Razorbacks NI AFC

The Razorbacks NI American Football Club was founded in September 2015 and is founded on ethical behaviour and integrity. With heart and determination, our dedicated players and coaches have seen the team continue to grow year on year. Our passion for American Football and a willingness and personal drive to make a successful team is why we are here today. Obtaining knowledge and networking with more established teams has helped us develop and improve into a strong cohesive unit.

The senior kitted team, although based in Belfast, has a squad which is made up of players from all over the country of various ages and experience. It is this blend that makes training enjoyable as well as hard work. 2020 will see the first full season of Head Coach Dan Agnew whose expertise of tactics and focus on fitness will develop us into a more disciplined and competitive team for the long term.

This season we welcome our first female player for the Razorbacks NI. We are all excited to be put to the test and experience the fantastic atmosphere of our first competitive game as a cohesive team. The Razorbacks believe in the importance of team work and aim to build long term relationships with the aim of increasing awareness of this fantastic game and sharing our experiences.

The aim of the Razorbacks NI is to continue to build on its already strong reputation within the league. We are well known as a fair and friendly team that offers a competitive game and a warm welcome. Our dream is to compete at the highest level in the league and to win the highly sought after Shamrock Bowl.

Our future looks bright. GoHogs!

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