IAFA Launches New Membership System

Go membership from azolve is the new Membership system for IAFA

From today, the Irish American Football Association members will carry out all of their registration through Go Membership from Azolve. IAFA members can register with the new system by following this link. 

This will bring a true membership facility to IAFA members and is a significant upgrade over previous systems. It will allow clubs to more closely monitor the status of their members and it will allow the association get a true picture of its membership.

Benefits include.

  • Renewal of membership. Members will have their own unique account that they can renew each year.
  • Club Admins can have an overview of who each person in their club is and the role they perform.
  • Transfers will be handled by the new system.
  • Events and payments for them will be through the Go Membership suite.
  • Association Admins can have a real time view of the status of each club and it’s members.
  • Credentials and Qualifications. Coaching qualifications are now a requirement before purchasing a coaching membership. This allows the association to continue to monitor the react to the coaching needs in any area or club.

Rules regarding membership have not changed.

You must have a valid membership to train (either full or trial membership).

You must be registered two weeks in advance of a game with a full membership to take part.

Find the information sheet on how to register here.

Any questions or issues experienced while using the new registrations system should be directed to enquiries@americanfootball.ie