Battle of the Rebels – Dublin Rebels win 2017 Atlantic Cup.

Irish Champions, Dublin Rebels had a comprehensive 42-14 victory over their Romanian namesakes, Bucharest Rebels to win the 2017 Atlantic Cup in ALSAA on Saturday. In spite of the very cold weather, the Rebels had a lot of success through the air with touchdown receptions by James Kalis (x2), Ciaran Fitzpatrick and Peter Keely. Three were thrown by veteran quarterback Andy Dennehy and the fourth by backup Jack Fagan. Shamrock Bowl MVP Wello Omorodian continued his good form with a rushing touchdown. A second rushing touchdown was added by Pete McMahon.

Bucharest acquitted themselves well, in what was the first ever European final involving a Romanian team – scoring two touchdowns. This was the Rebels first ever Atlantic Cup victory, having played in the finals tournament on two previous occasions. The Rebels maintained Irelands unbeaten record for finals played in Ireland.

Dublin Rebels Going For European Glory – Atlantic Cup 2017

The Dublin Rebels will play Bucharest Rebels in the final of the Atlantic Cup, in ALSAA, Dublin on Saturday 25th November, kick-off 1pm.

The Atlantic Cup is a competition where the Irish National Champions are invited to compete against the winners of other European amateur leagues in a mini-tournament format to crown the Champions. This years competition sees some change to the usual county line-up with France and Romania replacing the traditional Belgian and Netherlands opposition, who have opted to step up to EFL level. Unfortunately due to flight issues – Ryanair flight cancellations – the French entrant Les Diables Rouges, have had to pull out of the tournament at short notice. This means that this years Atlantic Cup will be a single game final between Dublin Rebels, and 2016 Romanian Champions the Bucharest Rebels (pictured in orange jerseys below).

As winners of the Shamrock Bowl in 2016, the Dublin Rebels return to the competition, having been Irelands inaugural representatives in the competition, and having competed previously in Belgium twice, and the Netherlands. They will be fielding a strong lineup on Saturday as they seek to win their first Atlantic Cup title. The Romanians are coming off a strong domestic season. Their key players are wider receiver Radu Ene (#85) and linebacker Cosmin Zamfir (#50).

GFL International and IFAF Europe have announced that the Atlantic Cup format will be reviewed for 2018 with a view to expanding the tournament to more European countries and adding additional entrants beyond the normal three of four.

What does it take to be a Football Player?

American Football isn’t all about lifting weights and running sprints. It’s a game that requires you think, analyze, scheme and react: all in a very short period of time. A common comparison made to American football is a ‘Violent Game of Chess ‘ – a sport where you must always be three steps ahead of your opponent, but also willing to knock him into next week. And while the physical side of the game is crucial, there is much more to being a football player.

  1. A willingness to learn

It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute buck rookie or a ten-year vet. You can always learn more about the sport. Almost every time I watch an NFL game I’ll notice something I didn’t before, or a new defensive scheme. If your eyes and mind are open you will absorb everything you need to know to be a successful football player.

  1. Be Coachable

This attribute ties in with the previous point. Anyone who is vaguely familiar with American football will at some point have heard the quote: “ Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” If you bring a positive mindset and attitude to every training session, and follow your Coach’s advice and instruction, you’ll flourish as a player. You mightn’t be the biggest, the fastest or the tallest. But you’ll certainly stand out. Remember: Your Coaches are there for a reason; to help you meet your goals and to succeed on the field.


  1. Play with all your heart

Football is a game that requires you to give everything. Every block and every tackle. “Leave everything on the field” There is nothing more frustrating than coming off after a game and thinking to yourself: “I should have done that” or “ I should have tried harder.” And the only way to play your best on the field is to prepare off it. This preparation starts in the gym during pre season. It comes with learning your plays. It’s your nutrition and your sleep. It’s everything you do before you play football. Some people put their hearts and souls into football. These are the ones that succeed.


If you’ve ever watched an NFL game and thought to yourself “I’d love to give that a shot” then why don’t you? There are over 20 teams in Ireland right now that play full contact football. And they’re always recruiting!

Boom in entries for 2017 European Club Competitions


IFAF Europe confirmed today that 22 teams from 13 countries have applied to take part in the various European club competitions in 2017.

For the first time in a number of years, and reflecting the new sense of greater cooperation within Europe, entry to the competitions is being coordinated by IFAF Europe. The suite of competitions is as follows:

BIG6  – Europes premier professional club competition.

EFL – Mini league featuring clubs from stronger leagues.

Atlantic Cup – western European amateur teams.

IFAF Champions League – mainly amateur clubs from eastern/southern Europe.

Dublin Rebels will be the Irish entry into the Atlantic Cup, which will be hosted by IAFA. Belfast Trojans have also been put forward as a reserve entry depending on the final format of the competition.

IFAF Europe will now review the entries and formats of the competitions with a view to announcing the lineups in the coming weeks.