles/Cill Dara Crusaders. Robbie was introduced to American Football with the Edenderry Eagles in 2015 and hasn't looked back since. He won Emerald Bowl 4 with the Eagles in 2017. He has experience playing and managing in both kitted and Flag Football. He has no real NFL team allegiance but has a soft spot for the Atlanta Falcons.
Todd Zboyan from the Dublin Bay Raptors. Todd is originally from Seattle (USA) and has over 25 years experience in kitted and Flag Football (in the US and Ireland) and has played for the Dublin Vipers who won the Emerald Bowl 3 in 2017. Todd is currently the head coach of the Dublin Bay Raptors and is also a massive Seahawks fan.

Emerald Bowl Conference is back!

The IAFA Flag Football Emerald Bowl Conference is back!

Team registration opens today!

The season format will change a little from previous ones.

Games will be played from September 1st through to December 1st with the playoffs and Emerald Bowl V games on December 1st.

The season will run with a maximum of 20 teams who will be divided across 4 geographical divisions.

Each team will play 10 games – 8 divisional games and 2 interdivisional games.

All teams must submit the names of their Team Manager and Head Coach, with at least one of them being a non-playing member.

Teams a can have a maximum of 30 mixed players on their overall roster, with a maximum of 20 players on game day.

Games will run, as previously done, on a blitz format with several teams meeting at the one venue. Continue reading “Emerald Bowl Conference is back!”

Flag Football 2017/18 Tournaments’ hosts announced

We are please to announce the hosts for all four upcoming FFI 2017/18 tournaments.

  • October 28 2017 – South Dublin Panthers, Westmanstown
  • November 25 2017 – Maynooth University Hurricanes, Maynooth
  • January 27 2018 – Louth Mavericks, Dundalk
  • February 24 2018 – UCC Flag Football, Cork

We also would like to welcome new comers UCC Raiders, Louth Mavericks AFC, Maynooth University Hurricanes and the Dublin Bay Raptors.

Team and Individual registrations are open:
Individual registration:
Team registration:


FFI 2017/18 Events Teams and Players registrations now open.

To celebrate we are giving away a €50 discount to all teams signing up for an “Team Registration for all FFI 2017/18 Tournaments” by using the discount code EARLYBIRD and this for only two weeks (offer ends 15/9/17) – so register early!


Quick reminder all players, managers, coaches or team staff must register individually as a member of IAFA (€5) regardless of the team or event they enter with/in.

Tournaments will take place 28/10/17, 25/11/17, 27/01/18 and 24/02/18.
If you wish to host a tournament email an official bid to by September 25th 2017.
All teams selected to host will see their 2017/18 entry fees (€150) waived off.

Individual regsitration:
Team registration:

If you have any questions contact us here.

Flag Football Updates

We are fresh off Emerald Bowl IV but it’s not too early for some Flag Football updates.

The league as been running full steam for the past four seasons so in order to properly organise next season and to cover all aspects required to run and grow the sport successfully in Ireland, it has been decided to hold off the next Emerald Bowl season until August 2018. With that being said, we are not going to leave you hanging for a full year.

We will instead be running a series of one-day tournaments between October 2017 and February 2018. Each tournament will be run under the direction of the Flag Football committee and will be open for bids to host them.

The tournaments will be held on October 28th, November 25th, January 27th and February 24th. Bids will be open for submission from August 28th. If you wish to host a tournament email an official bid to by September 25th. Any successful bid will see the full team registration fees €150) waived off for the team/club hosting.

Team registration fees are set to €150 for 2017/2018 which will give your team access to all tournaments. Registration will open September 1st and will close October 1st.

If you wish to participate to less that four tournaments, registration fees are set to €50 per tournament. Team registration date for each tournament will be communicated in due time.

All players must register with IAFA for 2017/2018 for all IAFA Flag Football event. Individual fees are set at €5. Registration will open September 1st.

More information will be communicated in due time on our Facebook page and on the IAFA website.

Edenderry Eagles Emerald Bowl IV Champions

Defying all odds, the Edenderry Eagles have been crowned Emerald Bowl champions with a 32-12 win over the Emerald Bowl III champions, the Dublin Vipers. With four different teams having won one Emerald Bowl title each, we can affirm there are currently no dominant team in EBC. Well done to the Edenderry Eagles, Emerald Bowl IV and new National champions.

Emerald Bowl IV Playoffs & Bowl Games Preview

This is it! On Saturday, the next Irish National Flag Football champions will be crowned as the Emerald Bowl IV season comes to a close. 28 games at 4 different locations starting in April has given us 4 playoffs teams to this point, with only 2 wins standing in their way to the trophy. The 4 teams have had 3 weeks to prepare for Saturday’s final showdown at Gormanston Park, Co Meath.

The top seeded Craigavon Cowboys will take on 4th seed Edenderry Eagles in the first semi-final, scheduled to kick off at 10.30am. The Cowboys enjoyed a near perfect season, racking up 7 wins and a draw with no losses. They boast the best net points in the league with 177 as well as the best defence, conceding 119 points over 8 games. The Cowboys offense was in a close 2nd place when it comes to offensive points scored, finishing with 296 which was 1 point behind their semi-final opponents. The Eagles finished 4th in the table, with the same points as the North Kildare Reapers. The two teams drew earlier in the season meaning that the tie breaker would go to net points, of which the Eagles had a higher net difference. It has been a mixed season for the Eagles, winning 4, drawing 1 and losing 3. However, they have a high scoring offense, who claimed a league historical record 95-6 win against the South Dublin Panthers during the regular season. Tomiwa Oyewo will be one to watch for the Eagles as he has proved invaluable on both sides of the ball, whilst the same can be said for the Cowboys Peter Loughran. Plenty of history between these two old league rivals promises this to be a great game!

The second semi-final is scheduled for 11.45am and will see the 2nd seed Westmeath Minotaurs take on the 3rd seed Dublin Vipers, defending Emerald Bowl Champions. The Minotaurs return to post season Flag Football after they missed out on Emerald Bowl III. The Westmeath team enjoyed a good season, with 5 wins, 1 tie and 2 losses. Their offense finished 3rd in total points scored with 280, where Dermot Corroon played a major role in achieving such a high total. The defence also had a great year, finishing 2nd in points against column with 141. However, they will be seeking revenge for their loss to the Vipers in the regular season, where the game ended 56-33. That win was 1 of 5 for the Dublin Vipers who also suffered 3 defeats. The Vipers’ season was slow to start, losing their first 2 games but eventually changing their fortune to reach the playoffs. A tricky season for the Vipers, where they finished 5th in the point for column, with 215. Sean Douglas has been a key player in keeping the Vipers offense ticking over, and the Minotaurs will be very wary of his abilities. The defence also has work to do as they too finished 5th in the point against column. Two impressive teams who will give it their all on Saturday to get through to the final – not one to miss!

Following the semi-finals, the stage will be set for the final 2 games of Emerald Bowl IV. The 2 semi finals losing teams will battle in the 3rd place final, scheduled for 1pm. Emerald Bowl IV will then take place straight after, scheduled for 2.15pm.

Will the Cowboys, Minotaurs or Vipers add a second National title to their belts or will the Eagles finally earn the status of National Champions. This is do or die Flag Football, no room for mistakes! Best of luck to all teams competing on Saturday!

EBIV Game Day 4 Preview

This weekend will see the final games of the Emerald Bowl IV regular season with all teams in action at Three Rock Rover HC, Rathfarnam. The Craigavon Cowboys (EBII Champions), Westmeath Minotaurs (EBI Champions) and Dublin Vipers (EBIII Champions) have already secured their seats in the playoffs, with the Edenderry Eagles, North Kildare Reapers and potentially the Dublin Rebels still battling for the last spot. The South Dublin Panthers will be hoping to end the season on a high and begin preparations for next season.

In the first round of games (11am), the 6th placed Rebels will take on the 5th placed Reapers. Although close neighbours in the table, there are 7 points separating the teams. This will be the first of 3 games in a row for the Rebels, who will be looking to get off to a good start against the young Reapers side. If the Rebels win all their games and see the Eagles lose or tie both their games, the Rebels will be through to the playoffs. However, this is the Reapers only game of the day and it is a must win for them to have a hope of playoff football – they are level on points with the Edenderry Eagles but the Eagles have a game in hand and thus have the advantage. The second 11am game will see 1st placed Craigavon Cowboys play 7th placed South Dublin Panthers. The Panthers will want to avoid a winless season but may find it tough to overturn against the Cowboys, who ran out 58-26 winners the last time the two teams met. This will be the first of 3 games on the day for the Cowboys, where 2 wins will confirm them as number 1 seeds for the playoffs.

The Rebels are back in action again at 12 noon when they will play the 2nd placed Minotaurs. The Rebels will be hoping that home field advantage will favour them in this one, as the Minotaurs previously beat them 54-18. The Minotaurs will be looking to put pressure on the top seed with a win here and hope other results go their way which would leave their second match a crucial one to win. The second noon game will see the Panthers play back to back games, this time against the 4th placed Eagles. The last meeting between these two saw a record broke as the Eagles put 95 points on the Panthers (final score 95-6). The Panthers will not be looking for a repeat of that, but rather to end their first season return to flag football on a high. While advantage is with the Eagles to make the playoffs, they still need to at least win 1 and draw 1 to confirm their place in the playoffs (depending on the Reapers 11am result). A win here must not be taken for granted.

Round 3 games are set to start at 1pm and will see 3rd placed Vipers play the Eagles. This is the Vipers only game of the day and although they have already secured their playoff spot, it’s an important game for their seeding. Should the Eagles win their first game, the winner of this game will more than likely finish 3rd whilst the loser finishes 4th (or 5th depending on results for the Eagles, Rebels and Reapers). These two teams have been playing since the start of the formal Irish Flag Football League (Emerald Bowl I), going up against each other many times. Neither will want to lose based on the rivalry between the two, but the seeding and potential to miss out on playoff Flag Football for the Eagles will add extra zest to the game. The second game will see the host Rebels take on the Cowboys. The last time these two met was the wildcard playoffs for Emerald Bowl III, where the Cowboys would triumph. The Cowboys have the best defence, and will be looking to make sure the Rebels don’t earn a surprise win in their last game of the season and potentially a playoffs berth.

The final game of the regular season (2pm) will see the top 2 battle for what could determine the number 1 seed. The Minotaurs, the best offence in the league, will come up against the Cowboys, the best defence in the league. The Cowboys beat the Minotaurs 41-31 when the Westmeath team hosted earlier in the season. Although both teams have secured playoff football, there will be no letting up in this match between two old rivals. The Cowboys will want to remain unbeaten while the Minotaurs will have a point to prove.

Although the season is coming to an end and had some rocky patches, this weekend promises to be a very competitive and great day of Flag Football and a super end to the EBIV regular season. Longitude (Music Festival) is on in Marlay Park which next door to the Three Rock Rovers venue, so there may be traffic restrictions in place – please take this into account when planning your journey for Saturday!

by Jo Buchanan.

Craigavon Cowboys Flag Team off to Champions Bowl VIII

The Champions Bowl returns this weekend for its 8th edition. The Champions Bowl is an annual invitational continental club flag football competition contested by top-division European clubs. It is one of the most prestigious flag football tournaments in the world. The Craigavon Cowboys will represent Ireland for the 2nd year running, with the team flying out for Klosterneuburg, Austria on Friday morning. The group the Cowboys will be playing in is a very tough one, of which everyone in the group will play each other once. The draw has thrown up a rematch with the Red Lions from Switzerland, who the Cowboys lost out to in 2016. Two teams from the host nation will prove tough to beat as they have home advantage, whilst the Armadillos and Wanderers are powerhouses of flag football in their respective countries. Seven games on Sunday will be streamed live on and on their app which is free to download! Best of luck to all competing and especially to the Craigavon Cowboys representing Flag Football Ireland.

EBIV Game Day 3 Preview

This Saturday will see 3 teams in action on Game day 3. The Craigavon Cowboys will be hosting, and are in action first at 11am when they face off against the Edenderry Eagles. The Cowboys have had a perfect start to the year, winning all their games so far whilst having an 81 net point difference, thus topping the league table. The Eagles have also been in form, winning 3 and drawing 1 so far and lead the league in points for (213) and points against (52). Last year’s match-up between these two saw the Eagles come out on top in the first game, then drawing the second. These rivals are well known to each other and should prove to be an epic encounter.

Game 2 will see the Westmeath Minotaurs take on the Eagles, scheduled for 12 noon. The Minotaurs started the season well with 2 strong wins against the Dublin Rebels and the South Dublin Panthers, but struggled when they hosted game week 2, losing to the Cowboys and Dublin Vipers. They will be looking to recapture their winning form on Saturday as 2 wins could secure a spot in the playoffs. The Eagles are in back to back action, hoping to win either game if not both, to secure a place in the playoffs. Both have plenty of history, promises to be a cracking game!

The final game of the day will see the Cowboys play the Minotaurs, scheduled for 1pm. Due to point deductions for other teams, the Cowboys have already secured a place in the playoffs, but will be looking to remain on top and head into the playoffs as number 1 seed. Recent history has seen the Cowboys always able to edge out the Minotaurs, with the latest face-off between happening in Game Day 2, where the Cowboys came out on top with a 41-31 victory. Should be another tight and thrilling game that neither will want to lose!

All games will be played at Peoples Park, Portadown.

by Jo Buchanan

EBIV Game Day 2 Preview

EBIV Game Day 2 is upon us with some interesting games on hand which should show this season’s front runners. The top 4 teams at the end of the regular season will qualify for the playoffs, scheduled for 5th August in Gormanston Park, Co. Meath. This week’s games will be hosted by the Westmeath Minotaurs and will take place at Mullingar RFC.

11am Games

The first games kick off at 11am and will see the hosts in action as they take on the Dublin Vipers. The Minotaurs started the season perfectly with two wins against the Rebels (54-18) and Panthers (44-14). The defending Emerald Bowl champions however have gone in the opposite direction, sitting bottom of the table with minus one point. Big match for both as a win is needed for the Vipers to get back on track, while a win for the Minotaurs would prove they are the real deal this season. The North Kildare Reapers will take on the Dublin Rebels at 11am also. The Reapers had a convincing win over the Panthers (59-6) but failed to overcome the Craigavon Cowboys (33-52) as they sit in 4th with a 1&1 record. The Rebels have had a tough start to the season, with two heavy defeats in their first two games. A tough ask for the Rebels here, vast improvements will need to be seen on defence as they look to kick start their campaign. The Reapers will be favourites in this one, and will look to further widen the gap between 4th and 5th.

12pm Games

The second round of games are scheduled for 12 noon with the South Dublin Panthers taking on the Craigavon Cowboys. The Panthers have had a tough reintroduction to flag, with two defeats from their first two games. The Panthers struggled on both sides of the ball, scoring only 20 points and conceding 103 in two games. The Cowboys however started well, gaining revenge from the Emerald Bowl III semi-final by beating the Vipers 34-14. A second win against the Reapers sees them as one of three teams who have 2&0 records. The Cowboys will look to cement their position as real contenders with a win here, while the Panthers will need to see big improvements to challenge the Cowboys. The second 12 noon game will see the Reapers in back to back action as they take on rivals Edenderry Eagles. The Eagles currently sit top of the league after wins over the Rebels (56-12) and Dublin Vipers (walkover). They will be hoping to continue their form into this game and not let the Reapers start well. Plenty of history between these two which will ensure that this will be one great game for the neutral.

1pm Games

On to the 1pm games and more than likely the game of the day as the hosts Westmeath Minotaurs take on the Craigavon Cowboys. Both these teams could potentially be coming into this game with 3&0 records so this will be a key game for both. Back to back games for the Cowboys may work in the Minotaurs favour however recent history would suggest that the Cowboys are favourites for this one. Both have strong offences so it could all depend on whose defence steps up. Game 2 at 1pm will see a Dublin derby as the Vipers take on the Rebels. Both teams are at the wrong end of the table, so a win for both here is important. Both are in action at 11am so there is no advantage for either in terms of a break between games but it is expected that the Vipers will find the form they had from last season when they won the championship. With bragging rights on the table, and the need for wins for both teams, this should prove to be a great game.

2pm Games

The final game of the day will be at 2pm when the Eagles play the Panthers. Again, no advantage for either team as they both play their first game at 12 noon. Tough day for the Panthers having to take on two well established flag teams who are both 2&0, they will be hoping for a good performance in this game to shock the favourites. The Eagles will be looking to go 4&0 as they miss out playing either the Minotaurs or Cowboys this week but anything can happen in flag football!

Best of luck to all teams competing!!

EBIII – Regular Season Final Week

The final game week is upon us, and there is still plenty to play for! We take a look at Saturdays upcoming games, as well as all playoff possibilities. Remember, 6 teams will make the playoffs; the 4 division winners followed by the 2 best runners up. The 2 division winners with the best overall records will receive a bye week on the way to the semi-finals and ultimately compete for the Emerald Bowl III (25th February) while the other 2 division winners and 2 best runner ups will face off in the wildcard round on February 4th. The 2 winners from the wildcard match-ups will then join the top 2 seeded teams in the semi-finals. EBC North Division wrapped up last week, as the Edenderry Eagles clinched the division championship with a 6-1-1 record and 19 points, automatically claiming a playoff berth. QB Jordan Farrell has impressed for the Eagles as he sits 3rd in the passer ratings with a 73.4% completion rate and the league record in TD’s (33), while David Cummins (27 Receptions, league record 12 TDs) and Kealan Farrell (8 rushes, league record 28 receptions and 9TDs) sitting 1st and 3rd in the offensive ratings respectively, have proven valuable targets. Kealan’s all-round ability can be seen as he sits top of the defensive ratings with the league record in sacks (5), with fellow team mate Aaron O’Neill in 3rd with the league record in interceptions (6). The team, as a whole, sits top of both the offensive and defensive ratings tables with the league record in reception (110) and TD’s (40) and the league record in batted balls (52). The Cowboys (6-1-1) finished in 2nd tied with the Eagles in points (19) but the Eagles had the head to head win over the ‘Boys. The Cowboys are, however, guaranteed a wildcard round berth. QB Conrad Smith will be hoping to continue his form into the playoffs as he sits 2nd in the passer ratings with a completion rate of 70% and 25TD’s, with Peter Loughran proving to be a key asset as he sits 2nd on the offensive ratings table with 20 receptions and 10 TD’s. Jo Buchanan sits 2nd in the defensive ratings with the league record in tackles (22). The Eagles currently stand as number 1 seed, however they are not guaranteed to keep their position – they will be hoping for results go their way in order to clinch a bye.

Five fixtures will be played at UCD this weekend, which will have a big impact on the overall playoff bracket. Current 2nd seed and only undefeated, UCD (6-0-0) will take on 3rd seed Dublin Rebels (6-1-0) at 11am. While both teams have the same points, UCD are ahead with a higher winning ratio (1.000). Paul Grogan sits 8th in the passer ratings with the league highest 78.2% completion rate and 11 TD’s. Keith Foster has been key in defence for the Rebels as he sits 7th in the ratings, while Sean Leamy (8th, 24 receptions, 6 TDs) and Conrad Cook (10th, 5 rushes, 16 receptions, 6 TDs) will be looking to improve their position in the offensive ratings table. This will be the Rebels only game of the day and their final game of the regular season. They will be looking for a win which would secure the EBC South Division championship and a possible bye. UCD will play twice, potentially only needing one win to clinch the EBC East Division title and an automatic bye. Should this happen, the Eagles would drop to 3rd seed and host the wildcard round match-ups. UCD’s signal caller Kevin Duffy sits 6th in the passer ratings with a 67.2% completion rate and 11 TD’s, though no UCD players made it into the top 10 of the offensive ratings. Gavin Quirke and Michael Sykes (4th and 8th in the defensive ratings respectively) will be looking to galvanise the rest of the squad for these important games. The Rebels and UCD haven’t matched up yet this season.

The DIT Spartans (1-5-0) will take on the Dublin Vipers (4-1-0) on pitch 2 also at 11am. While the Spartans’ season will end on Saturday, they will be hoping to end on a high and take momentum into the next season. Vipers will be playing three games in a row, and have a shot at winning the EBC East, albeit a long shot. This starts by needing a win against the Spartans. The Vipers overwhelmingly beat the Spartans 51-6 last time out, they will be hoping for the same to start their difficult day well.

Two games will then start at 12pm, with the Vipers taking on UCD in what is a crucial divisional game for both. Vipers need to beat UCD to keep their division title hopes alive, and put a big score on UCD to better UCD’s point’s difference. A win for UCD, regardless of their first match result, would secure their division title as well as a bye to finals day. If UCD beat the Rebels but lose to the Vipers, then the Vipers could win the division on point’s difference if they win their other 2 games. UCD beat the Vipers 27-25 in the Vipers only loss of the season so far, this one promises to be great with all to play for! Vipers signal caller Joe Grey has found form and sits top of the passer ratings and 9th in offensive ratings (9 rushes, 4 TDs) making him a danger both behind and beyond the line of scrimmage, with the added threat of his successful partnership with Sean Douglas sitting 7th in the offensive ratings (6 rushes, 19 receptions and 4 TDs). Conor McGroarty sits 6th in the defensive ratings, with Darren Byrne occupying 9th spot.

The Spartans will play the Marble City Mud Dogs (4-2-0) in their second game of the day. Mud Dogs are still in with a shot of reaching the wildcard round. They are level on points with the Vipers, but the Vipers have a game in hand. They will need to win both their matches on Saturday to have a chance at progressing. The Spartans will provide a tough test that the Marble City team must overcome. DIT’s Arun Mooney has had a good year so far, sitting 7th in the passer ratings (45% completion, 7 TD’s) with Paul McGoldrick a key target for all season while 4th in the offensive stats. Spartans will be looking for improvements on the defence as none of their players could make up the top 10.

The final game at UCD will see the Vipers take on the Mud Dogs. Depending on results from the above matches, this result could have a variety of different consequences. Should things go both teams way, this will be a huge game to see who will take the last playoff spot. Mud Dogs have struggled at times this year reflected by having no players in the top 10 of the offensive ratings, however, with JP Murphy seating 4th in the passer ratings with the league record in pass completion (99), 2nd best completion rate of 78.0% and 15TD’s, and Maurice Casey 5th in defence ratings, could make them the dark horse of this match-up. The two teams have been closely ranked throughout the season without playing each other. A win here is imperative for both teams’ chances at making the playoffs, big day ahead at UCD!

Three EBC West divisional matches at Westmeath on Saturday will finish out the season. Game of the day at Mullingar RFC will see the Mullingar Minotaurs take on the North Kildare Reapers. Should the Reapers win or draw this game, then the Reapers will claim the EBC West Division championship, and a place in the wildcard round. Mullingar’s only chance of making the playoffs is by winning the division title, and will require to win this game and their next, as well as the Reapers to lose to Athlone. The Reapers previously beat the Minotaurs in a close game, 29-27. Reapers QB Joe O’Heron has had a great season and sits 5th in the passer ratings (66.2% completion rate, 13 TD’s), with John Kelly proving to be a useful target as he sits 6th in the offensive ratings. Lasts year’s finalists Mullingar seemed to struggle this year with none of their players able to make the top 10 of any of the ratings. This one will prove to be no different with so much on the line. Both teams will be expected to pick up wins against Athlone, who have so far been winless. Advantage is with the Reapers, but could all change come Saturday. Games start at 11am.

EBIII – Update

by Jo Buchanan

A happy new year to you all! Flag Football in Ireland is back following the Christmas break, with 7 games this Saturday and the regular season nearing its end. EBC North Division champions will be crowned as well as the possibility of EBC South Division champions also being crowned. Should the Vipers lose their 2 games, UCD will be EBC East champions with 2 games to spare. If the Reapers win their 2 games on Saturday, then they will be crowned EBC West champions – a big weekend ahead!

We start by looking at EBC South in the only divisional match-ups this weekend. The Rebels will take on the Wolves in the first game, followed by Rebels vs Mud Dogs, then Mud Dogs vs Wolves. Form would suggest that both the Mud Dogs and Rebels will take the points against the struggling Wolves, and should the Rebels beat the Wolves in the first game of the day, the Rebels – Mud Dogs game will become a divisional championship game. If the Rebels win, then they will have 18 points with two games remaining. If Mud Dogs lose, the most points they can then have at the end is 18, so the Rebels would clinch the division on the head to head tiebreaker. This is a must win for the Mud Dogs to keep their division hopes alive, the previous result finished 26-19 to the Rebels so this promises to be a great one with so much on the line.

The Mud Dogs will also play the Mullingar Minotaurs in a rearranged game, and should they lose to the Rebels, they will need to beat both Mullingar and Wolves to keep their wildcard playoff hopes alive. Unfortunately, the Wolves are now out of the running, but will be looking to use this opportunity to get an early start on preparing for next season. Mullingar will need to beat the Mud Dogs and other results to go their way to have a chance of winning the EBC West. Marble City Mud Dogs are hosting these games, starting at 11am.

Big day for the Reapers and Eagles as they can both clinch their respective division titles, Eagles only needing one win to clinch the EBC North and the Reapers needing two wins to win the EBC West Division. UCD will also win the EBC East title should the Vipers lose both their games, while the Vipers need 2 wins to pressure the Mud Dogs for the final playoff berth – all to play for! Game one sees hosts Reapers take on the Vipers. Both teams have suffered just one defeat, with the Reapers having played one more game so this will be a very tight game, one mistake could decide it. A loss for the Vipers is not an option while the Reapers could recover from a loss, but it would be difficult. Game two sees the Vipers take on the Eagles, which will be a hotly contested match-up. Eagles just need the one win to take EBC North, and will be looking to take it in this game to take the pressure off their final game.

Eagles and UCD are the only remaining undefeated teams, a tall ask for the Vipers. Eagles will take on the Reapers in the final game, where a win might not be so vital for the Eagles, but still very vital for the Reapers. All to play for in North Kildare, matches start at 11am.

An exciting day of Flag Football ahead, difficult for anyone to predict results with so much at stake!

EBIII – Season Preview

By Jo Buchanan.

Emerald Bowl III Season Preview

With the schedule finalised and released, we take a look at the upcoming Irish Emerald Bowl III season. 12 teams split into 4 divisions will contest 8 games each to make their bid for the playoffs. 6 teams will make the playoffs (4 division winners plus 2 best runners up). The 2 best division winners will receive byes into the semi-finals while seeds 3 – 6 will contest in wildcard playoffs. With the regular season set to begin on Saturday 22nd October, we look at the top 4 teams from last season to see if they will be at the top when the playoffs come around…

Craigavon Cowboys

Last seasons champions will open their season with real belief that they can retain the title. Their trip to the Champions Bowl will have given the players invaluable experience and Peter Loughran‘s inclusion in the Flag Football National Squad will only add to that. The ‘Boys finished 2nd place in points for (236) but will be looking to tighten up on defence after finishing with a points against total of 129 (4th overall). The Cowboys suffered a slow start last year, going 2 & 2 before winning 4 on the bounce to reach the playoffs – a stronger start will be needed this year as they travel to Edenderry to begin their campaign against the Eagles and Jets in divisional match-ups.

Mullingar Minotaurs

The Mullingar Minotaurs will be hoping to go one better than last year, but have a tough division to qualify from first. Flag Football National Team QB Conor Brennan will call the shots once again for Mullingar, with the recent international friendlies sure to add to his confidence. The Minotaurs were dominant last year, winning all 8 regular season games, scoring 369 points (1st in league) while conceding only 104 points (2nd in league). However, they failed to score any points in the final, something they must not let happen when they travel to North Kildare to start their season against last year semi-finalists Reapers and close neighbours Athlone Minotaurs.

Dublin Vipers

7 of the 15 Team Ireland players that competed a few weeks ago were Vipers – they are back this year as serious contenders for Emerald Bowl III. Vipers QB Joe Grey took on a different role for the National Team playing at receiver, with the rest of their players (Andrew Bracken, Sean Douglas, Conor McGroarty, Bobby Smith, Ben Arulogun) occupying their normal positions. A 6 & 2 record last year saw them take 3rd spot overall, however they occupied number 1 spot when it came to points against (67). Continuing their defensive superiority will be key if they hope to reach the playoffs once again, they travel to DIT to take on the Spartans and UCD in their first matches.

North Kildare Reapers

A 5 & 3 record last year saw the Reapers qualify for the playoffs as 5th seeds. The Reapers saw off 4th seeds Crusaders 33-12 to set up a semi-final tie with Mullingar Minotaurs, which they would go on to lose 19-27. The Reapers have a tough schedule if they wish to repeat that accomplishment – playing Mullingar Minotaurs twice and the Cowboys and Vipers once each. They will be looking to improve their points difference from last season (61) as well as pick up a few more wins to gain an automatic semi-final spot. The Reapers start their tough season at home in North Kildare where they will face Mullingar Minotaurs and Athlone Minotaurs.

Special mention to the Waterford Wolves who have returned to flag football – the Wolves started off as a Flag Football team before focusing on their American Football programme but are now in a position to participate in both, great progress! Playoffs and Bowl games are provisionally dated in February, good luck to all teams involved!


Antrim Jets

Craigavon Cowboys

Edenderry Eagles


DIT Spartans

Dublin Vipers

University College Dublin


Dublin Rebels

Marble City Mud Dogs

Waterford Wolves


Athlone Minotaurs

Mullingar Minotaurs

North Kildare Reapers

National Flag Football Team Gets Ready for International Friendly Event

Team Ireland Flag Football prepared for their upcoming international friendly series at Three Rock Rovers in Dublin last weekend. IAFA is hosting a six-team international Flag Football series in Gormanston, Co. Meath on September 10th. Two full squads from Sweden, the Dutch Lions as well as Team GB Silver Lions squad (2nd team) and local German team Ramstein Mayhems will travel to Ireland for the event. Team Ireland squad has been selected from players evolving in the IAFA Flag Football League, Emerlad Bowl Conference, which also opened its membership registration for 2016/17 recently. The tournament will take place at Gormanston Park in County Meath with all visiting teams being accommodated on site.

Team Ireland Flag Football Squad:

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Steve Walsh
Assistant Head Coach: Áine Nic An Ghail
Offensive Coordinator: Dermot Corroon
Assistant Offensive Coordinator: Guillaume Poznanski
Defensive Coordinator: Paul Kirkwood
Physio: Eleni Henry

Team Roster

Joe Grey1Dublin Vipers
Danny Lucas Johnson5UCD
Conrad Cook8Dublin Rebels
Andrew Bracken10Dublin Vipers
Sean Douglas11Dublin Vipers
Conor Brennan13Westmeath Minotaurs
Paul Grogan18Dublin Rebels
Jason Owens20Westmeath Minotaurs
Conor McGroarty22Dublin Vipers
Bobby Smith27Dublin Vipers
Ben Arulogun32Dublin Vipers
Michael Sykes36UCD
Darren Byrne42Dublin Vipers
Gavin Quirke85UCD
Peter Loughran87Craigavon Cowboys
Niall King91Westmeath Minotaurs

Creation of the first IAFA Flag Football Committee

Since the creation of the Irish Flag Football League, the popularity of Flag Football has been growing steadily. More and more clubs are signing up each year, our Team Ireland programme is developing and expanding and there is a growing demand to establish further domestic programmes to meet this increased demand for the sport.

As such, it has been decided to create an IAFA Flag Football Committee to help co-ordinate these activities and be a driving force for the continued growth of the sport. This Committee will be led by the IAFA Director of Flag Football, who will report to the IAFA Board on all Flag Football matters. As well as the Director of Flag Football, this committee will have the following executive members:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Competition/Athletic Coordinator
  • Officiating Coordinator
  • PRO/Communication OfficerIFFL Jersey

We are now actively recruiting for these positions and if you’re interested. A knowledge of Flag Football is not necessary, but is welcomed, but ideally we are looking for individuals with some experience in the positions they are applying for. Above all else, we are looking for individuals (male and female) who are willing to commit to the work involved and are eager to see Flag Football continue to develop as a sport. Please note that these are volunteer roles.

To apply for the roles, please follow the link below to complete an application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

Flag Football National Squad Named

Over the weekend, the Ireland Flag Football programmed worked with selected athletes to get to the 20 players that will compete in a friendly fixture later this year. These 20 athletes came from a wide range of clubs, some dedicated Flag clubs and others linked to kitted clubs. This is a great step forward for Flag Football in Ireland. Thanks to every player who turned up to the tryouts and training sessions, and congratulations to all the players that will represent Ireland later this year. The full list of these players are as follows:

Joe Grey1Dublin Vipers
Danny Lucas Johnson5UCD
Conrad Cook8Dublin Rebels
Andrew Bracken10Dublin Vipers
Sean Douglas11Dublin Vipers
Conor Brennan13Westmeath Minotaurs
Paul Grogan18Dublin Rebels
Jason Owens20Westmeath Minotaurs
Conor McGroarty22Dublin Vipers
Bobby Smith27Dublin Vipers
Ben Arulogun32Dublin Vipers
Michael Sykes36UCD
Darren Byrne42Dublin Vipers
Gavin Quirke85UCD
Peter Loughran87Craigavon Cowboys
Niall King91Westmeath Minotaurs


Flag Football National Team Progressing

In January this year, a series of open sessions were held to recruit players to try out for the Ireland Flag Football team. 78 players turned up for those try outs, and 35 were selected from these sessions by the Ireland Flag Football coaching staff; Head Coach Joe Grey, Assistant Head Coach Anne Gaule, Offensive Coordinator Dermot Corroon, Defensive Coordinator Steve Walsh and Assistant Defensive Coordinator Paul Kirkwood.

The selected players met for the first time in April to begin the process of refining the final selection. This Saturday sees the next step in that refining process to get to the final 20 players, who will train over the Summer to play International friendlies in September in Dublin.

The friendlies in September mark the end of the first of three phases in the development of an Ireland Flag Football programme. Phase two will be entering the European Championships in 2017 and the start of a Women’s Ireland Flag Football squad and the third phase will be entering the World Championships in 2018.


Flag Football National Team First Tryouts A Success

Last Saturday, 43 flag football players gathered at the National Sports Campus to take part in the first try outs for the Ireland Senior Flag Football team. Led by an experienced coaching staff, the players were put through their paces. Players first underwent a series of combine drills to assess their athleticism and stamina, before running through drills focused on testing flag football skills. The session finished up with a scrimmage where players could put the skills they learnt into practice.

Last weekend’s try outs were the first of two try outs planned for the Ireland team, the next being March 19th, again in the National Sports Campus. The Ireland coaching staff will select the final 40 players to make up the squad. More information on these tryouts can be found here.

How the flag football season works


Here’s how the 2016 flag football season is going to work.

What do we know so far: 4 divisions. 18 teams. Each division has its own schedule. Regular season games will run until January 30th 2016 after which we go into playoffs mode with the top two teams of each division squaring off for a place in the semi-finals and final in March 2016.

Nothing much different from last year’s run.

The playoffs schedule is as follows:

Saturday 20/02/16

Playoff 1 – Seed 1 v Seed 8

Playoff 2 – Seed 2 v Seed 7

Playoff 3 – Seed 3 v Seed 6

Playoff 4 – Seed 4 v Seed 5

Saturday 5/3/16

Semi 1 – Top Seed v Lowest Seed

Semi 2 – Second Top Seed v Second Lowest Seed


Now where things become interesting.

2016 will not see the IFFL run two but rather just one season (currently running) and will end with a National Championship final (EBC II) in March 2016 and not in August as previously done.

Instead, we will keep to one season every year as to give more room and time for other important initiatives. Some of these initiatives will take place throughout the spring and summer of 2016.

These comprise of creating a competitive Irish National Team, running certified Flag Football coach and officials training programmes, re-vamping and focusing on a “flag football in school” programme, and creating an all-women’s flag league.

Because of the amount of work these projects will require and the number of people who will be involved in making it work, we had to drop the summer season to deliver a high quality of execution and focus in order to safeguard the success of these programmes.

Ultimately, the main objective of these changes is to guarantee the strong but steady growth of Flag Football in Ireland. To that end we are looking for anyone willing to help out be it in coaching, admin work, first aid, marketing, etc. If you feel you could contribute in anyway fill out this form.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for all your support thus far and looking forward to see more of you be part of the growth of the Flag Football in Ireland.

2016 Flag Football season kicks off.


The 2016 Emerald Bowl Conference has kicked off!!

This year we see the number of teams participating increased to 18 playing across four divisions as follows:

Dublin: NUI Maynooth Buuls, South Dublin Panthers, Dublin Rebels, DIT Spartans, UCD and Dublin Vipers.

Midlands: Edenderry Eagles, Mullingar Minotaurs, Athlone Minotaurs, North Kildare Reapers, Roscommon Rogues.

Munster: Cashel Crusaders, Wexford Eagles, Marble City Muddogs, UL Vikings.

Ulster: Craigavon Cowboys, Coleraine Elks, PSNI Razorbacks.

Each division will see the top their top two teams going into Divisional playoffs in February 2016.

This year also sees the introduction of an all Irish squad with plans to compete on the international scene in 2016 and 2017. This automatically adds a real competitive dimension for each player taking part.

Please find the scores and stats on the flag football website:

Flag Football Summer League Starts Today

Following on from the success of the new Winter league, which was won by the Dublin Vipers, the Irish Flag Football League Summer League starts today with 8 teams playing in 2 conferences. The league will run from today until mid-July with the winners facing the winter league winners in the new National Championship game in August.

The introduction of the summer league marks a new era in flag football whereby flag players can play competitively all year round. Traditionally most competitive flag football in Ireland has taken place in the kitted football off-season due to the crossover between players in both formats. This year will be the first time that kitted and flag football leagues are running in parallel at the same time.

The North Division features 2 teams from the northern flag region – Carrickfergus & Craigavon – alongside 2 from the Dublin flag region – UCD & Dublin Vipers. The South Division features Dublin Rebels from the Dublin region, Mullingar Minotaurs & Edenderry Eagles from the Midlands and Cashel from Munster. Each team will play 8 games. The teams in each division will rotate as hosts from week to week.

Guillaume Poznanski appointed as Director of Flag Footbal

We are very pleased to announce that Guillaume Poznanski has been appointed as our new Director of Flag Football. Guillaume has been involved in team sports since his teens but more specifically in Volley Ball, Basket Ball and Olympic Handball.

He has been playing flag football for the past two years with the Dublin Vipers and is their current team secretary. Guillaume has been the regional co-ordinator for the Dublin Division of the IFFL for the past six months and has been successfully managing flag teams and events within the division and alongside the other IFFL divisions.

He is a fan of American Football since youth and an avid supporter of the Green Bay Packers.

Dublin Vipers win Flag Football Winter League

The Dublin Vipers won the inaugural Winter Flag Football League title with a close 27-26 victory over the Dublin Rebels at IT Tallaght yesterday. The Vipers and Rebels, both representing the Dublin conference, both won their semi-finals against the Midlands representatives earlier in the day.


Dublin Vipers 27-26 Dublin Rebels.


Dublin Vipers (Dublin) bt North Kildare Reapers (Midlands).

Dublin Rebels (Dublin) bt Mullingar Minotaurs (Midlands).

IFFL Winter League finals

This Saturday, the finals of the IFFL Winter League will take place in IT Tallaght, with the first game kicking off at 11am. The Irish Flag Football League was setup this year in response to the growing popularity of flag football in Ireland. Flag football is a non-contact version of the game and in Ireland, uses 5-v-5 rules.

The Winter League ran from October last year until the end of January. The Dublin Vipers won the Dublin division with the Dublin Rebels securing second place. The Mullingar Minotaurs won the Midlands league, followed by the North Kildare Reapers. This means all four teams made it to the finals to compete to be the first ever IFFL Winter league champions.

The schedule for the day is as follows:
Game 1: Mullingar Minotaurs vs Dublin Rebels
Game 2: Dublin Vipers vs North Kildare Reapers
Final: Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2

Adult Flag Football starts on October 25th at UCD.

The Dublin conference of the Irish Flag Football League starts on Saturday 25th October – 6 teams playing at UCD.


Six teams will be playing in the inaugural IFFL-Dublin competition which will kick-off at UCD on Saturday 25th October. The participating teams are:

Dublin Rebels

Dublin Vipers

South Dublin Panthers


The competition will use IFAF/EFAF 5-a-side rules with teams allowed to field adult players over the age of 16.

Flag Football Meeting:

Earlier this month, a workshop style meeting of all parties interested in playing adult flag football was held at the CityWest Hotel in Dublin. The new flag football league will run on a regional basis, with the best teams from each region going forward to a annual National Championship competition. The set-up will also facilitate both winter and summer leagues.

Three regional coordinators were appointed as follows:

Dublin – Guillaume Poznanski

Midlands – Christopher Kane.

Munster – Adam Gillessen

 Additional coordinators will be appointed as interest grows in other regions.