Management Team

American Football in Ireland is managed by a board and a staffing structure comprised of directors and officers who support the delivery of the sport across a series of directorates. Board members are elected every year, with members staying on the Board for a three-year term. Board members may also have another role within the sport. Directors and supporting staff are selected by the IAFA Board for a minimum period of a one year. To contact the IAFA Board click here.

The currently serving board members, directors and administrative officers are as follows:

Board Members

Position Name Contact
President Orla McAleese Click here
Board Member Brian Cleary Click here
Board Member Ross Neville Click here
Board Member Aidan Maguire Click here
Board Member Joseph Maguire Click here
Board Member Christine Bolton Click here
Board Member Jo Buchanan Click here
Board Member Accepting Applications Click here
Board Member (External) Accepting Applications Click here


Position Name Contact
Commissioner Brian Cleary (interim) Click here
Director of Finance Conor Gibney Click here
Finance Officer Michal Kazio Click here
Child Protection Officer Rob Hennessy Click here
Anti-Doping Officer Ross Neville Click here
Communications Officer Guillaume Poznanski (interim) Click here
IAFA Administrator Accepting Applications Click here

Directors and Support Personnel

Position Name Contact
Irish National Programme
General Manager
Alan Orr Click here
Director of Officiating Steve Moles Click here
     Assistant Director of Officiating Stephen King Click here
     Officiating Development Manager Barry Bolton Click here
     Officiating Appeals Manager Kelly Dwyer Click here
Director of Coaching Click here
Director of Flag Football Guillaume Poznanski Click here
Director of Youth Football Bill Dougherty Click here
Director of Development Niall O’Carroll Click here
Commercial Director Kate Sherry Click here