Youth League 2019: Dublin Rebels

The most decorated club in Ireland joins the youth league this year, as the Dublin Rebels have entered a team for the first time. The Rebels have a long and storied history and hope that the future of the club will be just as successful with the implementation of a youth football programme.

How are preparations for the youth season coming along?

“We are really excited at how quickly our players have picked up the sport. Preparations have gone well so far and we’re confident that once the lads take the field, they’ll be able to play some great football!”

What do you hope to achieve this season?

“We’re hoping that we can put our youth players in a position to succeed. Both this season and in the future.”

How important is youth football to your clubs’ overall football programme?

“To put it simply, Youth Football is the future of our club on and off the field.”

What key points do you emphasise to your players?

“Technique, commitment, safety. All 3 are key to creating a successful programme.”

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting to play American football?

“American Football is a unique sport that has a position for every type of athlete. We would advise anyone thinking of playing the sport to believe in their own ability and get started.”

Join The Dublin Rebels

The Rebels youth team trains from 11:45am to 3pm at 3 Rock Rovers Hockey Club, Ballinteer every Sunday. They provide helmet and shoulder pads etc, all you need is a gumshield and boots. Message their Facebook or Instagram pages to find out more details.