Record number of new teams apply to join IAFL

The IAFL has received applications from seven (7) teams to play competitive football in 2013. This is the highest number of applications ever received in any year. The applicants are seeking to be included in the IAFL’s new second tier of competitive football – IAFL-1, where there are a minimum of 3 vacant spots due to the recent decision to expand the IAFL to a minimum of 16 teams for 2013. There are applications on hand from all 4 provinces. 5 of the teams are members clubs and 2 are University teams. One of the applicants, DCU Saints, is applying to return to the league after a 2 year absence. All of the other teams are newly formed or were formative members in 2012.

List of Applicants (in alphabetical order):

Dublin City University Saints

Galway Warriors

Mullingar Minotaurs

North Kildare Reapers

South Kildare Soldiers

University of Ulster Coleraine Elks

Waterford Wolves