Shamrock Bowl 33 Official Date & Logo Design Competition

The IAFA board is delighted to announce the official date of Shamrock Bowl XXXIII which will be held on August 4th (venue TBC).

To celebrate the announcement the IAFA board has the pleasure to launch an open competition for one of you to design the logo to be used for Shamrock Bowl XXXIII .

The winning prize includes the following:

  • a €200 All-4-One Voucher
  • 2 VIP tickets to Shamrock Bowl 33 on August 4th
  • 2 Tickets to the U20’s Wolfhounds v Bristol Pride home game
  • Selected IAFA and Wolfhounds merchandise

Starting Today, IAFA will take any submission until close of the competition on June 15th.

The rules are simple:

  • Maximum of one design per participant
  • Any submission made after June 15th 11pm will not be entered for selection
  • Be as creative as you wish keeping the following requirements:
    • The design must include the following elements:
      1. the words “Shamrock Bowl XXXIII” must be included.
      2. the colours green, black and gold.
      3. the theme Irish American Football and its heritage
    • The file requirements are:
      1. Type: AI, PDF, EPS, PSD
      2. Resolution: at least 300 DPI
      3. Size: Maximum 10 MB
      4. Shape: should fit within a 1200px by 1200px area
      5. Background: white
      6. Fonts: if used please submit the font name within the file

Submission deadline: Saturday 15th of June – 11PM

Upload your logo here...

IAFA Role Vacancies

IAFA All sports logos

The management board of IAFA is now seeking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

  • Sports Administrator
  • Commercial Manager
  • Social Media Officer

The following position is also still open for submission with the deadline of the 25th of May

  • Director of Officiating

All details on these positions are now available on the new IAFA Role Vacancies page here with a new online submission tool.

IAFA Appoints New Personnel

IAFA are pleased to announce the following changes in position and appointment of personnel for the following role:

  • Guillaume Poznanski has been appointed as interim Communications Officer replacing Stephen McDonnell (South Dublin Panthers)

We would like to thank Stephen for all the work and valuable contribution he provided to upgrade our website and improve our use of social media which has come on leaps and bounds since his appointment.

IAFA makes Irish Sporting History with First Female Player to Take the Field in a Kitted Game

Morane Senyarich / Photo courtesy of Ian Humes Photography

IAFA history was made last Sunday when the first female player took to the field in a kitted competitive fixture. The IAFA believe that no person should be excluded from participating in sport based on their gender and sought clarification on this matter from IFAF. IFAF have confirmed that gender is irrelevant and a person should be judged on their fitness and ability to participate in the sport by their respective coaches. With that in mind, IAFA welcomes women to take part in all aspects of the sport including kitted football.

Speaking after her first game on Irish soil, West Dublin Rhinos player, Morane Senyarich said, “I started playing American Football only a year ago but when moving to Ireland I could not think of any other sport I wanted to engage in. I feel very grateful that the Irish American Football Association gave me the opportunity to play in official competitions, and that the amazing West Dublin Rhinos welcomed me so warmly as a member of their team. The fact that the Irish American Football League in now mixed is an essential step towards offering both gender an equal chance to fully enjoy this sport. I hope that more women will join and that some day a separate women’s league will be created”.

IAFA would like to formally welcome Morane to our league and we hope that this is a major stepping stone in opening the league up to more female participation.

Irish Wolfhounds to travel for a Belgian Barbarians rematch next September

IAFA are pleased to announce the Irish Wolfhounds’ next friendly fixture against the Belgian Barbarians in Belgium on Saturday 7th September 2019 (venue to be confirmed).

The Wolfhounds come off a thrilling and historic first international win against the Barbarians last October at the Navan RFC, Co. Meath.

While losing to the Irish Wolfhounds in a close game, the Barbarians got back up on their feet and added a significant landmark first success as a national team against their close neighbours the Dutch Lions. The Belgian Barbarians are ready to welcome and take on the Wolfhounds at home in a rematch that is sure to be another close and gripping game not to miss for all American Football aficionados and especially Irish Wolfhounds supporters.

The Irish Wolfhounds are also looking forward to make the trip to Belgium to validate their first win and progress further towards the building of a strong Irish National Squad and ultimately participate in European and International competitions.

Photo courtesy of Terrence McCann Photography

IAFA Appoints New Management Personnel

IAFA are pleased to announce the following changes in positions and appointment of personnel for the following roles:

  • Ross Neville (North Dublin Pirates) has been appointed as the Anti-Doping Officer replacing Stuart Donaldson (Cork Admirals)

We would like to thank Stuart for all the work and valuable contribution he provided and look forward to work with the newly appointed personnel.

Maynooth Hurricanes to Host First Flag Blitz

The Maynooth University Hurricanes will be hosting the first of several IAFA Flag Football Blitz tournaments this year. Blitzes are for all who are dying to give a go at flag football and also for all those who need to dust off their flag skills before EBC19 and GBC19 kick off in the autumn. This is a mixed tournament and is opened to anyone and their friends and must 18 years old and upwards.

Entry is €10 per team payable on the day
8 teams with a minimum of 2 games guaranteed.

To register just log (or register) onto the IAFA GoMembership portal and look for “Events & Courses”.

Because this is an IAFA Flag Football event all players must be registered (if not already a registered member of IAFA) via the IAFA GoMembership portal. Players can sign up to a Trial Membership allowing every one registered to play and train under IAFA.

Members with current membership options such as SBC/IAFL 1&2 do not need to purchase a trial membership to participate in the Blitz

You will also need the use the official IAFA belts and flags which you can purchase from our partner Football America UK Ltd on their website.

All games rules can also be found on our website


IAFA Flag Football partners with Football America UK

All teams competing any IAFA sponsored events (leagues and tournaments) need to field their players with the official IAFA belt and flags. IAFA Flag Football official flags and flag belts are the Flag-A-Tag Sonic Boom version (picture below)

IAFA Flag Football have partnered with Football America UK Ltd to give all IAFA flag football teams access to a dedicated team pricing when registering an online account on their website. This includes great discounts on footballs, flag football equipment, gloves, cleats and more which will be applied automatically when ordering goods online.

You can read all about how this all works at

Football America UK also have what you need when it comes to Flag-A-Tag Sonic Boom belts and flags – They have 5 colours to pick from and their flag belts come in two sizes, 42″ (for the young and fit) and 52″ for everyone else with a ‘big personality’).

If you wish to avail of their offer, please have your team manager follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Register your team for the IAFA Flag Football 2019 season at
  2. Create your account on Football America UK at
  3. Email the Director of Flag Football (here) who will then forward you the referral code

If you are a new team or wish to upgrade your current team outfit to look the part, Football America UK also offer a great custom teamwear service for a very good price called Stash Packs.

Football America UK are committed to providing UK and European American Football teams and individuals, with the best service and products they desire, with experienced and knowledgeable staff on hand if required. They specialise in all forms of Football Equipment not just helmets and shoulder pads.


Flag Football 2019 Team Registration Open

Team Registration for IAFA Flag Football 2019  is now open. The form can be found here.

IAFA Flag Football will be running two mixed leagues this season. The Emerald Bowl Conference (EBC) and the Glas (Green) Bowl Conference (GBC).

The EBC has now become the premier league for Flag Football in Ireland, and the 2019 season will see the top 12 teams from EBC18 compete for the national championship.

The GBC is a new league created for new teams wanting to give a go at Flag Football and also for returning teams needing a bit of TLC to hopefully reach the EBC in a future season.

We will also allow for clubs to field two teams if their numbers are consequent enough to do so. If a club has already a team in the EBC, then the second team will be automatically entered in the GBC. If this is the club’s first time playing Flag Football, then both their teams will be competing in the GBC. As the end of the season, only one of the two teams will be allowed in the EBC (if in a position to do so) with the weaker team forfeiting any promotion to the next team in the overall standings.

As it stands and based on EBC18 these are the 12 teams to enter EBC19:

1. Craigavon Cowboys 2. Louth Mavericks
3. Trinity College Dublin 4. Edenderry Eagles
5. Belfast Knights 6. Belfast Trojans
7. UCC 8. Dublin Bay Raptors
9. UCD 10. Westmeath Minotaurs
11. UL Vikings 12. Dublin Rebels

Registration for EBC teams closes on April 15th.
Registration for all others teams closes on April 30th.

More details on rules for both leagues to follow.

IAFA Level 0 Coaching Course – May 18th

Starting this year, all flag football teams must have at least one IAFA Level 0 certified coach to be eligible to compete in the EBC.

IAFA Coaching Department will be to hosting one Level 0 coaching course on the 18th of May at the NSC, Dublin.

This course is primarily geared towards EBC teams coaches (male and female) who do not already have a Level 0 certified coach but is also opened to GBC teams and Kitted teams if spaces allow.

All candidates need to first create an account with IAFA GoMembership portal here.

Once signed in, go to the events & course page and select the course you wish to attend.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

IAFA Flag Football 2019 Leagues

IAFA Flag Football has been steadily growing over the past five years. While original teams, like the two-time national champions Craigavon Cowboys or one-timers Westmeath Minotaurs or Edenderry Eagles, are still very much within the tops teams in the nation, some teams have come and gone partially due to the obvious effects an increased level and quality of the game have had on the hunger and commitment for each team to compete in the EBC each year. While IAFA considers Flag Football as a key element in the overall growth of American Football in Ireland, it has become more difficult for new entrants to compete against more experienced teams and hoping to win the title of champions. So with this in mind and in order to make Flag Football fairer but still very much competitive for all we will be applying the following changes for the 2019 season.

  • We created a new league called the Glas Bowl Conference for new teams and teams in needs of development.
  • EBC will limit the number of teams participating to 12 starting with the top 12 teams from EBC 2018
  • Clubs will be allowed to field a maximum of two teams in a season if their numbers requires it but under a few conditions:
    1. Both teams cannot compete in the EBC during the same season
    2. Both teams can compete in the GBC during the same season
    3. Potential promotion/relegation can affect which team plays in the EBC/GBC the following season
  • Both leagues will be linked by a promotion/relegation scheme as such:
    1. EBC bottom team will be automatically relegated to the GBC for the following season
    2. GBC top team will be automatically promoted to the EBC except if their club already has a team entered in the EBC the following season at which point the GBC team will automatically forfeit progression to the next team in line
    3. EBC second last team will play against GBC second best team for a place in the EBC (losing team will either relegated or promoted)
  • The potential 12 teams in questions are:
    Craigavon Cowboys (1)Louth Mavericks (2)
    Trinity College Dublin (3)Edenderry Eagles (4)
    Belfast Knights (5)Belfast Trojans (6)
    UCC (7)Dublin Bay Raptors (8)
    UCD (9)Westmeath Minotaurs (10)
    UL Vikings (11)Dublin Rebels (12)
  • Both leagues will run in parallel and are both mixed leagues for all players 16 years old and up (details for registration and rules to follow)
  • All game-days for both EBC and GBC will see nine or more teams compete in the one venue in order alleviate heavy schedule and better manage possible forfeits or postponed games
  • All EBC teams must have at one Sport Ireland and IAFA certified level 0 coach to be eligible to compete in EBC 2019. Two IAFA level 0 coaching courses will scheduled for Flag Football coaches only in the spring (Dates and registration details to follow)

IAFA Glas Bowl Conference

This year will see the inaugural season of the newly established IAFA Glas Bowl Conference or GBC league.

While the Emerald Bowl Conference (EBC) is now tailored for the top 12 teams in Ireland to compete for the national championship, the GBC has been especially created for brand new teams wanting to give a go at Flag Football and also for returning teams needing a bit of TLC to hopefully reach the EBC in a future season.

The core goal of the GBC is to foster a vision of growth and learning of Flag Football and ultimately American Football, without the daunting pressure to compete against seasoned and experienced teams while still being competitive.

The season will run like its sister league. This is a mixed leagues for players 16 years old and upward. The format will see several teams meeting in one venue and play a set of games on the same day.

Although all EBC teams now must have a certified coach to compete, GBC teams do not. The only requirements is for all players to be registered with IAFA and for all teams to have the proper playing equipment.

The season will kick off during the second half of August to finish the last week of October.

GBC teams will have the chance to be promoted to the EBC at the end of the season while some EBC teams will also be relegated to the GBC ensuring the competitive legitimacy of both leagues in the long run.

If you have any questions as to what the requirements are just contact us through our online form here.

Looking forward to see you compete in the GBC in the near future.

Team registration will open very soon. Stay tuned.


IAFA Appoints New Personnel on the Management Team

IAFA are delighted to announce the following changes in positions and appointment of personnel for the following roles within the board, the officiating department and youth football.

  • Bill Dougherty (Westmeath Minotaurs) has been appointed as the Director of Youth Football
  • Joseph Maguire (UL Vikings) has been appointed to the board replacing Donncha Ó Conmhuí
  • Barry Bolton has been appointed as the Officiating Development Manager replacing Derek Ward.
  • Kelly Dwyer has been appointed as the Officiating Appeals Manager replacing Jason O’Mahony

We would like to thank Donncha Ó Conmhuí, Derek Ward and Jason Mahony for all the work they provided and look forward to work with the newly appointed personnel.