Antrim Jets AFC

The Antrim Jets are a cross-community amateur American Football Club based in Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The Antrim Jets have been approved by AFI to join the association starting with their Senior football (full contact) team competing in the AFI Division 2 (the then IAFL2 league) when the season kicked off in March 2017.

The Antrim Jets will also field a mixed Flag Football team competing in the Flag Division One kicking off at the autumn of 2020

The Jets aim to provide Antrim town with an American Football club that they can get behind and support with no social or religious restrictions.

We welcome everyone regardless of shape, size, background, ethnicity or creed.

Our main goal is to be a successful American Football club but we want to have fun along the way and be a new form of entertainment for the people of Antrim.

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