IAFL2 Schedule & Line-up announced

The line-up and schedule for IAFL2 was announced this week. Six teams will be participating. Galway Warriors and South Kildare Soldiers are the two returning teams from 2014 following the promotion of Tyrone Titans and Dundalk Mavericks to IAFL1. Joining them will be the IAFA’s newest kitted club – Derry/Donegal Vipers. These three clubs will be joined by second teams from three SBC clubs. Belfast Trojans 2nds will play a full league schedule in IAFL2 and UL Vikings 2nds and West Dublin Rhinos 2nds will play a half schedule. The expansion of IAFL2 means that 2015 will have the most teams ever playing competitive American football in Ireland – 22 in total, breaking last years record setting 20.

Over the past year, the IAFA has announced a change in policy with regard to multiple teams from on club playing competitively – from 2015 onwards, they will be allowed to play a full schedule and SBC club 2nd teams will be eligible for promotion to IAFL1. As player numbers in clubs increase, it is expected that more team will field 2nd or even 3rd teams in future years.

Derry/Donegal Vipers are the newest club to join IAFL2 and give the IAFA a presence in two new counties. Both Galway and South Kildare will be hoping to build on their debut seasons in 2014 and push for promotion to IAFL1. As IAFL2 has a development ethos, there is no set number of teams who can be promoted to IAFL1. All teams who are capable of playing in IAFL1 can achieve promotion. IAFL2 is all about getting on field experience for relatively inexperienced squads.

The season will kick off in April with full schedule teams playing 6 games each. Some of the games have been scheduled as doubleheaders with SBC fixtures thus giving SBC fans a chance to see these new teams developing. The full schedule can be viewed at the following link:


IAFL2 Line-Up:

Galway Warriors

South Kildare Soldiers

Derry/Donegal Vipers

Belfast Trojans 2nds

UL Vikings 2nds

West Dublin Rhinos 2nds.