American Football



NCAA RuleIFAF difference
1-2-5-fProcedure for dealing with missing goals.
1-4-11Drones prohibited.
2-11-3Definition of batting includes the head.
2-16-10-aPunter needs only be 7 yards deep; kicker/holder need only be 5 yards deep to count as a scrimmage kick formation.
2-27-12Whether a disqualified player is suspended for the next game is matter for the disciplinary authority.
3-1-1Pre-game warmups not subject to the rules. During coin toss, teams must remain in the team area.
3-2-4Play clock reset only if it drops below 20 seconds before ball ready.
3-2-5No minimum time for a play after spiking.
3-3-2Running clock.
3-3-7No short timeouts.
3-3-8Tw o-minute warning cannot happen before 2’00.
4-1-2-bBall may belong to recovering team after inadvertent whistle. Ball may belong to Team B after inadvertent whistle on scrimmage kick. Ignore inadvertent whistle if ball would have become dead anyway in the immediate continuing action.
4-1-3Ball is dead if players in vicinity believe it is.
6-1-7-b/8-6-2All touchbacks are from the 20-yard line.
7-2-5Fumble/backward pass at rest awarded according to forward fumble principles.
9-1-3&4 / 9-5-1No half-game suspensions.
9-1-6-aa Larger area for unrestricted blocking below the waist.
9-1-7-cAdditional unfair tactics. Tw o players in same position can wear the same number.
9-2-2Additional unfair tactics. Two players in same position can wear the same number.
9-2-2-eNo disqualification for illegal cleats.
9-2-7Referee may require persons to be removed from the playing enclosure.
9-6Flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct fouls can be reviewed for additional sanctions.
12Video judge rule.