Audit Meetings taking place this week

Audit meetings are taking place this week for all of the 20 teams who have applied to play competitive league kitted football in 2015. The bulk of the meetings will take place in Dublin on Saturday 22nd November and Dundalk on Sunday 23rd November.

As part of the annual application process, all IAFL teams are required to submit a detailed questionnaire and supporting information to the IAFA Board annually. Over the past month, the submissions have been reviewed. Each team will have a face to face meeting with IAFA Board members to discuss their applications and any issues arising over the past season. The audit meetings themselves are divided into two parts

  • Administration/off-field
  • Playing/coaching

The aim of the meetings are to ensure that all teams are capable of competing, to provide constructive feedback and to resolve any issues the club may be having. Meetings are held in a confidential environment to promote open and honest dialogue.

The implementation of the audit/application process in recent years has been a great aid to club development and is believed to be a major contributor to the success of this past season whereby all clubs fully completed all their league requirements.

Audit Dates/Times

[Where 2 teams scheduled for the same time, one will attend the admin/off-field meeting while the other is attending the playing/coaching meeting. Teams will then swap over].

All teams have been asked to bring details of their scheduling availability to the meeting to allow the league schedule to be completed in time for the AGM on 13th December.

Saturday 22nd November
Crowne Plaza, Northwood, Dublin

10am – Mullingar Minotaurs
11am – Dublin Rebels, South Kildare Soldiers
Noon – West Dublin Rhinos
1pm – Cork Admirals, Waterford Wolves
3pm – Galway Warriors
4pm – North Kildare Reapers, South Dublin Panthers
5pm – TCD, UCD

Sunday 23rd November
Crowne Plaza, Dundalk

Noon – Meath Bulldogs, Drogheda Lightning
1pm – Belfast Trojans, Derry/Donegal Vipers
3pm –Carrickfergus Knights, Tyrone Titans
4pm – Craigavon Cowboys, Dundalk Mavericks

UL Vikings audit will take place midweek due to the team being away at an International event.