Dublin Rebels named International Team of the Month.

Rebels in action in Shamrock Bowl XXIV

The Dublin Rebels have been named as the International Team of the Month for August 2010 by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). This award comes as a result of their unbeaten 10-0 season which concluded with victory over the UL Vikings in Shamrock Bowl XXIV last month.

IFAF made the following statement when announcing the award:

“Finishing a season undefeated and winning a championship does not happen as a fluke. For a team to accomplish such a task, it requires much hard work, preparation, determination and of course skill. The Dublin Rebels will be remembered for this season for years to come and IFAF.org would also like to honor the unbelievable feat by naming the team IFAF.org August 2010 Team of the Month.¬†”


The Dubin Rebels are the second Irish team to be awarded this major award in recent months. The UL Vikings were named as Team of the Month for June 2010 following their victory in the EFAF Atlantic Cup. This is also the first time ever that two club sides from the same country have won an award in the same year.

Match report for Shamrock Bowl XXIV can be found at the following link: