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IAFA makes Irish Sporting History with First Female Player to Take the Field in a Kitted Game

Morane Senyarich / Photo courtesy of Ian Humes Photography

IAFA history was made last Sunday when the first female player took to the field in a kitted competitive fixture. The IAFA believe that no person should be excluded from participating in sport based on their gender and sought clarification on this matter from IFAF. IFAF have confirmed that gender is irrelevant and a person should be judged on their fitness and ability to participate in the sport by their respective coaches. With that in mind, IAFA welcomes women to take part in all aspects of the sport including kitted football.

Speaking after her first game on Irish soil, West Dublin Rhinos player, Morane Senyarich said, “I started playing American Football only a year ago but when moving to Ireland I could not think of any other sport I wanted to engage in. I feel very grateful that the Irish American Football Association gave me the opportunity to play in official competitions, and that the amazing West Dublin Rhinos welcomed me so warmly as a member of their team. The fact that the Irish American Football League in now mixed is an essential step towards offering both gender an equal chance to fully enjoy this sport. I hope that more women will join and that some day a separate women’s league will be created”.

IAFA would like to formally welcome Morane to our league and we hope that this is a major stepping stone in opening the league up to more female participation.

Weekly Round-up: UCD end the season unbeaten and Trojans win the battle of Belfast

This weekend in the Shamrock Bowl Conference saw the Trojans beat the Knights in a Belfast Derby, the reigning champions Rebels thrash the Vikings, the students of UCD finish the regular season unbeaten on 8-0, and the Panthers close in on a late Playoff place. Continue reading “Weekly Round-up: UCD end the season unbeaten and Trojans win the battle of Belfast”

Weekly Round-up: Panthers stun the Admirals while the Minotaurs slay previously unbeaten Eagles

The South Dublin Panthers were surprise winners over SBC South leaders the Cork Admirals on Sunday afternoon in front of a big crowd in the East Village Bowl at the CIT Stadium. Continue reading “Weekly Round-up: Panthers stun the Admirals while the Minotaurs slay previously unbeaten Eagles”

Weekly Round-up: Champions beaten in Belfast while UCD remain unbeaten and move to 6-0

The big game over the weekend saw the champions, the Dublin Rebels head up to Belfast to face an ever improving Trojans side in Harlequins Rugby Club on Sunday afternoon.

Continue reading “Weekly Round-up: Champions beaten in Belfast while UCD remain unbeaten and move to 6-0”

Interview with UCD Running-back Brett Cole

UCD ran out comfortable winners on Sunday against the University of Limerick Vikings, with a scoreline of 22 points to 12, and it was a young American running back who stole the show.

Brett Cole, who’s originally from Maryland which is located just outside Baltimore, is spending a semester at UCD studying a Business degree. When he arrived in Ireland little did he know that he’s rediscover a love for the game of American Football. Continue reading “Interview with UCD Running-back Brett Cole”

Weekly Round-up – UCD remain unbeaten in SBC

This weekend saw three games take place in the Shamrock Bowl Conference, with wins for UCD, Cork Admirals and the Belfast Knights.

UCD continued their unbeaten start to the season, as they moved to 5-0, following a 21-12 win over the University of Limerick Vikings in Belfield. Continue reading “Weekly Round-up – UCD remain unbeaten in SBC”

Dublin Rebels host NCAA’s Dubuque Spartans this weekend

This Saturday the Dublin Rebels will host NCAA Division III team Dubuque Spartans in an International friendly game in the Sportslink Sports Complex in Santry.

The Spartans are led by 66 year-old Head Coach Stan Zweifel. Stan is well known around the country as one of the finest offensive line coaches, and has been coaching for over 45 years. In his first six seasons with the team, Dubuque was 32-29, going 9-2 in 2011 and making the NCAA Division-III playoffs. Continue reading “Dublin Rebels host NCAA’s Dubuque Spartans this weekend”

Nostalgia – a look at some pictures from the archives.

Here’s some nostalgia – if you’re one of our alumni; or history if you’re currently playing. We’ve looked through some of the picture archives at some snaps from yester year. From the pioneering era of Irish football, when you had to be a real trailblazer to play the sport. Not all the uniforms match – this was before internet shopping and the advent of equipment stores in Europe. The fields may not have been as good many today. But, in spite of appearances, some great football was played by some very committed players. Apologies for the quality of some of the pictures – these were all taken on real cameras with film in them. No auto focus or touching up. Enjoy!

Above is the oldest picture in this batch. Dublin Celts (green) versus Craigavon Cowboys (black) in 1991. Two of the original teams who started playing competitive football in Ireland in the 1980s. Both played in Europe during this era. Greg Loughran, the current Cowboys coach was probably on the field in this game.

This is from the first ever American football game played on the historic campus of Trinity College Dublin. The game was part of the festivities for the colleges 400 year anniversary celebrations in 1992.Dublin Tornadoes (white) defeated Antrim Bulldogs (purple/yellow) with a field goal as time expired. The game was organised by our current Commissioner Cillian Smith during his college days. Interesting piece of trivia – this game took place before the first ever GAA game was played on campus later the same year.

In this picture, we see a familiar face to todays IAFA members. Kevin Sharkey – currently on the Wexford coaching squad and formerly of North Kildare – is player number 67 playing for the Dublin Celts against Dublin Tornadoes in 1993.

The Dublin Tornadoes 1993 Shamrock Bowl winning team. This is the Tornadoes first of 3 consecutive Shamrock Bowls. They were coached by the late Dave Curran (centre wearing blue/white shirt), who previously led the Dublin Celts to Shamrock Bowl success.

Picture of the Dublin Lightning huddle in 1997, when the team was defending its Shamrock Bowl title in the last full season of football before the start of the big shut down in the late 1990s. The opponents were Dublin Bulls – seen in the background – the only company team ever to play in Ireland. They were owned by the Gateway Computing who used to have a large plant in Dublin.

The mid to late 1990s saw flag football come to prominence with the very competitive Irish Flag Football League being played in various parks around Dublin. The league, which had 11 teams playing a 10 game regular season at its peak, played a 7-a-side version of semi-contact flag football. Pictured above is the Northside Devastators team, who won the title in the late 1990s.

A rare photo from the year that competitive football returned to Ireland in 2001. Dublin Rebels (black) play Dublin Dragons (burgundy) in Ringsend Park in Dublin.


Another rare snap from 2001 featuring the other two teams who made up the four who restarted in 2001. This is Carrickfergus knights at UL Vikings – believed to be the Vikings first ever home game. Note the blue scrimmage vests with painted numbers – the Vikings first uniforms did not arrive until later in the season.

And finally, from August 2002, Carrickfergus Knights (yellow) versus Team Canada. The Knights, as Irish Champions, represented the league against the touring visitors in a challenge game, which was played at St. Vincents GAA in Dublin.

Applications being accepted for 2018 League Football

The application process for the 2018 kitted league season has now opened. Between now and 11th October, all teams will be required to submit a detailed application form if they wish to play in 2018. Shortly after the deadline, the Association will contact all applications with a view to arranging a face to face meeting to discuss their application. New and returning teams all go through the same process which is designed to ensure that all entrants are capable of successfully completing a full season and, in some instances, to determine which level they should be playing at.

Returning teams will be very familiar with the process. New applicants can get assistance with completing their forms and the requirements.

A copy of the application form can be downloaded here:


Dublin Rebels win Shamrock Bowl XXXI

Dublin Rebels 12-6 Carrickfergus Knights

Dublin Rebels defended their Shamrock Bowl title in close battle with Carrickfergus Knights at Tallaght Stadium on Sunday 13th August. Rebels running back Wello Omorodion won the Terry Lynch MVP Award after having rushed for 145 yards and scored a key touchdown.


The game was played in good weather, with the pitch in perfect condition, on front of an enthusiastic crowd of supporters.


The Knights, who were appearing in their first Shamrock Bowl final since 2004, started the game strong. They moved the ball well in their opening possessions and played well on defence. Their efforts were rewarded late in the second quarter when, following an interception by Josh Davis, QB Spencer McDowell connected with wide receiver Martin Caskey in the corner of the endzone for the opening touchdown of the game.


The Rebels came out strong in the second half, moving the ball downfield early in the 3rd quarter and scoring on a touchdown pass from Andy Dennehy to Cathal Keane. This was followed by a touchdown run by Omorodion to give the Rebels a tight 12-6 lead at the end of the quarter. The Rebels appeared to control the game in the fourth quarter and were unluckly not to add to their lead.


Victory gives the Rebels a record 9 Shamrock Bowl titles. Veteran quarterback Andy Dennehy, who has played in all 9 victories, indicated after the game that he may return next season to try and win a 10th.



Rebels and Knights ready for Shamrock Bowl XXXI next Sunday

Shamrock Bowl 31, the National Championship game for American football in Ireland will take place at Tallaght Stadium next Sunday. Dublin Rebels and Carrickfergus Knights will play in what is sure to be one of the most competitive games in Shamrock Bowl history. With the game fast approaching, both teams are making their final preparations in advance of the big game.

The Rebels and Knights are coming off impressive seasons where they won their respective divisions – the Knights winning SBC North and Rebels SBC South. The Rebels qualified for the Shamrock Bowl with a semi final win against Belfast and the Knights with an overtime win against University of Limerick. Both teams have well drilled explosive offenses which bodes well for an exciting Shamrock Bowl.

American football has been one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland in recent years, with twenty two teams playing competitive league football. This, combined with a focus on coaches training and the national programme has made the Irish league into one of the most competitive amateur leagues in Europe.

The game will kick-off at 2:30pm in Tallaght Stadium, Dublin – a modern all seater stadium that also hosts many high profile soccer games. Traditionally, the Shamrock Bowl is pitched at a family audience as it seeks to create the unique atmosphere that can only be experienced at a live American football game. It’s a great event for newcomers as there will be live in stadium commentary to take people through the game. As this year is the 31st edition of the game. 

Tickets are priced between €7 and €10 and can be obtained on the day or via Readers of this article can get a 50% discount by using the code tallaght31 when ordering online.

Shamrock Bowl 31,
Sunday 13th August 2017,
Tallaght Stadium,
Kick-off 2:30pm.