Centre College Colonels @ Belfast Trojans

The Belfast Trojans are delighted to host the Centre Colonels, a NCAA Div. III College from Kentucky, USA on Saturday 27th May 2017. The event itself will commence at midday, with the featured match kicking off at 3pm.

The Trojans will be looking to build on the success generated by last year’s fixture against the Sewanee Tigers (another Div. III College) that ran out to a close 27-20 loss.

In keeping to the family atmosphere within the Club that has been cultivated in Belfast, they have opted to feature the game as part of a Family Fun Day. This will feature the following: bouncy castles, face-painting, bbq, bar, drinks deals, science shows, merchandise stalls, a raffle, an ice cream van etc as well as plenty of space to run around and have fun. By supplementing the day with these attractions, the Trojans are looking to further engage with the wider community and build support and a following for the sport of American Football in Ireland.

The Trojans, partnering with local charity Action Mental Health, hope to use this event to actively promote awareness of mental health issues and provide support for those who deal with them.

The Belfast Trojans would like to welcome one and all to join them in enjoying the Family Fun Day and to watch the match. Having enjoyed the memories they made in last year’s fixture, the Trojans will be looking to generate more positive ones, such as the following:

For all those who enjoy American Football or are involved in the sport, this is a great opportunity to help it grow across Ireland and to encourage more such events in future. For anyone looking for a fun day out, this event will also provide just that. Finally, it’s in aid of a very worthy cause, so the Trojans hope they can encourage you to come down and take part in the day, not just to make a good memory and actively support Action Mental Health, but also to help them show some real Irish hospitality to the visiting American team.

-The Belfast Trojans