2014 League Line-up Announced

A meeting of league teams was held in Trinity College Dublin on 11th January last to finalise the 2014 league structure and line-up. 2014 will see a record 19 teams playing competitive league football in one of the IAFL’s three divisions as follows:.

 Shamrock Bowl Conference:

The SBC will continue as the elite division in Irish football. It will comprise of 10 teams in two geographic divisions. However, following feedback from teams, interdivisional games are being reintroduced. As teams will still be playing 8 regular season games, they will play less divisional games. Who plays who will depend on geography, with each team playing local divisional rivals twice and the other teams in their division once. Interdivisional games are also geographic to reduce travel.

 The SBC will have 7 returning teams and the top 3 IAFL1 teams from 2013. Cork and UCD drop to IAFL1.

SBC North:

Belfast Trojans

Dublin Rebels

Carrickfergus Knights

Craigavon Cowboys

Dublin Dragons*

SBC South

Trinity College Dublin

University of Limerick Vikings

West Dublin Rhinos

North Kildare Reapers*

Waterford Wolves*

* Promoted teams.


The introduction of IAFL1 in 2013 is seen as one of the great success stories of recent years. This year will see an interesting mix of teams comprising of 3 returning IAFL1 squads and two squads with SBC experience. As with 2013, the division is expected to be close and competitive. All five teams will play home and away against each other:


Meath Bulldogs

Drogheda Lightning

Mullingar Minotaurs

Cork Admirals


When the SBC/IAFL1 split was approved before the 2013 season, provision was made for the introduction of a third tier of football – IAFL2, if and when required. The IAFA has decided to activate this provision for 2014 to accommodate the four new applicants with mainly inexperienced squads. They will play a 6 game regular season. Subject to ability and completing their schedule, these teams will move onto IAFL1 in 2015. Whether or not IAFL2 remains active in 2015 will depend on whether or not another batch of entrants joins the league.

Dundalk Mavericks

Galway Warriors

South Kildare Soldiers

Tyrone Titans


SBC play-offs remain the same, with the exception that the two 3rd place wildcard spots are replaced by two ‘at large’ wildcard spots.

New Championship games are being introduced for IAFL1 and IAFL2 – to be played between the top two teams in each division.


The start and finish dates will be largely the same as they were c.3 years ago – most teams will start in the second half of March, with the championship games in August. In recent years the SBC start had crept forward to February.

Schedules will be circulated to all team managers shortly.