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Applications being accepted for 2018 League Football

The application process for the 2018 kitted league season has now opened. Between now and 11th October, all teams will be required to submit a detailed application form if they wish to play in 2018. Shortly after the deadline, the Association will contact all applications with a view to arranging a face to face meeting to discuss their application. New and returning teams all go through the same process which is designed to ensure that all entrants are capable of successfully completing a full season and, in some instances, to determine which level they should be playing at.

Returning teams will be very familiar with the process. New applicants can get assistance with completing their forms and the requirements.

A copy of the application form can be downloaded here:



Playoffs and Provisional Bowl Dates

Dates in July and August for the Playoffs and Bowl Games

The dates for the Shamrock Bowl Conference & IAFL1 playoffs have been announced along with provisional dates for the Shamrock Bowl and the IAFL1 and IAFL2 Bowl Games. 

The dates remain provisional while confirmation on the availability of Tallaght Stadium is to be determined. This will depend on the necessity of FAI teams to use it for European Competitions. 

The dates of the SBC Playoffs are:

  • SBC Wildcard Game 1 July 23rd 2017
  • SBC Wildcard Game 2 July 23rd 2017
  • SBC Semi Final 1 July 30th 2017
  • SBC Semi Final 2 July 30th 2017
  • Shamrock Bowl August 13th 2017 (provisional date)

The dates of the IAFL1 Playoffs are:

  • IAFL 1 Semi Final 1 July 23rd 2017
  • IAFL 1 Semi Final 2 July 23rd 2017
  • IAFL 1 Bowl August 20th 2017 (provisional date)

The dates of the IAFL2 Playoffs are:

  • IAFL 2 Bowl August 20th 2017(provisional date)

SBC Playoff Determination

Wildcard – 2nd placed teams at home to the 3rd placed team in the same division with one exception as follows. If the 4th placed team in the other division has more points than the 3rd placed team in the same division, then the aforementioned 4th placed team shall replace the 3rd placed team.

Wildcard Winner away to 1st placed team in other Division to the team hosting the wildcard game.

The winners of the Semi-Finals will meet in the Shamrock Bowl.

IAFL1 Playoff Determination

Semi Finals:

  1. 4th @ 1st
  2. 3rd @ 2nd


Winner Semi Final 1 vs Winner Semi Final 2.

IAFL2 Playoff Determination

1st vs 2nd.

Full Description found in Bylaws

Record number of teams enter for the 2017 kitted football season

It looks like IAFA’s record setting growth in recent years is set to continue into 2017 with a new record number of clubs entering teams for the 2017 season.

The application deadline for the 2017 season is now closed. All 22 clubs who played in 2016 are returning again. They will be joined by newcomers Antrim Jets to give the us 23 applicants – breaking last years record number. Additionally three teams have expressed an interest in fielding 2nd teams – up from a single team in 2016. All this means that, pending audit, up to 26 teams could be playing competitive league football in 2017.

IAFA has come a long way from 2002 when only 4 teams played competitive football. As recently as 2009, there were only 7 teams playing competitive 11-a-side full kitted American football. While many sports in Ireland were hit badly by the recession, the IAFA has had the opposite experience with unprecedented growth – the number of teams has nearly quadrupled during this period.

Last month, the IAFA Board established a Competitions Committee comprising of a Board member, official, team manager and a coach to review the league structures for 2017. Cillian Smith, Derek Ward, Barry Kiel and Andy Dennehy will revert with recommendations in the coming weeks.

So you want to play American Football in Ireland?

American Football in Ireland is back from its break, and Teams up and down the country are gearing up for the 2017 season. Rookies are being recruited, gym sessions are kicking off and helmets are getting dusted off. With a long winter of preseason ahead for Irish American Football, now is the time to get stuck into the fastest growing sport in Ireland.

Why should I play American Football in Ireland?

There are so many reasons why you should get involved with American Football in Ireland. Firstly, the sport here is played for love, not money. All the American football players and coached in Ireland dedicate their time and energy for free. They play American football simply because they want to. Irish American Football players have a passion for the sport and put their heart and soul into playing.

Secondly the game here is played to the highest of standards. Players wear all the gear and don’t hold back on the hits. If you play American football in Ireland you get to be part of a live game every Sunday. Imagine playing in a full contact game on a Sunday afternoon and after, going home to watching your favourite team on TV . Now we’re not saying you’ll be the next Tom Brady, but you will get to experience what American Football is like in real life.

And finally, the Irish American Football League boasts some of the best players in Europe. In September of 2016 we sent a squad to play an international game against the Dutch National Team in Holland. Every year, the National Champions go to the Atlantic Cup, where they play against some of the top clubs in Europe. The standard of American Football in Ireland is always on the rise, and now is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved.


How do I get involved?

There are American football teams in every province in Ireland. Dublin has the highest concentration of teams; boasting the Rhinos, the Panthers, the Rebels, The Pirates along with College teams in UCD and Trinity. In Wexford you can find the Eagles, While in Waterford and Galway you can play for the Wolves and the Warriors respectively. Further south in Limerick and in Cork are two stalwarts of Irish American Football in the UL Vikings and the Admirals. On your way back up North you will come across the North Kildare Reapers and the South Kildare Soldiers.

Northern Ireland is a stronghold for American Football in Ireland with the likes of the Trojans, the Cowboys, the Knights and the recently crowned third division champions the Donegal/Derry Vipers.Also based in the North are the Antrim Jets and the PSNI Razorbacks .And lest we forget the Titans, the Mavericks, the Bulldogs and the Minotaurs: based in Tyrone, Louth, Meath and Mullingar! Phew! That’s a lot of teams for such a small island and a whole lot of opportunity’s to play here, no matter what corner of the country you come from.

All of these Teams are now actively recruiting for their 2017 seasons and would love to heat from you. If you want to play American Football in Ireland in 2017 then now is the time to get involved!


New club applications open for 2017

Applications are now open for new clubs wanting to play competitive adult kitted football in 2017. Any new club interested or group thinking of establishing a new club should contact the IAFA by 30th September 2016.

Teams playing competitive for the first time get placed in IAFL2, which is the third tier of football in this country, behind the Shamrock Bowl Conference and IAFL1 Divisions. IAFL2 is very much development focused – allowing newly established teams, who typically have smaller squads of mostly new players – get competitive game time against teams at a similar level of development before moving onto IAFL1. It also allows new team managements get experience of running a season in a learning environment. Typically new teams spend up to two years in IAFL2 before joining the more established teams in IAFL1.

The IAFL2 season runs from late March to August, during which time each team plays at least 6 competitive fixtures.

The application timetable is that teams who contact IAFA this month will be given an application form which can be used as a checklist by them to establish what they currently have in place and what they need. IAFA will liaise with them and advise them through the process. A final decision on which teams will progress onto playing will be made before the end of 2016.

Prospective new teams need not be fully established at the moment – applicants who are still considering whether to set up a new team should make contact even if they are unsure if they will be able to play in 2017.

Applicants should send the following information via the enquiries form on this website:

Team Name (can be working name at present – permanent name can come later).

Contact details for team representative (name, address, phone, email).

Team Location (town, city, county etc.).


IAFA finishes biggest ever kitted season – the year in numbers.

The final whistle in the IAFL2 Bowl last Sunday marked the end of the 30th season of adult kitted football season in Ireland. It was a year that broke many records for the right reason including:

  • A record 914 players played in the 2016 season. SBC teams had average squads of 48 players. IAFL1 & IAFL2 averaged 34 players. These are remarkable figures considering that there were less than 120 players in the country as recently as 2002.
  • A record 23 teams fielded by 22 clubs played a full competitive season. This included 3  new clubs – Wexford Eagles, North Dublin Pirates and PSNI Razorbacks.
  • There were a record 96 scheduled competitive fixtures.
  • There were, on average, 39.6 points per game scored Shamrock Bowl Conference regular season fixtures. The figures for IAFL1 & IAFL2 are 30.3 and 26.2.
  • All regular season fixtures were fully completed in the SBC and IAFL2, with only one fixture not being completed in IAFL1. This is an almost unprecedented completion rate amongst similar European leagues. It is the 3rd successive season with 100% completion in the SBC. A 100% completion record for IAFL2, a development league with 3 additional new clubs is also remarkable and a tribute to the hard work of those establishing new clubs.
  • This years SBC was statistically the closest ever with 5 teams finishing the regular season within one game of 6 victories.
  • It was the year of close finals with two of the three Bowl games being decided in the last minute!

Donegal/Derry Vipers win IAFL2 Bowl

The IAFL2 Bowl game in Westmanstown showed that the future of Irish football is very bright with the teams putting on one of the most entertaining games of the year. The Vipers sealed a 33-29 victory by scoring on a touchdown pass with only 41 seconds to play. This came after it appeared Wexford had won the game with a 2 yard touchdown run at the 2 minute warning. Donegal Derry/Vipers have only just finished their second year of competitive football while Wexford are in their first. Full report to follow.

Please see visit the Donegal Daily newspaper for an excellent game report and photos:

Donegal Daily Article

Week 15 Scores


Carrickfergus Knights 14-6 Craigavon Cowboys

South Dublin Panthers 0-20 North Kildare Reapers


Tyrone Titans 0-41 Belfast Trojans 2nds

Louth Mavericks 9-6 Meath Bulldogs

South Kildare Soldiers 6-20 Westmeath Minotaurs


2-0 Galway Warriors

Week 14 Scores

We have confirmation of the Week 14 Scores:


UCD 50-8 North Kildare Reapers
Trinity College 6-20 UL Vikings
Dublin Rebels 8-7 Belfast Trojans


Waterford Wolves 24-5 West Dublin Rhinos
Meath Bulldogs 13-0 South Kildare Soldiers


North Dublin Pirates 6-0 PSNI Razorbacks

Week 11 Scores

We have the scores from the Week 11 fixtures:


North Kildare Reapers 0 – 31 Trinity College Dublin

Craigavon Cowboys 7 – 21 Carrickfergus Knights

UCD 25 – 0 South Dublin Panthers



West Dublin Rhinos 0 – 13 Belfast Trojans



Derry / Donegal Vipers 26 – 6 North Dublin Pirates

Galway Warriors 6 – 21 Wexford Eagles