Emerald Bowl Conference is back!

The IAFA Flag Football Emerald Bowl Conference is back!

Team registration opens today!

The season format will change a little from previous ones.

Games will be played from September 1st through to December 1st with the playoffs and Emerald Bowl V games on December 1st.

The season will run with a maximum of 20 teams who will be divided across 4 geographical divisions.

Each team will play 10 games – 8 divisional games and 2 interdivisional games.

All teams must submit the names of their Team Manager and Head Coach, with at least one of them being a non-playing member.

Teams a can have a maximum of 30 mixed players on their overall roster, with a maximum of 20 players on game day.

Games will run, as previously done, on a blitz format with several teams meeting at the one venue.

We understand that not every team can host games so we are introducing an incentive for teams wishing to host more than once during the season.
The incentive would give a rebate of €10 per day hosting per team, with maximum of 3 hosting dates, applicable on the 2019 team registration fees.
For example, if Team A hosts 3 sets of games during the 2018 season, they would be given a rebate of €30 on their team fees bringing the fees down to €20 for the 2019 season.

The top team of each division and the top 2 second teams overall will go the playoffs and battle it out for a shot at the Emerald Bowl V and the Flag Football National Championship.

You can register your team here. First 20 teams only –  so register early.

Membership registration opens July 1st here.