Youth League 2019: Cill Dara Crusaders

The fifth team competing in this year’s youth league is one of the originals, only under a different banner. The Cill Dara Crusaders have adopted the previous South Kildare Soldiers Youth Team and hope to emulate the success the Soldiers had at this level. The IAFL 2 club are keen to develop this section of their programme and get their young players some much needed match experience.

How are preparations for the youth season coming along?

“It’s been a slow start for us as we struggled to confirm training grounds, but we are starting to roll now.”

What do you hope to achieve this season?

“This year is about building for the future. We have a team of young rookies who have no experience at all and need to learn the basics. Winning games is important, and we hope to give a challenging experience to everyone we play.”

How important is youth football to your clubs’ overall football programme?

“Youth football is vital to the sport as a whole. Every team should be getting involved. Even if you only have two players, get them onto one of the other teams. Ourselves and the Cowboys have used each other’s players through the years, and it has been of huge benefit.”

What key points do you emphasise to your players?

“Teamwork. Family. Effort.”

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting to play American football?

“Try it out. Try different clubs and find one that suits you. Enjoy the greatest sport I was lucky enough to find. It doesn’t matter who you are, you will find a spot on a football team for you.”

Join The Cill Dara Crusaders

The Crusaders youth team trains from 12pm to 1.30pm at the Newbridge College Grounds on Sundays. They provide the equipment, all you need is boots and a gumshield. Text or call 0879507054, email or message the Cill Dara Crusaders Facebook page for more information.