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Preview: 2022 AFI Youth Football Playoffs

This Sunday November 6th the Sport Ireland Campus in Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin hosts the 2022 AFI Youth Football Playoffs. 4 teams will showcase the best U-18s athletes AFI has to offer, all in a bid to be crowned National Champions. The schedule for Sunday is as follows:

12:30#1 Cork Admirals (4-0) vs #4 Donegal / Derry Vipers (1-2-1)
13:30#2 South Dublin Panthers (2-1-1) vs #3 Belfast Knights (2-2)
15:00Youth Football Final

With just a few days until our 2022 National Champions are confirmed, let’s take a quick look into each team and what strengths they will rely on to bring home the big one!

#1 Cork Admirals (4-0)
The reigning National Champions picked up where they left off last season and have continued their dominance in the league. Outscoring the remaining playoff teams combined, as well as boasting a defense that has conceded just 1 touchdown all year, the Admirals are a true force that seems difficult to stop. With star RB Neil O’Leary paving the way on the ground, and a turnover-happy defense that includes FS Daniel O’Sullivan, any team facing Cork will need to play a near-perfect game to keep up with the juggernaut from the south.

#2 South Dublin Panthers (2-1-1)
The Panthers are a well-drilled side that has always played hard, competitive football. Tying with the Vipers at the start of the year, the Panthers have pitched 2 shutouts this season as well as beating their #3 ranked opponents in their previous outing. South Dublin have a knack for pulling off big results and will definitely fancy themselves in their bid for the title. Repeating their result against the Knights will put them on the right track momentum-wise.

#3 Belfast Knights (2-2)
The Knights finished this season .500 which earned them this #3 seeding and a rematch with the Panthers. Starting off hot with 2 tight wins over the Vipers and Trojans, Belfast’s black and gold lost to both the Admirals and Panthers in the final gameday coming into these playoffs. Still, combine a coaching staff that will have made adjustments following the previous result with South Dublin with a promising up-and-coming roster that includes Maxwell Scott on offense and Issac Searle on defense, and the Knights have more than a fighter’s chance to come home from Blanchardstown with the championship in hand.

#4 Donegal / Derry Vipers (1-2-1)
Facing a formidable opponent, the Vipers are more than their 28-0 loss to this weekend’s opponents at the beginning of the season. The Vipers defense proved itself to be a big strength for the team, conceding just 12 points after that game vs Cork in week 1 and forcing 2 shutouts. A strong defensive line that is bolstered by the likes of Dylan Coyle has the ability to slow offenses right down and keep games within reaching distance for the Vipers. Donegal / Derry will be looking to use more of what worked for young QB Jack McGowan in his 2 TD performance against the Trojans, and create consistent gaps for RB Gavin Weatherall to get the team on the scoreboard more consistently. If they can do that, the Vipers may very well cause an upset in the semis.

Attendance at the Sport Ireland Campus on Sunday November 6th for the 2022 AFI Youth Football Playoffs is FREE, so make sure to come down and watch the showcase of the next generation of Irish American Football!

Preview: 2022 AFI Flag Football Playoffs

2022 has proven to be a wild year for all 3 forms of American football in Ireland, but none have been quite as unpredictable as the 2022 AFI Flag Football season. Beginning back on August 20th shortly after Shamrock Bowl XXXIV, 24 flag football teams have competed for the chance to be a part of this Saturday November 5th‘s playoffs at Dromore RFC, Co. Down. Alas, 8 remain, 4 each from Premier Division and Division 1.

12:15 — Division 1 Semi-finals
#1 Belfast Knights vs #4 Antrim Jets
#2 Westmeath Minotaurs vs Cill Dara Crusaders

13:30 — Premier Division Semi-finals
#1 South Dublin Panthers vs #4 Donegal / Derry Vipers
#2 Craigavon Cowboys vs #3 Dublin Bay Raptors

14:45Division 1 final: Glas Bowl III

16:00Premier Division final: Emerald Bowl VIII

With just a few more games to go before this year’s Emerald Bowl and Glas Bowl Champions are crowned, let’s take a look at each team’s path to the playoffs.

Premier Division

#1 South Dublin Panthers (10-0) — South

The Panthers came up from 2021’s Division 1 and utterly dominated the South group this year, going undefeated and putting up some truly elite performances on both sides of the ball. Scoring a country-high 411 points in their 10 games and also boasting the #1 defense (157 points), the Panthers came out with a screaming start by handily beating group-favourite Edenderry Eagles and Dublin Rebels.  It should have come as no surprise that the Panthers have had as good a season as they’ve had — with the likes of Jo Buchanan, Sean Douglas and Ryan Eccles all making splash plays on offense and defense, as well as QB Joe Grey leading the charge for the South Dublin side.

#2 Craigavon Cowboys (10-0) — North

2021’s National Champions had themselves a perfect season of their own, going 10-0 in an otherwise very tight division. Also posting over 400 points, the Craigavon offense (and a certain QB Peter Loughran) is a juggernaut everyone around the league is very aware of. With potential national team members such as Neil Maxwell, Austin Ramsey and Scott Buchanan available though, Craigavon are more than just their well-renowned QB. With a defense that kept opposing offenses to 21 or less points in 6 out of 10 games, Craigavon have everything it takes to repeat their Emerald Bowl win from last season

#3 Dublin Bay Raptors (7-3) — South

Perhaps another surprise considering the preseason strength of the South group, the Raptors truly burst on to the scene by starting 4-0. Veteran QB Todd Zboyan led a young group of players after amalgamating with the Thomastown Tigers and crafted a team that put up more than 30 points in all but 1 game. While the likes of Jack Basquille and Jason Kolokithas will help fill the gap, the Raptors will be without standout piece on offense and defense Peadar O’Muiri. Still, the Raptors have shown to be the type of team to face big challenges head-on, and after coming 2 points short of upsetting the #1 seed, they may very well fancy themselves against the #2 seed.

#4 Donegal / Derry Vipers (6-4) — North

The Vipers might be the true upset of this playoff schedule this season. Being promoted from 2021’s Division 1, Donegal / Derry had a tough task ahead of them to stay up in a group that includes the high-scoring Hurricanes, a Trojans team that specialises in tight games, an athletic Mavericks outfit and fellow promoted side Belfast City Lions. Not only did the Vipers achieve Premier Division status for next year, but they blew past every expectation put in front of them, and put on some fantastic games while they were at it. After a sputtering start that saw some wide scorelines, 4 of the Vipers last 6 games were decided by 10 or less points, including a thriller with Maynooth that saw QB Peter Hamilton connect with star receiver Chad Higgins with just 7 seconds left on the clock to both win the game and secure their spot in this weekend’s playoffs. The Vipers knack for coming through with big plays in clutch moments will be key in their push for the finals.

Division 1

#1 Belfast Knights (9-1) — North

Relegation can demoralise some teams and lead to some hitting the reset button and taking a few years before making true attempts to climb back up — the Knights aren’t some teams. With players like Jordan Clinton and John McCrystal to get the ball to, the Knights scored fairly consistently in the 30-35 point range, landing there in 6 of their 10 games. The series with the Jets is currently in the black and gold’s favour at 2-1, so the Knights will have even more of an incentive to progress to the Glas Bowl game.

#2 Westmeath Minotaurs (8-2) — South

The Minotaurs have, for the last few years, been the team that has been *right* at playoff contention, only to have forfeits from earlier in the season to come back and haunt them. After putting a full season together, the Westmeath side put themselves on top of the South group, dropping points only to the Crusaders at the start of the season and the Rebels 2nds in their final gameweek. Scoring over 400 points this season — 1 of 3 teams in the country to do so — it seems the infusion of youth in their depths has pushed the Minotaurs to true players in the division, with the likes of Jack and Darragh Lynch, Peter Dempsey and Shaun Dalton all playing key roles.

#3 Cill Dara Crusaders (7-3) — South

The Crusaders are a different side altogether with Jordan Farrell under center compared to last season. Improving drastically from their 1-5 finish in 2021, Cill Dara are just 2 games away from adding a flag football trophy to the club’s cabinet. Luke Carey and Ethan Bolger have added some versatility on offense that perhaps was previously missing, while defensively the Crusaders have been rock solid, boasting a unit that has conceded less than 17 points a game. Much like the Vipers in the Premier Division, the Crusaders waited right until the end of the season to lock this playoff position up, just getting in ahead of the Rebels 2nds after beating UCD 30-27. Morale and momentum in the Crusaders camp is high and, with a 50-20 victory over the Minotaurs under their belts from earlier in the season, could well be on their way to lifting the Glas Bowl on Saturday.

#4 Antrim Jets (7-3) — North

The Jets are a curious team to preview. Relatively new to flag football (2021 debut season: 2-6 record), the Jets have performed past their expected goals for the season. With the highest scoring offense and 2nd best defense in the North group, their place in the playoffs was more than validated, especially considering they shutout the #1 seed in an amazing 32-0 performance and one loss was by a mere 2 points. With standouts like Jonny McCullough, Ryan Beckett and Scot McLean, the Jets can absolutely go on a run to the Glas Bowl.

Entry to the playoff event this Saturday is FREE so come down and support your team! Make sure to follow along the games on our dedicated flag football website here to find live scores and full season standings. A live stream will also be available — link to follow on our social pages.

Review: AFI Gameweek 18

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

Last weekend’s Premier Division playoff matchups in Dublin saw 2 teams put on outstanding performances on their way to Shamrock Bowl XXXIV at Kingspan Stadium (tickets still available). With 102 points scored between both games, who came out on top and secured their ticket to the final? Let’s dive into last weekend’s action.

#4 South Dublin Panthers 6 – 46 #1 Dublin Rebels
The Rebels outmatched the Panthers and were relentless in securing the win Sunday. Consistently gaining yardage seemingly every play, moving the chains and playing water-tight on defense, the Rebels sprinted out of the gate and held a 24-0 lead at halftime. Not easing off the throttle, they scored another 22 points in the second half and, while the Panthers did eventually break through the defense for a score of their own, the Rebels dominated this semi-final and punched their ticket to the National Championship. With one more game to go, the 2022 Dublin Rebels could join the short list of Irish championship-winning teams who have completed undefeated seasons.

The loss is a heavy pill to swallow for the Panthers, who came into this game with a nack for upsets looking for another. Instead, the Panthers bow out of the playoffs at the semi-final stage to the #1 team in the country. Coming into this season as an unknown, particularly with an up-in-the-air coaching situation, the Panthers earned some great results where needed and proved their worth where it mattered in the regular season. With a steadier preseason in 2023 that should stabilise the foundation of the team on the field, the Panthers should be seen as Premier Division playoff contenders next season.

#3 Cork Admirals 6 – 44 #2 UCD
A balanced first half in Belfield gave way to a one-sided second half as the Students overcame the Admirals and denied the Cork side the chance to replicate the 2018 Shamrock Bowl matchup. The game was locked up early with UCD scoring shortly before the break to make it 16-6 at half. From there, UCD were disciplined and capitalized on many penalties given away by the Admirals, which shortened the field for the Students and helped them score more frequently. Couple those penalties with a growing deficit, and QB Stephen Hayes was put under more pressure to make more risky throws, and while the QB was on target more often than not, UCD were able to come away with 4 sacks and 3 interceptions. Cork’s season ends in a disappointing fashion, but their season as a whole must be celebrated — especially considering they finished 5-2-1 with the #3 seed after a 0-2 start. Expect to see the Admirals recover and reestablish themselves as potential favourites in 2023’s playoff picture.

The Students, meanwhile, build some necessary momentum as they can now set their sights on a revenge game from earlier in the season. A 40+ point performance against a tough defense and allowing just 1 score to a team that had averaged nearly 35 points in their last 4 games will absolutely boost spirits for the UCD roster. With 2 teams who have been hot all year playing with the National Championship on the line, August 7th should be a monster of a game.

Preview: AFI Gameweek 18

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

It’s really heating up now! The Dublin Rebels, UCD, Cork Admirals and South Dublin Panthers have all had 2 weeks to prepare for the AFI Premier Division semi-finals, with personnel adjustments and gameplans drawn up and installed for this Sunday 24th. With a spot in Shamrock Bowl XXXIV at Kingspan Stadium on August 7th (tickets available here) on the line, players on all 4 teams will be playing with every bit of grit and determination they have to secure the win for their squad. How does this writer see the games go down? Let’s take a look.

#4 South Dublin Panthers (4-4) @ #1 Dublin Rebels (8-0) — De La Salle RFC, Palmerston, 2pm
An up-and-down season for the 2019 Shamrock Bowl finalists, the Panthers got results when they needed them, a 55-6 win over the Cowboys towards the end of the season ultimately putting them into this postseason matchup. QB Ian Cahill has shown he can play a blinder in big games for the Panthers, with the signal-caller hoping to conjure up a performance akin to his 4 TD game at home to #5 Trojans (4-4) at the start of the season. With weapons at the ready like RB Ben Arulogun, WR Ray Burke and emerging receiving option Trevor Smith (3 TDs in last 2 games) there are plenty of ways the Panthers can get into the endzone Sunday. LB Jo Buchanan has put up some great games on defense, as have the likes of DE Evan Allen and DB Mike Massari, all of whom will need career games to deny the Rebels offense.

Of course, that is something that has been seldom achieved this season, with the 2022 Rebels having one of the finer team regular seasons in recent memory. Finishing the season with the #1 offense and #1 defense, there’s a reason the Rebels have become the team to beat in the playoffs. Averaging 40.25ppg, the offense consisting firepower such as QB Ty Henry (#1 total TDs among QBs), RB Wello Omorodion (rush TD leader) and a wealth of WR talent including Dave King and Greg Johnson (receiving TD leader) just to name a few hit the ground running and have not stopped. Veterans such as Paul Kirkwood and Kenny McCarty have truly left a mark on how the Rebels have trucked through this season, inspiring the rest of the team by putting in true championship-level performances all season. The Panthers certainly have the chance to upset (it wouldn’t be the first time they’d have done so) but it’s hard to predict that against a team that has been on a different level in 2022 — and a team that beat them 42-13 just 2 weeks ago.

#3 Cork Admirals (5-2-1) @ #2 UCD (6-1-1) — UCD Sports Campus, Belfield, 2pm
Where to start with this one?? While the first outing between these 2 teams this season wasn’t exactly a barnburner (20-0 UCD at home), Cork’s delayed explosion on to the scene and the more recent 28-28 tie have made this game the more intriguing of the two on paper. 2 QBs — UCD’s Arun Mooney and Cork’s Stephen Hayes — who have been playing on fire and made some spectacular throws all season long. 2 receiving corps who have that sought after mix of separation and run after catch ability. 2 stone-wall offensive lines that keep that passing game alive.

There’s going to be no rolling over by either defense though. UCD’s #2 defense and Cork’s #3 defense will be keeping things competitive with how hard they play. Both teams have great pass rushes too which will push each other’s offensive line as hard as they’ve been pushed all year. UCD’s Larry Doyle leads the team with 5 sacks, Aaron Hogan leads Cork with 4, with both featuring in the top 8 in that stat across the league. It’s a true coin flip trying to call this one, and it should be a fantastic game to watch.

Quickfire Predictions
Panthers 17 – 34 Rebels
Admirals 26 – 27 UCD

Review: AFI Gameweek 17

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

Last weekend saw 3 games that varied in stakes, from finishing above or below .500 on the season to bowl game qualification. With the start of the postseason signaling must-win games, let’s take a look at who came out on top.


AFI Division 2

#3 NI Razorbacks (5-3) 13 – 2 #4 Causeway Giants (3-5)
A defensive affair at Limepark saw the Razorbacks shutout the Giants offense en route to a win that sees them finish 5-3 on the season. QB Mark Thompson and RB Ali Best added scores on the ground for the Razorbacks, whose improvement between their 2019 debut season (1-7) — and even as recently as 2021’s Donaghy Group Invitational Cup — and this season is clear to see. A team on the rise, the Razorbacks should be considered dark horses for next season.

The Giants offense just could not find the stride they found a month ago in their 25-7 win against the Mavericks. Defensively the Giants were still as strong as expected, containing the Razorbacks to 13 points while adding 2 of their own through a Ros McKenzie safety. Speaking of McKenzie, he was the clear highlight an already strong Giants performance, totaling 2 sacks, a forced fumble, an interception and the aforementioned safety. While not scoring on offense in their season finale will hurt, the Giants should also be quite pleased with how this season has shown their growth since their debut in the 2019 season. Also ending that year at 1-7, the Giants finish this season just below the .500 mark at 3-5 with much more to show for it.


AFI Division 1 Playoffs

#4 Donegal / Derry Vipers (3-4-1) 6 – 41 #1 Westmeath Minotaurs (7-1)
A dominant display from the Minotaurs at home after a poor display in their last regular season game (a 26-7 loss to #2 Vikings). After a regular season output that saw plenty more scores through the air than the ground, the Westmeath offense ran the ball into the endzone with RBs Andrew Paton (2), Rafa Monteiro and FB Jay Bruton. The defense made sure to get on the scoreboard too through Peter Dempsey and Niall Folan interception returns, sealing the win and a bowl game entry for the Westmeath side.

The Vipers put up a great fight all season, but it seems like the amount of travel this season and numbers caught up to them. Strong running from Pete Farrell kept the Vipers gaining ground early on, a Charlie Carlin interception and a touchdown through a connection between QB Paul O’Donnell and Zac Kirkwood kept the game interesting going into halftime, but it wasn’t to be for the Vipers. Improving upon their 2019 2-6 season and being a competitive force in Division 1 this season, the Vipers will likely have raised a few eyebrows as teams prepare for next year.

#3 Cill Dara Crusaders (4-4) 18 – 21 #2 UL Vikings (5-2-1)
The tightest game of the weekend, the Crusaders truly put a fight up to the Vikings and looked close to coming away with the win late on. QB Jordan Farrell connected with WR Sidney Pindi for a score after a massive 74 yard run from RB Luke Carey before halftime. Farrell added a score in himself while Carey rounding off the scoring for Cill Dara. Craig Dooley finished an incredible season performance with a sack on defense while Cormac de Butléir and Jonny Keogh scooped up a pair of fumbles in the Vikings backfield to keep the game as tight as possible.

However, the Vikings did enough on defense to limit an oft-explosive Crusaders offense to 18 points. Creating pressure in the pocket was clearly a priority for the Vikings coaching staff, sacking Farrell 3 times and pressuring him into 2 Adam Keane interceptions. Those turnovers proved to be vital as the Vikings maintained possession for much of the game. On that, the Vikings run game proved to be the deciding factor in this one, with RB Aidan Maher pounding in 2 on the ground while RB Glen Carr punched in the third. A true X-factor in the latter half of the season, the Vikings have used the run game very effectively in a division with defenses historically more familiar and more suited to stopping the run. Scoring 7 rushing TDs in their last 2 games, the performance of the Vikings offense will likely be the deciding factor in the Division 1 Bowl vs #1 Minotaurs July 31st at Newforge Sports Complex.

Preview: AFI Gameweek 17

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

We’ve made it to the postseason folks! Well, by Saturday 5pm we’ll be there anyway. One game remains in the Division 2 regular season, taking place Saturday afternoon at Newforge Sports Complex, the venue for the Division 1 and Division 2 Bowl game double-header. Of course, Sunday sees the Division 1 semi-finals take place, with the usual #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3 setup also used in Premier Division. With that, let’s preview the 3 games taking place this weekend — and remember, this is all in *one* writer’s opinion!


Division 2

#4 Causeway Giants (3-4*) @ #3 NI Razorbacks (4-3) — Newforge Sports Complex, Belfast, 2pm
A game that sees two teams looking to end their seasons on a positive note, the Razorbacks will be extra eager to do so as the home side. The introduction of veteran RB Gareth Millar to the offense has been incredibly beneficial for the Razorbacks offense this season, while TE Zakk Appleyard has proven to be a reliable option for QB Mark Thompson. On defense, DE Corey Adair has been no stranger to opposing QBs, being at the top of the sack leaderboard for most of the season. The DE’s talents have made the jobs of the Razorbacks’ defensive backs a little easier, which has led to better coverage, forcing offenses off the field quicker — a result that leaves the Razorbacks with the #1 defense in the division before this last game. Keeping the pressure on a dual-threat QB will be key to keeping that #1 defense and, more importantly, earning their way to the win.

The Giants are coming off a monster upset in their favour, still thriving off their 25-7 win over the Mavericks three weeks ago. The Ruairi/Tiarnan Boorman connection has been lauded before, the pair combining their abilities with unique chemistry to be responsible for every Giants passing TD this season. The Causeway crew can run the ball as well with plenty of weapons though, and while the Boormans can be seen in this side of the offense too, respect must be given to RB Matthew Clyde who leads the team in rushing TDs. The Giants D-line is arguably the strength of this team, with the duo of Ross McKenzie and Michael McCafferty tallying 7.5 sacks between them so far. The Giants have also scored plenty due to their defense, with short drives due to turnovers and scores directly by the defense attributing to the Giants Points For column. The Giants were shutout in their last 2 away trips, but with the lack of playoff stress and the boost they’ll be carrying with them from the Mavericks upset, they may just get out of Belfast with a win Saturday.


Division 1 Playoffs

#3 Cill Dara Crusaders (4-4) @ #2 UL Vikings (5-2-1) — Maguire’s Field, Limerick, 2pm
An interesting game here for sure. These teams faced off in Newbridge earlier in the season and came out with the highest scoring game in Ireland, a 39-47 win in favour of this weekend’s home team. QB Kieran Gilhool has his best game of the campaign against the Crusaders, throwing for 3 TDs in the shootout. A pair of backs in Eoin Rudkins and Sean Grace will be eager to punch the ball into the endzone themselves too, with both likely to see plenty of the ball Sunday. The Vikings defensive line have picked up tremendously in the latter half of the year, with Jake Kelly and Robert Browne picking up 12 sacks just between the two of them. Pressuring the QBs remaining in these playoffs will be crucial to their success, as seen in their 26-7 win over #1 Minotaurs at the end of their regular season.

Cill Dara make this game interesting because of their dominating win over the Vipers last weekend, a 24-8 result that saw the Vipers score right at the death. QB Jordan Farrell is a charismatic QB who can inspire giant-killings, and with him throwing the most TDs in the division (9) he knows how to get the ball into the endzone through the likes of brother Kealan (2) and Robert Brown (4). Sack leader Craig Dooley (9) paired with young DL Hendre Erasmus (4) has made for a pass-rush that rivals the Vikings, so they matchup with the Limerick side well. This game is sure to be an interesting watch, but will it exceed the 86 points scored in the prequel to this semi-final?

#4 Donegal / Derry Vipers (3-4-1) @ #1 Westmeath Minotaurs (7-1) — Mullingar RFC, 2pm
The Vipers come into this with little momentum but a much bigger squad available than what they travelled to Newbridge with. RB Pete Farrell grinded out tough yards against a game Crusaders defense Sunday and will look to do the same in Mullingar, while WR Chad Higgins will look to make multiple explosive plays on offense and defense. Darren Quinn and Danny Mullen will be keen to create more turnover-worthy plays this weekend too, with both players coming close on multiple occasions against Cill Dara.

The Minotaurs come into this postseason as the #1 seed, the first time they have done so in the club’s history. WR Jack Lynch has been a big reason for that, leading the division with 6 receiving TDs. QB Joe Kinahan has thrown 8 total scores on the year and ran 2 in himself, while the defense has also scored on the season through a pick 6 by DB Jason Owens. Speaking of that ball-hawking defense, Owens (2), S Niall Folan (3) and CB rookie Peter Dempsey (7) have been reading QB eyes and will be keen to add to their tallies for this campaign. The Vipers will be hoping for a “third time’s the charm” storyline, but it’s difficult to see where the cracks form in the Minotaurs for Donegal / Derry to capitalise on.

Quickfire Predictions
Giants 17 – 14 Razorbacks
Crusaders 22 – 28 Vikings
Vipers 10 – 21 Minotaurs

Review: AFI Gameweek 16

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

And with that, the AFI Senior Kitted regular season is (almost) over. 75 of the 76 regular season fixtures across all 3 divisions in Ireland have come and gone, and while we wait on the #4 Giants @ #3 Razorbacks in Division 2 this coming Saturday, all playoff fixtures and relegation scenarios were confirmed last weekend. Let’s dive into how each game affected clubs across the island!

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
                   ² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
                   ³ = Eliminated from Playoffs


AFI Division 2

#2 Antrim Jets (5-3)¹ 16 – 32 #1 Louth Mavericks (7-1)¹
Dundalk RFC hosted a preview of sorts to the Division 2 Bowl game (Newforge Sports Complex, July 31st, 12:30pm), with the division’s #1 and #2 seeds battling it out for what position both would end up in the division standings. The Mavericks came out on top at home, scoring 4 TDs on offense and a 5th through a pick 6, all touchdowns coming from QB Nathan Hearty in some capacity. The signal-caller scored the pick 6 on defense (after already picking up an INT earlier in the game), ran the ball in twice on the ground, and added 2 passing TDs through WR/TE Dec Mulvihill and RB Brendan Simms. Veteran Maverick Alex Simms picked up 2 sacks, while Mulvihill and Anthony Vize paired up for the team’s 3rd sack. Momentum may very well be on Louth’s side for the final after an apparent dip in form two weeks ago.

The Jets lose a bit of momentum going into the final with the loss here, but do have three weeks to make adjustments to their gameplan for the Division 2 Bowl (Newforge Sports Complex, 12:30pm). QB Scot McLean has been the Jets MVP for the season and has put up some great games, and while he’s struggled against the Mavs this season, McLean is the type of quarterback to break off a superstar performance on any given Sunday. Couple him with RB Declan Curran, who has been punching in TDs for fun in the latter half of this season, and a defense that scorches past offensive lines (5 defenders with 4+ sacks), and the Jets could find third time’s the charm on July 31st.


AFI Premier Division

#4 South Dublin Panthers (4-4)¹ 13 – 42 #1 Dublin Rebels (8-0)²
The Rebels achieved the undefeated regular season landmark with an emphatic win at home against a Panthers team that came out fighting for playoff football. Ty Henry continued his incredible form, throwing for 4 TDs while adding 2 on the ground himself. On the receiving end of Henry’s scoring passes were standout WR Dave King (who leads the the country, as a rookie, with 9 receiving TDs), while Dan Johnson caught his first 2 TDs of his 2022 campaign. Defensively the Rebels swarmed the Panthers offensive line and created pressure all game, creating 8 sacks — the likes of Gustavo Souza (3) and Kenny McCarty (2) getting to Ian Cahill more than once. Capitalising off that pressure was DB Cathal Keane, who came away with an INT Sunday, ending his regular season with 5 on the year. An impressive display from the undefeated Rebels, who face the same Panthers side in 2 weeks time in the semi-final.

South Dublin will take loss on the chin, as the result in the Trojans/Admirals game means they will occupy the #4 seed for the playoffs. Ironically ending their season with the inverse scoreline of how they started the year, a 42-13 loss to the team they will be playing in two weeks time (July 24th) likely wasn’t the morale booster the Panthers were looking for. Still, the Panthers have often had the ability to surprise favoured opponents, especially around this time of year (see: 2019 semi-final vs Admirals) so they are not a side to be ruled out purely on last Sunday’s result.

#5 Belfast Trojans (4-4)³ 20 – 26 #3 Cork Admirals (5-2-1)¹
The closest game of the weekend with the most playoff implications going into it, Cork emerged from the dust on home-field to secure their playoff position for 2022. Another 4 TD performance from QB Stephen Hayes put enough points on board for the Admirals defense to make enough stops to a rolling Trojans offense. 3 of those 4 TDs were caught by Jack Cronin, who had a career day in a must-win game, with brother Richie catching the other. Ayo Mumuni had a good day on the other side of the ball, tallying a sack and a forced fumble for the Admirals. Limiting an offense that had scored 40ppg in their last 4 games to just half that is a big credit to an Admirals offense looking to squeeze scoring opportunities down to a minimum for #2 UCD (6-1-1, 36.125ppg).

Big T put up an incredible fight to try complete what would have been one of the best season turnarounds in since the turn of the millennium, starting off 0-3 and still finding a way to keep themselves in playoff contention until the final whistle Sunday. The offense did what they could with a ferocious Admirals defense in front of them, with QB James McKelvey punching a TD in himself while throwing one to WR Tom Morris. Star RB Jona Siri made sure to fight his way into the endzone for a TD of his own. Defensively the Trojans had their work cut out for them, and while DE Lopez Sanuzi put in an almighty effort to get his sack and the defensive backfield had multiple pass breakups, it just wasn’t to be for Belfast, who just miss out on playoff football and their chance to defend their National Championship. An awful lot of credit must go to the Trojans for coming so close after a horrid start to the season.

#8 Dublin Rhinos (1-7)³ 0 -34 #7 Belfast Knights (1-7)³
A game that saw the winner earn Premier Division survival for 2023 and the loser be relegated to Division 1 next season, the Rhinos took the trip to Belfast which, unfortunately for the Castleknock side, ended in Rhinos relegation. An unfortunate result to a season against teams that had greatly improved from their 2019 seasons, the Rhinos became the odd team out despite the talent on their team — a pass rush consisting of Samson Olusegun, Nico Marrimposey and Gary O’Rourke put in some great performances which saw each player reach the 4 sack mark on the season, something few pass rush trios around Ireland can claim. Maintaining these players, along with a push in recruitment and finding a true identity on offense, should make the Rhinos one of the top promotion candidates from the 2023 Division 1 campaign.

The Knights, meanwhile, left it until the end of the season to get their much needed win, as they finally got offense and defense clicking together. Josh Davis was under center for the first half and ran in 2 TDs to get the Knights up early. Marty Caskey added 2 field goals on the day and, when he came into the game, QB Spencer McDowell finished off the game and sealed survival for the Knights with a pass TD to WR Jordan Clinton and a rush TD of his own. The defense, made obvious by the 0 on the board, was all over the Rhinos, allowing very little in the way of scoring opportunities or drives near their endzone, while coming up with 3 sacks — Robbie Alexander was involved in all 3, including a 0.5 credit with Graeme Best. After enduring a forgettable season, the Knights came together at the right time to earn a win they won’t forget about for a while.

AFI Division 1

#4 Donegal / Derry Vipers (3-4-1)¹ 8 – 24 #3 Cill Dara Crusaders (4-4)¹
Crusaders fans were treated to a win in their final home game of the year last Sunday, putting away the Vipers 24-8 in a game that sees them leapfrog the Donegal/Derry side into the #3 seed. QB Jordan Farrell cemented himself at the top of the passing TD leaderboard for Division 1 leaderboard with his 7th, 8th and 9th of the year (Robert Brown x2, Ben Costello), and inspired a hard-fought performance from his Crusaders offense. That all-in mentality bled over to the defense, who were relentless in stopping the Vipers rushing game and never gave QB Paul O’Donnell time to breathe — finishing the day with an interception from Erin Kelly, and nine sacks. A huge momentum boost to carry with them to Limerick to face #2 Vikings this coming weekend in the Division 1 semi-finals.

The Vipers, meanwhile, found it tough down numbers to break through the Crusaders defense, with O’Donnell sneaking a TD in towards the end of the game. DB Chad Higgins came away with an interception on Farrell, while  LB Darren Quinn was unlucky to not have either of his forced fumbles result in a turnover in favour of the red and yellow. The Vipers have impressed as a whole in their 2022 campaign, though, and with everything to play for in their semi-final @ #1 Minotaurs this Sunday they will be sure to give every bit of fight they have in them.

Review: AFI Gameweek 15

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

The July 4th Weekend has come and gone, and Gameweek 15 certainly provided plenty of fireworks! With 186 points scored across just 3 games (a 62 point average!) and playoff opportunities closing up, every game had a lot of weight to it. How did each game go down? Let’s see.

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division

#8 Belfast Knights (0-7)³ 26 – 43 #5 Belfast Trojans (4-3)
The Trojans kept themselves in contention for playoff football with their 4th consecutive win this past Saturday. Playing their final home game of the season, the Trojans put on a show in this rivalry game, in all 3 phases. RBs Jona Siri and Mo Ramadan combined for 3 TDs, the defense had 2 pick 6s through DBs Thomas Boyd and Donal Jones (the latter’s going the length of the pitch after intercepting McDowell’s pass on the Trojan’s goalline), and Chris Larmour housed a kick return. Never giving up the lead after going ahead early on, the Trojans have truly been revitalised during their home series, and look set to carry that form forward. After an important win for the Big T they are right within reach of playoff football — though a win away to Cork next weekend, or at the very least a tie — is necessary for them to achieve that goal, something that seemed near impossible just a few months ago.

The Knights continued their offensive hot streak but, as has been the story with the Black and Gold this season, also continued their cold streak on defense, allowing 40 or more points in each of their last 3 games. The offense kept in rhythm and kept fighting when the game was all but done, scoring at the death to get another TD on the board. Of course, when speaking about the Knights offense it’s hard to omit QB Spencer McDowell, and therein lies the issue for the Knights next weekend. Ejected in Q4 of a game in which he ran the ball twice into the endzone and threw a passing TD to WR Jordan Clinton, McDowell has ruled himself out for the first half of the survival game vs #7 Rhinos (1-6) this upcoming Sunday, a task that will certainly be more difficult without their starting signal-caller.

#2 UCD (6-1-1)² 28 – 28 #3 Cork Admirals (4-2-1)
UCD got involved in their second consecutive banger of a game, and while they didn’t quite get to see this one out for a win, the result means they did secure themselves home-field advantage for the playoff semi-final on July 24th. A slow game to start, the game was tied 6-6 at halftime. From there, both offenses turned it on, with a back and forth battle that saw the game tied late on. UCD almost sealed the game in the dying seconds, with the ball ending up as close as the Admirals’ 3 yard line, though the clock hit zero before they could get another play off. UCD finish the regular season scoring 28 or more points in each of their last 4 games, and should be seen as a favourite to at least be one of the 2 teams competing in Shamrock Bowl XXXIV.

Cork also played a great game, limiting the UCD offense to less points than the Rebels did this time last month, and putting the second-highest points scored this season on the UCD defense. QB Stephen Hayes balled out with another 4 passing TD performance, rocketing him up to 18 on the league leaderboard. Declan Maye came down with 2 receiving TDs, while Jahn Dasini had a great day on both sides of the ball, coming away witha  receiving TD and an interception on UCD QB Arun Mooney. While the Admrials performance from Saturday is certainly a positive, the tie here was nowhere near as helpful to them as it was to UCD. With a record of 4-2-1 heading into the final game of the year, they can still be caught by the #4 Panthers (4-3) and #5 Trojans (4-3), the latter being Cork’s opponents this coming Sunday. While another tie or a win at home vs Trojans will send Cork to the playoffs, a loss would mean the Admirals would be relying on the #1 Rebels (7-0) to see off the Panthers and complete their undefeated season.

#6 Craigavon Cowboys (2-6)³ 6 – 55 #4 South Dublin Panthers (4-3)
Not the way the Cowboys would have liked to end their season, the newest team to the Premier Division finished their year 2-6 with a lopsided loss to a Panthers team still looking for playoff football. QB Peter Loughran got the ‘Boys on the scoreboard with a touchdown pass to WR Miguel Heatherington, and Sean Slater forced a Panthers fumble on defense, but little else of note happened from the Cowboys camp. WR Christian Cowan took plenty of snaps at QB as Craigavon decided to see what they had on the field without starter Peter Loughran, which may serve as a preview for the future. Craigavon will certainly be glad they remained afloat in the Premier Division this season, though plenty of work will need to be done to avoid a similar 6-game losing streak happening in the future.

For the Panthers, last Sunday served as a get-back game, needing a refresh after their loss to the Trojans. They did just that, putting up 8 total touchdowns on offense, 3 coming through the air via QB Ian Cahill, 5 being punched in on the ground with the rushing offense. RB Ben Arulogun shone brightest Sunday, adding 3 of those 5 rushing TDs himself. On defense it was just as dominating of a performance, forcing 3 interceptions through Eoin Neville, Andrew Reddy and Mike Massari (who added his 3rd on the season). The Panthers next face an incredible task in the undefeated Rebels. The Panthers will need to at least match the Trojans result with the Admirals as both the South Dublin and the Belfast outfits are tied on record. An underdog win vs the Rebels will automatically secure playoff football for the Panthers, regardless of the Trojans result.


Shamrock Bowl XXXIV Ticket Information

American Football Ireland are excited to announce that tickets for Shamrock Bowl XXXIV will go on sale Wednesday July 6th from Midday. The first Shamrock Bowl to take place since August 6th 2019 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the event showcases the two best American football teams on the island of Ireland, and pits them against each other to crown the National Champions!

This year’s championship final will kickoff August 7th at 3pm. Shamrock Bowl XXXIV will take place at the world-facilities of Belfast’s Kingspan Stadium — the home of Ulster Rugby — marking the first time the game will be hosted in the city since Shamrock Bowl XXIII back in 2009!

AFI President Aidan Maguire had this to say on this year’s Shamrock Bowl:

“On behalf of the AFI Board of Management I am delighted to announce that the 2022 Shamrock Bowl will be held at Kingspan Stadium in Belfast on Sunday, August 7th. The home of Ulster Rugby is a world class venue and one of the premier stadiums in the country. Having our national championship final at such a prestigious venue is another step in the growth of AFI. I want to thank Paula Bradley and her colleagues for welcoming the sport of American Football into their Stadium, as it was truly humbling to receive such support. Shamrock Bowl XXIV promises to be a great event between the 2 best teams in the country and we look forward to bringing our marquee championship final to the beautiful and historic city of Belfast”.

Tickets, available from £4 are available on Ticketmaster. More details about the event, including the two teams competing in this year’s National Championship, are to follow.

Preview: AFI Gameweek 15

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

This July 4th Weekend celebrates the USA’s independence from 1776. With the close relationship between the US and Ireland, there will be many barbeques and events around the island that show our support to those we have connections with across the Atlantic — they family, friends, or teams coming over for the Aer Lingus College Football Classic on August 27th. Of course, we found the best way to celebrate the July 4th Weekend would be to put 3 games on offer over Saturday and Sunday, all involving the AFI Premier Division! Some teams are playing for home-field advantage, others for playoff spots, some for momentum heading into a relegation battle in Gameweek 16. What all teams have in common this week, though, is how badly each team needs a win this week. With so much to play for, how does this writer see it all go down? Well, let’s have a look.

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
³ = Eliminated from Playoffs


AFI Premier Division

#8 Belfast Knights (0-6)³ @ #5 Belfast Trojans (3-3) — Deramore Park, 2pm
2022’s Battle for Belfast seems a bit lopsided on paper. While both teams started in a subpar fashion at 0-3, and while the Knights have yet to win a game at 0-6, the Trojans have rescued their season while on their home stretch, now at 3-3 with very real chances at playoff football. The Knights will be involved in a lose-and-you’re-out relegation game with the #7 Rhinos next weekend (1-6)³ so can only gain momentum from this game this Saturday. A team that has not yet, to this point, gotten both the offense and defense rolling at the same time, the Knights this season have held opponents to under 20 points this season just twice, and while the offense has gotten going against tough opposition recently, the defense was outmatched (21-48, 21-41 losses). While the Knights have had some standout individual season this year — 3 TDs for WR Jordan Clinton and 3 INTs for DB Josh Harvey — having the #7-ranked Offense, QB and Defense makes the Knights the underdogs in most matchups in the Premier Division.

The Trojans, meanwhile, have soared up the rankings with their return home and the introduction of mascot Hector. The celebrated backfield of Jona Siri and Mo Ramadan have combined for 9 rushing TDs this season, which is more impressive considering both have had time off for injuries. DB Thomas Boyde has had an excellent latter half of the season too, climbing up to t-2nd on the Interception leaderboards. The success of the Trojans can also be tied to the protection of the ball by QB James McKelvey. While not lighting up the TD sheet, McKelvey has had drastically fewer turnovers in their home games (2) than the start of the season (5), and it has led to longer, scoring drives. With the way the offense has been rolling lately it’s hard to see the Knights defense come up with too many stops, and the defensive home record for the Trojans speaks for itself (13ppg conceded).

#2 UCD (6-1)¹ @ #3 Cork Admirals (4-2) — Old Christian’s RFC, 2pm
Certainly the highlight game of the weekend, UCD travel to Cork Saturday looking to make amends for their tight 34-30 loss to #1 Rebels (7-0)². The winner of this game puts themselves in fantastic shape for a home-field semi-final in the playoffs, while Cork are also competing to earn a playoff spot this weekend straight up. UCD come into this with an advantage over Cork, beating them 20-0 at home earlier in the season. UCD have been explosive all season, and despite the loss suffered 3 weeks ago they still are in a great position heading into the playoffs and are all over stat leaderboards. QB Arun Mooney has been scoring multiple TDs a game all season and is atop the passing TD chart (21), while the likes of WR Sean Douglas shares the top spot on the receiving TD leaderboard (7), while RB duo Sean McVeigh and Jack Finnegan have combined for 14 rushing TDs this season. While the #2 Offense gets some much deserved love, the #3 defense also boasts some incredible performers, with the likes of Larry Doyle (5 sacks) and Dan Verzuh (3 INTs and fumble recoveries, 1 TD) highlighting that group.

Of course, Cork are a different beast to when these 2 teams met up in April. Despite starting 0-2, Cork have still maintained the #2 defense in the division, while the offense has averaged 32.75ppg in that span. QB Stephen Hayes has been at the forefront of this revival, scoring 14 TDs through the air. A strong offensive line and consistent running game has kept passing lanes open for the likes of Jack Cronin (5 TDs) and Ryan Price (3) to get into and take the ball into the endzone. Defensively the Admirals have shown major improvements too, pitching 2 shutouts (save for a safety given up by the offense @ #4 Panthers) and conceding just 76 points on the season. Cork come into this game knowing that a win will secure playoff football, and that a win of more than 20 points against a UCD team that could be rattled leaves them in prime position to leapfrog UCD into the #2 seed in the final gameweek.


AFI Premier Division

#6 Craigavon Cowboys (2-5)³ @ #4 South Dublin Panthers (3-3) — King’s Hospital School, 2pm
The Cowboys travel to Palmerston to take on the Panthers in a game that only one team has an active stake for playoff contention. The Cowboys started the year 2-0 but their season completely fell off the tracks, losing their next 5 games in a collapse that led them to elimination from playoff contention last weekend. Suffering a 58-2 loss in their final home game of their first season back in the Premier Division will have likely destroyed any morale left in the Cowboys camp coming into this one, the one bright spot coming from a Scott Buchannon safety. While QB Peter Loughran currently ranks middle of the table in passing TDs among starting QBs, Loughran and the Cowboys as a whole have given up too many turnovers to compete in games against higher level teams. Making sure to limit those turnovers away from home against a Panthers team fighting for playoffs will give Craigavon the best chance of finishing the season on a high.

The Panthers, though, will be fighting hard for that playoff spot. With the undefeated Rebels around the corner, South Dublin will always fancy their chances but should understand their most realistic chance of making the playoffs lays at finishing 4-4 and hoping the Admirals beat the Trojans next weekend. Of course, to finish 4-4 or above, the Panthers need to get through the Cowboys, who, while having no stakes in this game in relation to the standings, will want to make sure their first year back in the top division doesn’t end with a six-game losing streak. QB Ian Cahill started strong for the South Dublin side but has been seldom seen on the passing TD stat sheet in the Easter break. While injuries have hurt them and the offensive output has suffered as a result, scoring 20 points against a Trojans defense at Deramore Park did help get their hopes back on track and they managed to maintain a H2H advantage for the playoffs — should *only* the Panthers and Trojans tie on record. DE Evan Allen has been fantastic for the latter half of the season on defense, getting up to share the higher spots on the sack leaderboard at 5 on the season. Players like Allen and Mike Massari (2 INTs) will help this defense keep the Cowboys out of the endzone enough for the Panthers offense to get on the board.

Quickfire Predictions
Knights 17 – 27 Trojans
UCD 24 – 27 Admirals
Cowboys 13 – 17 Panthers

Clinching Scenarios
UCD — Secure #2 seed and home-field advantage by avoiding 20 point-or-more loss @ Admirals
Cork Admirals — Secure playoff spot with Win vs UCD AND Trojans or Panthers loss

Review: AFI Gameweek 14

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

Gameweek 14 provided some massive scorelines, and some massive upsets. 3 divisions were represented across 4 games, home-field advantage was earned, and 2 of Ireland’s 3 undefeated seasons were put to rest. Just who earned themselves momentum swings heading into the playoffs, and whose stock may have dropped a tad? Let’s find out.

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division

#1 Dublin Rebels (7-0)² 58 – 2 #6 Craigavon Cowboys (2-5)³
An uncomfortable watch in Portadown saw the Rebels truly take over People’s Park en route to a statement 58-2 victory. QB Ty Henry was the expected standout for Dublin, carving out 3 passing (Greg Johnson x2, Dave King) and 3 rushing TDs all while not turning the ball over once. King made sure to come down with an INT on defense, but it was Cathal Keane who shone there, taking in 4 INTs from Cowboys QB Peter Loughran. A defensive performance that saw the Cowboys run game smothered, the Rebels rarely took their foot off the gas in this one. With home-field advantage AND the #1 seed now secured for the Rebels, their last game on July 10th could be approached in one of two ways — get some youth and depth pieces on the field to further their development and rest starters for the playoffs, or put a huge dent in local rivals #4 South Dublin Panthers’ playoff hopes and go for the 8-0 season.

Craigavon’s season, itself left with one game remaining, has gone completely wayward since the Easter break. Starting off 2-0 before losing 5 straight, the Cowboys were — at one point — considered a dark horse for the playoffs and perhaps the Shamrock Bowl. Now with playoff scenarios for them drawing dead, the Cowboys will need to sit down and figure out what went wrong for them on the field before coming into the  2023 season. An away trip to the Panthers this upcoming weekend (July 3rd) provides a chance to finish the season on a high note, though Craigavon should be wary of a team still fighting to play postseason football this summer.

AFI Division 1

#2 UL Vikings (5-2-1)² 26 – 6 #1 Westmeath Minotaurs (7-1)²
The first of two undefeated seasons to be lost this weekend, the Minotaurs had the opportunity to cement themselves as the team to beat in Division 1 with a win at home against a Vikings team they had already shutout in Limerick. Instead, the Vikings dominated the majority of the game, securing a home-field semi-final game on July 17th. The triple-option offense broke a typically unbreakable Westmeath defense, scoring more points Sunday than the Minotaurs had conceded all season. Responsible for each of the Vikings’ 4 TDs was RB Aidan Maher, taking one score to the house that saw him break 3 tackles before reaching the endzone. The defense certainly did their job too, swarming to Minotaurs QB Joe Kinahan and creating pressure whenever he dropped back to pass, resulting in seven sacks (including 5 from Jake Kelly) and an interception each from Adam Wixted and Evan Quigley. The Vikings, after this performance, will surely be favoured against whoever they face in the semi-finals, and perhaps the Bowl game too.

The Minotaurs, on the other hand, will have this game in the back of their minds for the rest of the season. Perhaps coming into this game overconfident, this weekend provided an eerily similar backstory to last (2019) season’s playoffs for the Westmeath outfit — a strong start to the season, bookended with a sizeable streak-breaking loss at the end of the regular season to a team that came in with more competitive fire. While the offense had some spurts that showed this is a team to back still (Kinahan and WR Jack Lynch connected for another touchdown), and the pass defense was still all over the ball with 2 inteceptions (CB Peter Dempsey, S Jason Owens), the Minotaurs must work over the next month to make sure the postseason does not end for them the same way that 2019 playoff run ended — an empty silverware cabinet.

AFI Division 2

#1 Louth Mavericks (6-1)¹ 7 – 25 #4 Causeway Giants (3-4*)
Another undefeated season gone, the Giants fired back from their recent heavy losses with a huge win over the #1 Mavericks. The Boorman brother connection was the highlight of the game Sunday, with Ruairi throwing 2 to Tiernan before swapping roles on a 3rd. The athletic duo went through the Mavericks defense, as did RB Matthew Clyde, who made sure not to be left of the stat sheet with a rushing TD of his own. The Giants pass rush was on its game too, collecting 4 sacks while shutting the Mavericks offense out. With a game against the #3 Razorbacks (3-3) remaining, the Giants go in with a great boost and potential to finish 4-4.

The Mavericks could not find what had worked for them all season in this one. The defense did come up with some highlights, and DB Brendan Simms came up with another impressive performance (1 sack, 1 forced fumble and recovery, 1 kick return TD), but it was not enough to inspire much on offense. With July 9th providing a preview to the Division 2 Bowl (Mavs host #2 Jets), the Mavericks have lost a bit of momentum at the wrong time. That game could make for an interesting watch in Dundalk.

#2 Antrim Jets (5-2)¹ 40 – 2 #5 North Dublin Pirates (0-7*)
Stock for the Jets keeps growing, with the Antrim side securing their place in the Division 2 bowl Sunday with another win. RB Declan Curran was the clear MVP with 5 rushing TDs, with QB Scot McLean connecting with Eoin Delargy to wrap up the scoring. An overwhelming performance from their offense carried over to their defense, with Antrim making sure they were all over the Pirates. 2 interceptions and 4 sacks from the pass rush unit were topped off with a fumble forced by Dean McNeill, recovered by Marc MacFadyen — both of whom were on the sack sheet. With the offense firing on all cylinders, and the defense not conceding in 4 games, the Jets have really built up a team to truly challenge the previously-thought untouchable Mavericks.

Credit must be given to the Pirates, in some respect. A year in which they entered with a smaller roster (even after them taking some Meath Bulldogs on loan), with an unfortunate recruitment campaign during the pandemic break, the Pirates have done their best and fought through the toughest year in the club’s history. 2022 has seen some clubs forfeit their entire seasons, and others have folded midway through the year. The Pirates, though their efforts on the field have resulted in positive points on the division standings, should be commended for trying to finish their season amid the chaos that surrounded the club in the last 2 years. Whispers of them forfeiting their final game linger, but credit to the North Dublin crowd who have done their best to play as much football as possible.

Review: AFI Gameweek 13

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

This past weekend provided plenty of interesting developments in both the Premier Division and Division 1. A loss from earlier in the season was avenged, a #1 seed was confirmed and the list of potential playoff scenarios was cut by a considerable amount. This weekend also saw the unfortunate forfeiture of Trinity’s season, which leaves them 4-4 on the season. This now means that the UL Vikings (who received a win for Sunday’s scheduled matchup), Donegal/Derry Vipers and Cill Dara Crusaders have qualified for the Division 1 playoffs . However, with one spot for home-field advantage still up for grabs in that division, along with 4 teams still eligible for the final 2 available Premier Division playoff spots, let’s see what kind of an impact Gameweek 13 left on the impending postseason!

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division

#4 South Dublin Panthers (3-3) 20 – 33 #5 Belfast Trojans (3-3)
Correcting their loss to the South Dublin side in Gameweek 3, the Trojans improved their post-Wolfhounds bye week form and home record to 3-0 Sunday. After a tight 14-13 first half, which included a 60+ yard TD for Panthers RB Ben Arulogun to open South Dublin’s scoring, the Trojans well and truly pulled away, going up 33-14 by midway through the 4th before the Panthers added on a score at the end. RBs Jona Siri and Mo Ramadan punched in 2 TDs apiece, while QB James McKelvey took one in on a QB sneak. Panthers QB Ian Cahill, trying to push his offense forward to keep up with the Trojans scoring, threw an interception by Trojans S Thomas Boyde, who picked up his 5th on the season.

The result makes things incredibly interesting in these final few Gameweeks. Though still currently below the Panthers on H2H points difference, should both teams and the #3 Admirals (4-2) finish on the same 4-4 record, Belfast could still get themselves in. This scenario requires Cork losing their game vs UCD and the Trojans beating Cork by 10 or more points. While there’s some very specific requirements for that, they could also get in straight up by record, by winning at least one more game and the Panthers losing out in games vs #6 Cowboys (2-4) and @ #1 Rebels (6-0). For the Panthers, winning both of those games is a must which will see them qualify for the playoffs.

#3 Cork Admirals (4-2) 44 – 0 #7 Dublin Rhinos (1-6)³
This one got out of hand quick. Knowing a win would keep them alive for potentially the #2 seed, Cork travelled to Castleknock and were relentless through to the final whistle. With another 5 TD performance, QB Stephen Hayes has thrusted himself into tied-2nd on the passing TD leaderboard following a static start to the season. On the end of those passes were WRs Jahn Dasini (who also had a punt return TD), Declan Maye (2), Jack Cronin and Ryan Price. 2 interceptions and sacks for the defense capped a shutout for the Cork outfit who could lose their remaining fixtures (vs #2 UCD and vs #5 Trojans) and still find a way into the playoffs pending other results. With playoff football around the corner, look for Cork to keep the heat up.

For the Rhinos it’s been a very difficult season to get through. Even including their lone 28-16 win over #6 Craigavon, the Rhinos offense has averaged less than a touchdown a game (5.71ppg), including 4 games with no points. Things have not appeared much better on defense, averaging 33.71ppg allowed on the season. With the final game of the season confirmed now to essentially be a Survival Bowl, the Rhinos will need to dig deep for a performance @ #8 Knights, a game they may very well go into as underdogs.

AFI Division 1

#4 Cill Dara Crusaders (3-4)¹ 7 – 34 #1 Westmeath Minotaurs (7-0)²
Trinity’s forfeit led this to be a moot point of a game, but with pride on the line against 2 rival teams, Westmeath came out after the final whistle with their undefeated streak in tact. Another 2 passing TD performance for QB Joe Kinahan, connecting with WR Jack Lynch (5 receiving TDs on the season) and TE Dermot Corroon. Kinahan added one on the ground with a QB sneak, while RB Andrew Paton earned his first rushing TD of the season. Westmeath’s defense put in another performance we’ve come to expect from Division 1’s #1 seed, swarming all over the run game and creating havoc in the pocket for step-in QB Robert Browne (with Jordan Farrell made unavailable for the game) through the likes of LB Steven Nally and DE Niall Corcoran. The pressure created 6 interceptions, including 3 from CB Peter Dempsey (6 on the year), and a pick 6 from S Jason Owens. The win leaves the Minotaurs a home win vs Vikings this weekend away from an undefeated regular season.

Cill Dara go to 3-4 on the season after a frustrating day which saw the odd chunk play negated by defensive stops or aforementioned turnovers. With a backup QB in the game, the Crusaders were always going to be fighting an uphill battle in Mullingar. A good early start saw Browne connect with WR Kealan Farrell on a 45 yard TD, but being unable to establish the run game with RB Luke Carey further added to Cill Dara’s problems. DE Craig Dooley picking up 2 sacks and Karl Bracken picking off Kinahan towards the end of the game added some highlights to an otherwise slow day at the office for Cill Dara. Their final game of the season (vs #3 Vipers, July 10th) will leave the loser travelling to the Minotaurs the following week. With neither team picking up great results against the Westmeath sides, both will be looking to fire on all cylinders in Newbridge.

Preview: AFI Gameweek 13

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

Happy Father’s Day Weekend, folks! With a scorcher of a weekend on the cards weather-wise, this gameweek has actually worked out to be a great card for American football across the island. 4 games take place this weekend, 2 apiece for Premier Division and Division 1, with everything from confirmation of a relegation battle to a #1 seed up for play. Will AFI Gameweek 13 be an unlucky 13 for any teams this week? Let’s try call the action ahead.

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
                   ² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
                   ³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division

#4 South Dublin Panthers (3-2) @ #5 Belfast Trojans (2-3) — Deramore Park, 2pm
What a turn of events for this one. The first of this 2-game series was played back in Gameweek 3, and the Panthers winning that one (let alone by a 42-13 scoreline) surprised a lot of people. The Panthers won their season opener and their next 2 games, while the Big T fell to 0-3 by May 1st. Since then the tables have truly turned: the Trojans, since returning to Deramore Park, have outscored their opponents 84-19, while the Panthers haven’t scored on offense in their last 2 games. Injuries and tougher opposition have contributed to that latter stat, and it’s a cloud the South Dublin side will look to rid themselves of this Sunday. With S Thomas Boyde lurking around the defensive backfield looking to add his 5th INT of the year, QB Ian Cahill — having thrown 7 INTs in the last 2 games — will need to take a lot better care of the ball against a team on fire right now.

A vital game when discussing potential tiebreakers for the #3 and #4 seeds in the playoffs. For a straight H2H advantage over the Panthers, the Trojans would need a 30-point victory, and while that may seem like a tall task on face value, they have won each of their home games this season by 30 or more (#6 Cowboys, #7 Rhinos). The Panthers aren’t that level of competition — they are currently in playoff positioning for a reason — and while this writer takes the Trojans to win, the Panthers should maintain their H2H points difference advantage over Belfast.

#3 Cork Admirals (3-2) @ #7 Dublin Rhinos (1-5)³ — Castleknock College, 2pm
To Dublin now where we see a team trying to avoid a relegation scrap at the end of the season hosting a rising Shamrock Bowl dark horse. The Rhinos defend their home-field for the final time this season, knowing a win will put them in great position to playing Premier Division football again next year. Dublin will be looking to the likes of Nico Marrimpoey, Gar O’Rourke and joint sack leader Samson Olusegun to keep the pressure on Cork QB Stephen Hayes, with the trio already having collected 13 sacks in 6 games this year. An aggressive pass rush has, unfortunately for the Castleknock-based outfit, not generated many turnovers and opportunities to get the offense on the field, only totaling 2 INTs so far this year. QB Ethan Foster and co. will be looking for a performance on offense akin to their 28-16 upset of the Cowboys, momentum from which they have since lost. Having scored just 12 points in the 5 games outside of that victory, the Rhinos will need to dig deep for another special game.

This one seems a lot more straightforward for the visiting Admirals. A win Sunday puts them in pretty good positioning for playoff football in July, giving Cork a 66.7% chance of qualifying this season without relying on results elsewhere. QB Stephen Hayes has been quickly shooting up the passing leaderboards, with Hayes and WR Jack Cronin building great chemistry as the year has progressed. Between the offense clicking more and more over the past few weeks and the defense and the defense not giving up more than 21 points in a single game this season, it’s hard to go with a result here that doesn’t go in Cork’s favour.

AFI Division 1

#4 Trinity (4-1*) @ #3 UL Vikings (3-2-1) — Maguire’s Field, 2pm
A difficult game to get a read on in this one, as we see a team who forfeited their last fixture travelling to a team who was shutout at home 2 weeks ago. This is the second in the UL/Trinity series this year, with Trinity grinding out a 6-0 win in Santry back in March. The Dublin Students will be eager to kick up the standard of that offensive performance, with QB Ben Dowling looking to improve on his 4 TD season. O’Dwyer brothers Conor and Rory will be key in the playmaking department for Trinity, consistently showing up as highlight performers on offense for years now. Consistent pressure on defense has been and likely will be the gameplan Sunday for Trinity, having so far schemed 6 players into at least 1 sack (including joint second in the sack list, James Cushing).

UL will likely use their option offense and designed QB runs to slow down the Trinity pass rush which should open up lanes to pass the ball, similar to how they attacked the Crusaders (#5, 2-3) defense in their 39-47 victory in Newbridge. A concern for the offense must be noted after failing to score at home when the #1 Minotaurs visited in Gameweek 11 though, and a gutsy performance from the Vikings offensive line will be needed to keep that Trinity pressure out of the way of QB Kieran Gilhool and create gaps for star RBs Eoin Rudkins and Sean Grace (3 TDs each). After a 3 sack game 2 weeks ago, sack leader DE Robert Browne will be itching for more this weekend against Dowling, though he will be competing in that department with fellow DL William Campbell. With 7 INTs on the season so far the defensive backfield has been all over tipped and rushed passes, so Vikings coaches will be looking for ways to create opportunities against a QB who has generally been very safe with the ball in his hands.

This writer will err on the side of caution and go with the home team looking to avenge their recent display on offense, as well as their loss earlier in the year. With better conditions this weekend, expect more points on the board.

#5 Cill Dara Crusaders (2-3) @ #1 Westmeath Minotaurs (5-0)¹ — Mullingar RFC, 2pm
Cill Dara come into this one knowing that an upset win Sunday is key to their playoff hopes, needing a win from either this game or @ Trinity (July 2nd) AND a victory over #2 Vipers in Derry at the end of the season to earn postseason football. QB Jordan Farrell has always been a gunslinger-type, especially this season (6 TDs: 9 INTs), but that ride-or-die style could actually be of benefit Sunday, with the Crusaders unable to play it too safe against an aggressive defense like Westmeath. RB Luke Carey (3 TDs) will also be sure to pop up in some key moments, having scored his first senior touchdown against the Minotaurs in their friendly series back in September. Craig Dooley has been the main bread-winner in the Cill Dara pass rush, tallying 4 sacks while also contributing in pressure that has led to the Crusaders’ 4 team INTs this season. Always ready for a tough game, Cill Dara will need all hands on deck for any chance of knocking off the #1 seed.

Which, on the flip side, could be locked up for Westmeath by Sunday’s end. The Minotaurs has taken a massive turn for the better near the end of the 2010s, going from leaky to water-tight over the space of 2 years, and have continued that trend this season. Much like the Dublin Rebels in the Premier Division, an understated pass rush has created more pressure than sacks, resulting in 5 INTs on defense (including 3 for division-leader CB Peter Dempsey) and no pass TDs allowed thus far. Add to that an offense picking up consistent yardage on the ground and through the air, and it makes for a difficult team to travel to. With the offense returning home for the first time since April 10th, expect a more performance by a more comfortable unit looking to put out a showing that asserts themselves as the team to beat moving into July’s postseason.

A win for Westmeath confirms home-field advantage in the playoffs, while their win and Trinity failing to beat UL would secure the #1 for the Minotaurs. Knowing what they could lock up this week, it’s hard not to back them here.

Quickfire Predictions
Panthers 17 – 27 Trojans
Admirals 24 – 8 Rhinos
Trinity 14 – 17 Vikings
Crusaders 6 – 24 Minotaurs

Clinching/Elimination Scenarios
AFI Premier Division
Rebels — secure home-field with Panthers Loss/Tie @ Trojans
UCD — secure home-field advantage with Admirals Loss/Tie @ Rhinos

AFI Division 1
Minotaurs — secure home-field advantage with Win vs Crusaders
secure #1 seed with Win vs Crusaders AND Trinity Loss/Tie @ Vikings

Make sure to keep an eye on our socials over the weekend so you can give your own predictions!

Review: AFI Gameweek 12

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

… everyone take a breath and calm down…

Gameweek 12 provided the smallest slate of games we’ve seen from a gameweek this season, but what a thrill ride it was. Between AFI Division 2’s Bowl game slots being all but filled, and the wild back and forth we witnessed in the game at the top of the Premier Division, a lot happened in last Sunday’s 2 games. How do they impact the rest of the season? Let’s have a look.

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
                   ² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
                   ³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division
#2 UCD (6-1)¹ 30 – 34 #1 Dublin Rebels (6-0)¹
Talk about game of the year. A surprising first half saw the Rebels take a 22 point lead at one stage, but a fantastic second half saw UCD slowly claw back that lead, making it a one-score game by midway through the fourth with the a strong rushing attack through QB Arun Mooney and RB Jack Finnegan, along with the UCD defense impressing by keeping the Rebels out of the endzone. The game had an ending fitting of the hype surrounding it: Mooney threw for his second TD on the day inside the 2 minute warning (his first to WR Sean Douglas, this one to WR Cian Lawlor), only for Rebels WR Dave King to come down with a clutch catch in traffic in the endzone on a deep ball from QB Ty Henry just seconds later.

Henry himself had 2 passing TDs (King, Cathal Keane) and contributed to 1 of 3 Rebels rushing TDs  — the others coming from King and RB Wello Omorodion. On defense, Kenny McCarthy had himself a day with a sack, a forced fumble and a recovery, while rising star CB Rex Harding came away with an INT. Not to be forgotten about, the UCD defense had some great individual performances on top of the effort that led to the almost-comeback, with Larry Doyle coming away with a sack and a safety and James Twomey totaling 2 sacks.

The #1 seed currently lies in the Rebels hands, but that could change between now and July 10th. UCD have a date @ #3 Admirals (3-2, July 2nd), where a win or less-than-20-point loss will still guarantee home-field playoffs. The Rebels travel to #6 Cowboys (2-4, June 26th) — who will be fighting for their playoff hopes — and host #4 Panthers (3-2) on the final day of the season.

AFI Division 2

#4 Causeway Giants (2-4*)³ 0 – 32 Antrim Jets (4-2)
From a tight, game of the year candidate to one that was in total control for one team. The Giants fell to the Jets 32-0 at the Forum, a result that sees the Causeway side fall out of playoff contention. With QB Nathan Chapman unable to get going on offense due to a relentless pass rush — Mark MacFadyen (3), Dean McNeill (2) and Kevin Montague combined for 6 sacks — opportunities were few and far between for the Giants, with Chapman eventually throwing an interception to Jets LB Ryan Beckett. As has been the case with the Giants this season, some incredible efforts were put in by the defense despite the scoreline: oft-praised defender Ross McKenzie had an absurd day, finishing with 2 blocked kicks, a forced fumble and an INT, while DL Francis D’Souza also shone bright, collecting 2 sacks and a forced fumble. The Giants season, at least in terms of playoff contention, may be over, but there is certainly a lot to be excited about when they compete in Division 2 in 2023.

For the Jets, it’s a result that sends the Antrim side even closer to the Division 2 bowl game. With 4 rushing TDs for the offense the Jets ground-and-pound approach proved very effective. QB Scot McLean ran one in himself but also added a score through the air, with Joey Howe on the end of it. The aforementioned pass rush swarmed all over the Giants O and never really relented, pitching their 3rd consecutive shutout. With their defense truly stepping up since their 20-16 loss to the Razorbacks and some fantastic offensive performances all season, the Jets have put themselves in great position to upset the #1 Mavericks (6-0)¹ in the last Gameweek of the season and, potentially, the Division 2 Bowl. A win in either of their remaining 2 games — @ #6 Pirates (0-6*)³ June 26th, @ Mavericks July 9th — OR a Razorbacks loss — vs Pirates July 3rd or @ Giants July 16th — will send the Jets soaring to the bowl game.

The end of the regular season is just around the corner, and with all the different scenarios for relegation and playoff qualification starting to shape up, the next few weeks of AFI football are set to be the hottest gameweeks yet! Check in later in the week for our preview of Gameweek 13, where 4 games across Premier Division and Division 1 can seal anything from a relegation head-to-head at the end of the season, to playoff qualification and even home-field advantage!

Preview: AFI Gameweek 12

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

After several consecutive weeks with 4-5 games taking place, Gameweek 12 provides a less-is-more approach: only 2 games take place this Sunday (a Pirates forfeit to Razorbacks in Division 2 brings the total down from 3), but both games are HUGE for their respective divisions. Division 2 has a win-to-keep-your-hopes-alive scenario for the Giants, Division 1 takes the week off, while the Premier Division will be showcased by perhaps the most anticipated game of this regular season. In fact, let’s start with that game!

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
                   ² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
                   ³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division

#1 UCD (6-0)¹ @ #2 Dublin Rebels (5-0)¹ — De La Salle RFC, Glenamuck, 2pm
Don’t even try saying you’re not excited for this one. Undefeated vs undefeated; #1 vs #2, the battle for the top of the table: this should be the game of the regular season. UCD winning this one would secure the #1 seed, as they would be 7-0, with one game remaining, and the head-to-head over the Rebels would leave the hosts finishing the season 7-1 as a moot point — although if the Rebels win they are in favourable position for that #1 seed too. UCD certainly have the talent to do it, with a — quite frankly — unfair RB duo in Sean McVeigh and Jack Finnegan who are, in case you forgot, rookies. A nasty offensive line and weapons galore in the passing game (including Sean Douglas and Cian Lawlor) has made QB Arun Mooney’s job about as easy as can be expected in the Premier Division. That’s not to take away from Mooney though, who has thrown 19 TDs through these first 6 games.

The Rebels have their own superstar QB in Ty Henry, who is tied for 2nd on the passing touchdown leaderboard while also taking in 2 himself through 5 games this year. Star WRs Greg Johnson and David King have torn it up so far this year with 5 TDs apiece, while rushing TD leader Wello Omorodion has been a problem for defenses for years now.

You’d almost predict a shootout in this one, until you realise that this game also boasts 2 of the most productive defenses seen in the Premier Division in quite some time. While the Rebels defensive line has not wowed in the sack department, they are underestimated because of their production in a stat that we cannot track: pressure, more specifically pressure resulting in turnovers. The Rebels have 16 INTs on the year, including a whopping 6 from CB Dylan Paisley, while they also have on their roster one of the best cover corners in Ireland under the age of 23 in Rex Harding. UCD, no strangers to impressive talent on defense, boast the likes of tied sack leader Larry Doyle (4), Calum Henry (3), Dan Verzuh (3 INTs, t-3rd) and rookie Eoghan McMahon (2).

So, prediction time… who knows? The matchups this Sunday is #1 offense vs #1 defense, and #2 offense vs #2 defense. It’s basically a coin flip for this writer, and in the same superstitious thinking that tails never fails, in situations like these it’s always difficult to side very slightly with the hosts. This feels like the type of game to be decided on the final possession, and it seems like football fans across Ireland can’t wait to see it unfold.

AFI Division 2

#4 Causeway Giants (2-3) @ #2 Antrim Jets (3-2) — Antrim Forum, 2pm
A must-win for the Giants, who need to win out and hope for a handful of results to go their way to sneak into the Division 2 bowl game. They will need a massive effort put in to regain the momentum needed for that run, especially after last week’s 39-0 loss to the #1 Mavs (6-0)¹. A loss eliminates the Causeway crew — who will be hoping for a return to action for Tiernan and Ruairi Boorman, the apparent X-factor players on that offense — from playoff contention. A quick bounce back from the Causeway Giants defense will be on the priority list for this Sunday too, with DL Ross McKenzie (4 sacks, t-2nd) likely being let loose to hunt down Scot McLean again after getting a sack on the Jets QB at Limepark 4 weeks ago.

A win for the Jets, meanwhile, would be a huge push towards the #2 seed into the Division 2 bowl. With the #3 Razorbacks now 3-3 due to the Pirates forfeit this weekend, a win Sunday would all but secure the #2 seed — for them to drop the place in the bowl, Antrim would need to lose out while the Razorbacks would need to win their remaining 2 games. QB Scot McLean has been the driving force behind Antrim’s push to the bowl, scoring 10 total TDs this year while leading Division 2 in both passing and rushing TDs. Inarguably the best QB in the division this season, his talents have been highlighted even more by the likes of Jay Burton and Eoin Delargy as his main pass-catching targets and a strong offensive line. Antrim are no slouches on defense either, ranking #2 in the division while dominating around the line of scrimmage and pressuring QBs with the likes of Curtis McLeish (4 sacks), Ryan Beckett and Robert Newman (both 3).

The Giants are the type of team that, when on their A game, can put a real test up against any opponent in this division. The Jets, however, have a lot stronger chances of making the bowl game, and their players know how important of a game this is for them. With them being 2-1 so far on the year at the Forum, they’ll also be keen to keep that home record above .500, so will be itching to make some plays to get them ahead early. With a defense that has really wrapped up tight since their opener (averaging 7.0ppg), it’s hard not to go with the Jets here.

Quickfire Predictions
UCD 23 – 24 Rebels
Giants 7 – 21 Jets

Playoff-Clinching Scenarios
AFI Premier Division
UCD — clinch home-field advantage and #1 seed with Win @ Rebels

AFI Division 2
Causeway Giants — eliminated from Bowl game contention with Loss @ Jets

Review: AFI Gameweek 11

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

Sunday’s 4 games across Ireland impacted the seasons of more than just the teams who competed. Playoff hopes were heightened or dashed altogether for a multitude of teams this past weekend as the sun slowly begins to set on the regular season and teams look towards playoff football. What went down, and who came out the better from each game? Let’s take a look.

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
                   ² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
                   ³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division

#7 Dublin Rhinos (1-5)³ 0 – 35 #5 Belfast Trojans (2-3)
Sunday, the Trojans continued to ride the surging wave of momentum they find themselves on with a 35-point blowout-shutout of the Rhinos. James McKelvey added another performance more reminiscent of his 2019 season than how this year started, throwing for 2TDs, one each to WRs Michael Ferris and Dominic Lynn — the latter taking over QB duties late in the game. RB John Haughey was a particular standout performer on offense Sunday, rustling his way through the Rhinos defense for most of the day, taking the ball into the endzone twice. Adam McElwee added a score on the ground himself late on. The gameplan that led to the shutout seemed very focused on creating havoc in the pocket, with the defense racking up 4 sacks, while DB Thomas Boyde came down with 2 INTs. The rough start has certainly woken up the Belfast side, as they are now 2-0 at home, outscoring their opponents 84-19 in that timeframe. With a shaken #4 Panthers (3-2) game on the horizon that has big H2H tiebreaker implications for playoff spots, the Trojans could be on the rise at the right time.

It wasn’t to be for the Rhinos, who fall to 1-5 and out of playoff competition with the loss in Belfast as they give up tiebreakers to the Trojans and to the Panthers and can only finish as high as 3-5. QB Ethan Foster was injured early in this one and, with an already depleted roster, it became an increasingly difficult task to get out of Belfast with a result. The defense got after it and tried to spark some life into their push for some points with some excellent individual performances. DE Samson Olusegun starred with a 3 sack, 2 forced fumbles day, kicking him up to 5 sacks on the year and up near the top of the sack leaders chart for Premier Division. On a day with a limited player pool and further injuries the Rhinos were decidedly beaten and pushed further into the relegation mix with the Knights.

#8 Belfast Knights (0-6)³ 21 – 41 #3 Cork Admirals (3-2)
A difficult season for the Knights became even more so on Sunday, suffering another large defeat despite putting a second-straight 21 point performance on the board. McDowell put in another good shift at QB for Belfast, throwing a score to WR Jordan Clinton while also taking in 2 TDs on the ground. A pick 6 by Admirals defender Owen Chandler evened McDowell’s passer rating out, though (at least on offense) the Knights should be happy with the improvement in their output over the course of the season. DB Josh Harvey came away with an INT from a Stephen Hayes pass but, other than that, it was a performance the Knights defense would like to forget. Many will look towards July 10th’s matchup with the Rhinos as a “win-an-you’re-in” type game with regards to Premier Division 2023, but a Knights loss to the Trojans and a Rhinos upset of the Admirals before that July 10th game would seal the Knights’ fate and relegate them to Division 1 next year.

Cork will look at Sunday a lot more positively, taking another step towards the playoffs while coming into their stride on offense down the stretch. A 5 TD performance from QB Stephen Hayes will reassert his position as a legitimate QB capable of bringing a Shamrock Bowl to Cork, while WR Jack Cronin added his 3rd and 4th receiving TD of the year on 2 of Hayes’ scores. A breakout day for Ryan Price included 2 receiving TDs of his own. The aforementioned pick 6 by Chandler was the highlight of the day for the Admirals defense, adding to sacks from Shane Hourihane and Reese Wynman + Aaron Hogan. The Admirals may need to take a second look at this game and figure out how they gave up 21 points, as they have tougher tests with the likes of #1 UCD (6-0)¹ in their future, as well as whoever they face away in their potential playoff game.

AFI Division 1

#1 Westmeath Minotaurs (5-0)¹ 16 – 0 #3 UL Vikings (3-2-1)
Westmeath kept their undefeated streak in Division 1 alive with a 16-0 win in UL. With the defense pitching another shutout the Minotaurs are comfortably sitting in the #1 seed, needing just 1 result to go their way to secure home-field in the playoffs. Fumble recoveries from LB Darren Sammon and DL Keith O’Grady regained possession for the Westmeath outfit in their own territory, while a field goal block and recovery by DB Jason Owens took away expected points on the board for the Vikings. On offense, QB Joe Kinahan threw his 4th and 5th passing TD on the year to WR Jack Lynch (who later left the game due to injury) and TE Conor Dougherty — who scored his first receiving score on the year. With #5 Crusaders (2-3) on June 19th and the Vikings visiting Mullingar RFC on June 26th, the Minotaurs seem to be in prime position to keep their winning ways in tact.

UL will be disappointed not to have come away with points on the board Sunday, let alone a win. With a defense that generated pressure all day against an oft-praised offensive line (Kinahan was sacked 6 times — 3 times each by Robert Brown and William Campbell), the Vikings D forced plenty of opportunities for the offense to capitalise. UL, unfortunately, could not capitilise on any of those opportunities, which included an INT at midfield by DB Adam Wixted off a tipped ball. A date with #4 Trinity (4-1*) on June 19th is next on the plate for the Vikings, which will prove vital for playoff seeding. Generating the same pressure on defense as they did last Sunday while creating more explosive plays on offense could make for a more positive result for UL.

AFI Division 2

#4 Causeway Giants (2-3*) 0 – 39 #1 Louth Mavericks (6-0)¹
It was much the same from the Mavericks Sunday, taking another step towards an undefeated season of their own and towards the Division 2 Bowl game. RB Brendan Simms had yet another 4 TD game, firmly taking hold of the top of the rushing TD leaderboard — in case that wasn’t enough, he also grabbed another INT in an outstanding individual game. RB Dan Finley was injured in this one, but made sure to score a TD and a sack on defense of his own before that. QB Nathan Hearty threw for his 2nd TD of the season, with Declan Mulvihill grabbing it and taking it to the endzone. On defense, LB Stephen Traynor took charge with an INT and 1.5 sacks, the .5 coming on an effort with DL Donal Drew, while Liam McNally took down the Giants QB twice. With their date in the final secure, the Mavs will now look to push forward with their quest for an undefeated season, with the return fixture @ Giants (June 26th) and vs #2 Jets (3-2, July 9th) the 2 remaining games in front of them.

Not the result the Giants will have been hoping for in this one, though without the Boorman brothers in their offense for this game the cards were stacked against them from the beginning. Michael McCafferty will certainly have a few more eyes on him from his own sideline as well as opposing coaches in the games to come, as he will likely see even more game reps after blocking 2 XPs Sunday. Apart from McCafferty’s display there was little to be excited about on the Causeway sideline last weekend, with this result potentially locking them out of the bowl game due to their Gameweek 1 forfeit and their current H2H record against the Jets and #3 Razorbacks (2-3). With games against both those teams there is Bowl game hope remaining, though a loss at home on the 26th to the Mavericks will likely be the nail on the head.

Keep an eye out for our Gameweek 12 Review later this week. A short slate takes places this weekend, but includes perhaps the biggest matchup we’ve had this regular season!

Preview: AFI Gameweek 11

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

School may be out for summer, but the 2022 AFI Kitted Season is still in full swing, with teams across the country throttling forward towards playoff qualification or punching the gas as hard as possible in attempts to avoid relegation battles. Gameweek 11 provides 4 games across Ireland’s 3 divisions, all with increasingly pressing playoff and demotion implications that teams will either look back on as clutch performances or missed opportunities. What teams are happening this weekend? And who is impacted from this Sunday’s action?? Let’s take a look

* Note: Trinity @ Donegal / Derry Vipers was due to take place this weekend, though we have been informed Trinity have forfeited this fixture. Vipers therefore earn the tiebreaker over the Students should it be needed at the end of the regular season.

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
 ³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division

#7 Dublin Rhinos (1-4) @ #6 Belfast Trojans (1-3) — Derramore Park, Belfast, 2pm
Fresh off a massively impressive (and important) home-debut win vs #5 Cowboys (2-4) last Sunday, the Trojans come into this one with new life. The goal coming into the season was to defend their National Championship and, while that chances of hitting that target were/are still under threat, the Trojans seem to have found the right formula to getting back on that path. The only knock from the game that could carry forward is a still-somewhat-leaky defense (allowed 3 TDs), though when an offense can carry the game like it did vs Craigavon (49 points scored) that can be forgiven, especially when this week’s opponents provide a lot less prolific of an offense (8ppg).

The Rhinos desperately need a win in Belfast, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Still sitting in a relegation triple threat, the Rhinos could nearly clinch survival with an upset here. While they were outmatched in their most recent fixture with #1 UCD (6-0)¹, they showed in their 28-16 win over the Cowboys that they can pull some — pardon the irony — Trojan performances out of the bag. QB Ethan Foster has offered a dual-threat in previous games this season too, which can always provide an unpredictable element to a game. While the Trojans carry so much more momentum and will (arguably, should) be favoured here, this writer is not entirely ruling out being caught out twice in one season by the same team.

#8 Belfast Knights (0-5) @ #4 Cork Admirals (2-2) — Old Christians RFC, Cork, 2pm
The Knights are in a tough spot here. Perhaps the one team in the whole of Ireland most in need of a win this weekend, the black and gold make the cross-country travel down to an on-fire Admirals squad. The Knights welcomed back the likes of WR/K Marty Caskey and other returning faces that will make a massive impact on their offensive output, hoping to churn out more performances like their 3TD game vs the #1-ranked Rebels defense 2 weeks ago. What they will need to have rectified by Sunday is their defense, who gave up 48 points in that game, as Cork have scored 20+ points in each of their last 2 games. Similar to their Dublin-based relegation battle counterparts, the Knights are the underdog in most people’s eyes but, also like the Rhinos, could pull of the upset. A loss here turns their matchup with the Rhinos on July 10th into the Premier Division survival bowl.

The Admirals host just their second home game of the year and will be looking for a better result than that game’s 20-0 loss (Rebels). QB Stephen Hayes and his men seem to have found a rhythm on offense which should make them a more viable threat as we head towards the playoffs. Already a strong contender due to their defensive displays, an efficient offense could make this team a Shamrock Bowl contender, especially by the time mid-July rolls around. Cork will need to be sure to not let the Knights into this game and strengthen their own grip on a playoff position. Like that playoff position, though, a win Sunday is far from guaranteed.

AFI Division 1

#1 Westmeath Minotaurs (4-0) @ #2 UL Vikings (3-1-1) — Maguire’s Field, Limerick, 2pm
A battle at the top of a division thrown into disarray after Trinity’s surprising forfeit of this Sunday’s fixture with the Vipers at City of Derry RFC. The forfeit sees the Vikings jump to the #2 seed with a points difference tiebreaker over the #3 Vipers. RB duo Eoin Rudkins and Sean Grace will be out for scores this Sunday, each scoring 3TDs on the ground this year, while on defense, the Vikings will be drawing up pressure in the pocket with the likes of Rob Browne, who has a 3-sack season thus far. That defense has only given up 1 touchdown per game at Maguire’s field this season, so the Vikings know what it takes to defend home turf.

The Minotaurs come into this one after taking a 24-7 win home from their trip north to Donegal / Derry last Sunday. The Kinahan-Lynch connection has scored 3 times in their first 2 played games (Minotaurs have 2 forfeit wins from the now-folded Wexford Eagles), and the offense has a whole seemed largely improved from their season opener. Maintaining an impressive streak was their defense, who have only given up one touchdown this season. The Minotaurs likely trek to Limerick as favourites, and will secure playoff positioning with a win Sunday, as well as being a win and a half ahead of the competition for home-field advantage in the playoffs. A loss in Limerick for the Westmeath side would truly kick the division wide-open.

AFI Division 2

#4 Causeway Giants (2-2) @ #1 Louth Mavericks (5-0) — Dundalk RFC, 2pm
Another win-and-you’re-in situation, this time for the undefeated Division 2-leading Louth Mavericks. Starting the year 5-0, the Mavericks have shown they are the team to beat in Division 2, averaging 29.2ppg on offense while conceding just 6.8ppg. They are having a lot of fun on offense clearly, having so far logged 5 individual touchdown scorers, while the defense has been hunting for the ball all season, coming away with 9 takeaways. It seems inevitable that Louth will qualify for the Division 2 bowl game (July 31st), it’s just a case of when they qualify. Could it be this Sunday? Perhaps, but the Giants have a case of their own.

Sat in the #4 seed at the moment due to a point deduction from their season-opening forfeit, the Giants are aching for a win here to keep them alive in the race for the #2 seed into the bowl game. The Boorman brothers on offense seemed to have gotten things moving on offense until the shutout by #2 Jets, so will likely be coming out swinging against an even bigger opponent. DL Ross McKenzie has been bossing his way through offensive lines all season for the Giants and has inspired his team around him, having so far accounted for 4 sacks, a forced fumble, a recovery and a safety — most chances of stopping the explosive Louth offense run through him. A win away from home against a team like the Mavericks seems unlikely, but more surprising results have occurred this season…

Quickfire Predictions
Rhinos 14 – 27 Trojans
Knights 13 – 19 Admirals
Minotaurs 23 – 10 Vikings
Giants 8 – 16 Mavericks

Playoff Scenarios
AFI Premier Division
— Secure home-field advantage with Admirals Loss OR Tie vs Knights
Belfast Knights — Eliminated from playoff contention with Loss @ Admirals.

AFI Division 1
Westmeath Minotaurs — Secure playoff berth with Win @ Vikings

AFI Division 2
Louth Mavericks — Secure bowl game berth with Win vs Giants

Review: AFI Gameweek 10

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

4 games took place Sunday past for AFI Gameweek 10, and with more than 200 points scored, home debuts and playoff positions being fought for, there were plenty of fireworks on display! Now that the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled from Sunday’s action, let’s take a look back at how it all unfolded, and how that leaves both the Premier Division and Division 1, with Division 2 taking the week off.

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
                   ² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
                   ³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division

#1 UCD (6-0)¹ 44 – 6 #3 South Dublin Panthers (3-2)
Not a good run of form at all for the Panthers from the last few weeks, failing to defend home turf and being blown out by the current #1 seed. The offense was also shutout for the 2nd straight game (while QB Ian Cahill threw for his 11th INT on the season), with the Panthers relying on the defense again to prevent the dreaded goose egg on the scoreboard — this time DB Andrew Reddy picking off UCD QB Arun Mooney and housing it. Having started the year hot, South Dublin has actually cooled off as we roll into the summer months, being outscored 25-68 since the Easter break and going 1-2 in that timeframe. Taking that run of form into a playoff push is far from ideal, but their schedule could also prove a huge challenge: an apparently re-energized Trojans team looking to avenge their loss from earlier in the season, a desperate Cowboys side and the undefeated Rebels are all still yet to play the Panthers in the next 6 weeks.

It was business as usual for UCD, meanwhile. Mooney had his second 5TD performance this season, taking his tally up to 20. RB Sean McVeigh had himself another great day with another 2TD day on the ground, while on defense it was the near-faultless unit performance we’ve come to expect from UCD — Larry Doyle stood out with a sack and a recovery of a loose ball, while Brian Broderick and Finn Moloney split Cahill’s INTs one apiece to bring the Students’ insane takeaway tally to 15 in 6 games. UCD aren’t quite locked into a home semi-final in the playoffs, but an Admirals loss OR tie to the Knights on June 5th would secure a playoff game in Belfield.

#5 Craigavon Cowboys (2-4) 19 – 49 #6 Belfast Trojans (1-3)
Hector will be happy with this one! Kicking off their first home game of the season, the Trojans gave their season the shot in the arm it needed as they overcame Craigavon by 30 points. A massive result for Belfast coming at a vital point in the season, as a loss here would have all but ended their playoff hopes. RB John Haughey got on the scoring charts with a rushing TD, and Sunday acted as a big bounce-back game for McKelvey under center too, throwing for 3TDs (TE Gil David, WRs Ryan Brolly and Dominic Lynn) to 1 INT, his experience in this division guiding his offense through an Craigavon defense still adjusting to the skill level after their promotion from the previous 2019 season. The clear star from the day, though, was RB Jona Siri, hammering in 2TDs on the ground while also housing a kick return for more than 80 yards, a true momentum multiplier for the Trojans. The defense tightened up after a fair amount of criticism from around the league too, allowing the fewest points they’ve given up in games so far this season and coming away with an interception (Thomas Boyde). With a more forgiving back half of a schedule coming up, the Trojans are still in contention for a playoff spot despite being 1-3. It would be a heroic recovery on their season if it happened, but it is still possible all the same.

For the Cowboys, on the other hand, hope is dwindling. A strong start to the year has seen them go 0-4 since the start of April, conceding nearly 36ppg and scoring just 9ppg in that time frame. QB Peter Loughran did fare much better than his outing from Gameweek 9, matching McKelvey’s 3:1 TD:INT ratio — WR Eoin Hughes with 1, WR Luis Alberto with another 2 on his year. Jason Haire came down with the interception on the Trojans QB, but apart from that it was another disappointing day on defense for the Craigavon unit. With 2 tough games on the Cowboys schedule to go — vs #2 Rebels (5-0) and #3 Panthers (3-2) — there are still permutations for the rest of the season that can see Craigavon go back down to Division 1. They are shielded by the fact that some of those potential outcomes require specific results to happen, and are likely safe, although the Cowboys will certainly be pushing for another win out of their last 2 to not end the season on a 6-game losing streak.

AFI Division 1

#2 Trinity (4-0) 39 – 13 #5 Cill Dara Crusaders (2-3)
Trinity kept their undefeated season in tact Sunday, taking over Newbridge College on route to a 26-point victory over the Crusaders. The Dowling-O’Dwyer connection has proved a solid formula for success in the passing game for Trinity, with the pair scoring 2TDs through the air. It was RB Brandon Atwell amounting for most of the scoring though, slicing through the Crusaders defense for 3 rushing TDs, and a pick 6 on defense. Speaking of the defense, Trinity pressured Cill Dara QB Jordan Farrell all day, totaling 4 sacks on the day and forcing 3 total INTs (Atwell’s pick 6 and 2 picks from Liam Fahy). James Cushing, after a 2 sack performance last weekend, now has 4 on the season so far. Trinity look well on their way to a playoff appearance, which could be locked up as early as this upcoming Sunday with a win or a tie @ #4 Vipers (2-3-1).

For the Crusaders it continues to be a disappointing year on defense. Taking away 2 forfeit wins due to the Wexford Eagles folding, Cill Dara’s defense has conceded 38.7ppg, the highest average in the country. On offense they have shown the ability to score (see their 39-47 shootout with UL), but have also shown to be loose with their ball security — QB Jordan Farrell has already thrown 10 INTs this year. Jordan did connect with brother Kealan for a TD Sunday, and RB Luke Carey has shown to be a good addition to the Crusaders running game, adding a score on the ground (his 3rd on the year). The oft-aggressive Cill Dara defense did force mistakes on Dowling and gave their offense chances. Kyle Dooley came down with an interception, veteran Thomas Brocklebank scooped up a fumble, while Nathan Purcell had himself a day on defense by coming down with one of each. Cill Dara, with #1 Minotaurs (4-0) and Trinity again in the future, may need to rely on other results before their final day showdown with the #4 Vipers in order to make the playoffs.

#1 Westmeath Minotaurs (4-0) 24 – 7 Donegal / Derry Vipers (2-3-1)
After a 13-0 away loss in early April and with playoff hopes slowly fading, the Vipers failed to defend the Viper Pit at City of Derry RFC from the travelling Minotaurs. With Mike Naulty out through injury from the Vipers tie with the Vikings 2 weeks ago, Danny Mullan stepped under center and played a mostly clean game until an interception late in the game (WM CB Peter Dempsey). RB Pete Farrell punched his 3rd TD on the year, while on defense LB Charlie Carlin continued to shine, recovering a fumble to add to his forced fumble and 2 INTs from earlier in the season. A playoff appearance in the Vipers’ immediate future is still possible, though must get wins against #2 Trinity (home, June 5th) and #5 Cill Dara (away, July 10th) to secure a spot.

On the opposite sideline, the Minotaurs all but booked a date in the playoffs. The usually strong defensive performance was on show Sunday, with the defensive backfield closing down throwing lanes for Mullan before forcing the game-sealing interception by Dempsey, who makes it 3 INTs on the year. On offense, QB Joe Kinahan and WR Jack Lynch twice connected for touchdowns, Kinahan himself running in for the Westmeath outfit’s 3rd touchdown, while K Jay Bruton added a FG on top of the point afters to wrap up the scoring for the Minotaurs. After sputtering into the season in their 13-point opening performance, the Westmeath offense seems to have found its groove again. A win or tie @ #3 UL (3-1-1) OR a Vipers loss vs Trinity will secure playoff positioning for the Minotaurs, who will still have 3 games to play after Gameweek 11.

Preview: AFI Gameweek 10

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

Gameweek 10 has arrived, and we celebrate that milestone on the season with a cracker of a slate this weekend! 5 games take place around Ireland over Saturday and Sunday, including 2 each in Premier Division and Division 1, as well as a visit from the second team from the USA to play a game on Irish soil in 2022!

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
               ² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
               ³ = Eliminated from Playoffs


Centre College Colonels @ UL Vikings — Maguire’s Field, Limerick, 2pm
The Colonels are no stranger to a transatlantic flight for a friendly game, having played the Dublin Rebels back in 2014. They return to Ireland 8 years later, this time travelling to Limerick to take on UL for an end-of-semester celebration of the sport on campus. The Colonels compete in NCAA Division III Southern Athletic Association, going 8-2 in 2021. Quarterbacked by senior Trentin Dupper, the school record-tying QB for Total TDs in a season, Centre College are as excited to visit Ireland and spread the gospel of football as they were 8 years ago. For sharing culture, experiences and some football knowledge, this will be a great learning experience for both games. Focusing more on the domestic implications of this game, UL will certainly try to soak up coaching points as they can as they look towards the end of their regular season (including hosting #2 Minotaurs next weekend) and to the playoff picture.


AFI Premier Division

#2 UCD (5-0)¹ @ #3 South Dublin Panthers (3-1) — King’s Hospital School, Palmerston, 2pm
A battle between #2 and #3 as we head down the latter stretch in the Premier Division, as the Students take the short trip to Palmerston looking to extend their winning streak. QB Arun Mooney has been the fast-rising star so far this year, although the entire offensive unit has put in incredible efforts to push UCD’s offense over the top. A quick-hitting run game bolstered by 3 of the best backs in the league, on top of a quick WR corps and a top tier QB in Ireland is a recipe for major success, and a big reason as to why they have been as dominant as they have been. The other reason? A heat-seeking, ball-hawking defensive unit that has forced 12 turnovers in 5 games. The production the Students have put forth on both sides of the ball this season has been nothing short of an A+, and all signs towards them carrying that with them into and through the playoffs.

The Panthers, meanwhile, will be itching to defend their home turf after an embarrassing 2-24 loss to the #4 Admirals 2 weeks ago. With little time to make adjustments for this one, the Panthers will need everyone back at 100% for what will be their toughest test to date. The likes of QB Ian Cahill, who blasted on to the scene early on, getting back to full form will be instrumental in breaking down a tough defense, while the defense will be looking to exceed expectations like they did in their 42-13 win over the Trojans to start their season. Limiting turnovers on offense and playing disciplined on defense will keep the Panthers on the ball for as long as possible — against a team that can score as well as UCD have, that may prove vital to their success.

#5 Craigavon Cowboys (2-3) @ #7 Belfast Trojans (0-3) — Deramore Park, Belfast, 2pm
Talk about a season that has gone off-script for both teams. We’ll start with the Cowboys who, after coming up from Division 1, many expected to maybe start slow and build from there, started 2-0 before beginning the 0-3 slump they find themselves in. A tough, competitive loss to the Admirals saw a good overall performance, but an unusually turnover-heavy performance from QB Peter Loughran limited the Cowboys chances. If there was ever a game for Loughran and the Cowboys to bounce back and provide an upset, this Sunday is it. A win here keeps the Cowboys in position to slip into the playoffs — a loss in Belfast likely puts an end to their season, with games vs Rebels and @ Panthers to come. 

The Trojans have also started their season unconventionally, especially for a defending National Champion. Going close against UCD in the opener, the true shock came in their blowout loss to the Panthers at the end of March, before a further big loss to the Rebels really narrowed their chances of defending the title. Perhaps it was the level of competition, or perhaps it was down to the travel, as Sunday marks just the Trojans first home game of the season. The likes of Jona Siri will be relied upon in the backfield to carry the rock against a tough Cowboys defensive line, while the defensive unit will use their inaugural home game of the season, along with the prospects of a playoff-less season for the Belfast team, as motivation to improve upon performances from earlier in the year. For what’s on the line, this could be a fantastic game.

AFI Division 1

#3 Trinity (3-0) @ #5 Cill Dara Crusaders (2-2) — Newbridge College, 2pm
Both teams will be eager to get back on track in this one, as both have gone without a game since April 10th. Trinity have gone undefeated to this point, with an especially strong defense not having conceded points in their 3 games played. Numerous players on that unit standout, but nobody has gotten himself on the stat sheet as consistently as Adam Byrne, having picked up an INT, a fumble recovery and a sack thus far. On offense, it’s the Trinity names you likely know, with O’Dwyer brothers Conor and Rory leading the charge with QB Ben Dowling. Trinity, providing they maintain numbers now that the university is off for the summer, look set to continue their push to the playoffs and the Division 1 bowl, though they could fall trap to Cill Dara if they cannot stay disciplined. 

Speaking of the Crusaders, we last saw them back in early April in the 39-47 shootout with UL. QB Jordan Farrell threw for 4 TDs in that game (5 on the year), and will be full of confidence coming into this one, as will RB Luke Carey who has scored in each of his games so far this season. A veteran defense, led by Dooley brothers Kyle and Craig (combining for 4 sacks), will have recognised how each of those 47 points were given up, and will likely come into Sunday’s game as prepared as they’ve been for a game this season. While many will favour Trinity, and perhaps should, Cill Dara pulling off the upset here should absolutely not be ruled out. 

#2 Westmeath Minotaurs (3-0) @ #4 Donegal / Derry Vipers (2-2-1) — City of Derry RFC, 2pm
Needing to pull off all the stops to get a much-needed win Sunday, the Vipers invite the Minotaurs into the Pit in the return of the 13-0 victory for the visitors. The Vipers have since played a game (a 10-10 with #1 UL), though picked up some injuries along the way, namely QB Mike Naulty. Despite this setback, the Vipers will turn to their strong defense and players like LB Darren Quinn and DB Charlie Carlin to make plays and limit the Minotaurs time on the ball, and while the likes of RB Pete Farrell will be eager to punch his way into the endzone as he has done twice this season, not being able to project a passing game due to Naulty’s injury from 2 weeks ago creates some issues from a predictions standpoint.

On the Minotaurs, they are in an unusual position. While most teams in Ireland are around the halfway mark in their season (some having past that mark already), the Westmeath outfit have only actually played one competitive game after the folding of the Wexford Eagles. Starting the season with a subpar offensive output against the Vipers in April (and before that in their 14-8 upset of the Philadelphia Blue Flame in March), QB Joe Kinahan will be hoping the last 7 weeks of fine-tuning will have paid off so he, WR Jack Lynch and the receiving corps can get on the board more often. On defense, they will be looking to keep pace with Trinity in the shutout department, having held the Vipers to 0 points in their opener while forcing 4 INTs. 

Quickfire Predictions
Colonels 48 – 14 Vikings
UCD 24 – 16 Panthers
Cowboys 21 – 23 Trojans
Trinity 18 – 14 Crusaders
Minotaurs 20 – 7 Vipers

Playoff-Clinching Scenarios
Premier Division
Belfast Knights — Eliminated from playoff contention with Cowboys win.

Division 1
No clinching scenarios in Gameweek 10.

Review: AFI Gameweek 9

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

Gameweek 9 is behind us, and with the 5 games tipping Sunday’s point total over 200, there was certainly plenty of scoring to talk about. Not only that, but playoff appearances this year for plenty of teams were secured, strengthened, casted with doubt or ruined altogether with results from last weekend’s action impacting plenty of teams around the country. Let’s see what went down, and how that impacts the rest of the season in Premier Division and Division 2 (no games occurred in Division 1).

Record: ¹ = Secured Playoff Appearance
               ² = Secured Home-Field Advantage
               ³ = Eliminated from Playoffs

AFI Premier Division

#2 UCD (5-0)¹ 37 – 6 #6 Dublin Rhinos (1-4)
UCD put forth another great performance en route to guaranteeing themselves a playoff berth this postseason. The pass game with QB Arun Mooney took a back seat to an incredibly strong run game as RB duo Jack Finnegan and Sean McVeigh punched in 2 scores each on the ground — although it should also be noted that the passing touchdown leader still added 2 to his season tally (Cian Lawlor and Darragh Mooney being on the end of them). On defense, the dominance continued, with the pass rush taking down Foster for 5 sacks (LB Larry Doyle claiming 2 himself). Perhaps scarier, UCD held Foster to as many incompletions as interceptions on the day (2), with defenders Thomas Fitz and Brian Broderick each picking off the Rhinos QB.

Speaking of the Rhinos, spirits have perhaps crashed back down to earth after their upset win over the Cowboys at the start of May. Some flash plays here and there fail to make up for a loss this size, though it must be stated that their keeping of UCD to 12 points in the first half is something they can work off going into their final 3 games. RB Craig Usher ran in for Rhinos touchdown, only their 6th on the season. The Rhinos will need a big push on offense for their last 3 games, and with games against the Trojans and Admirals coming up, they need to find ways to score quick or they may find themselves in a Premier survival bowl against the Knights come the final day of the season. 

#8 Belfast Knights (0-5) 21 – 48 #1 Dublin Rebels (5-0)
Another big day for the Rebels offense saw them sweep a more competitive Knights team than what we saw in this matchup a month ago. Oddly enough, despite them being seeded higher than UCD, the Rebels have not mathematically secured a playoff position just yet due to the result in Craigavon, though they are all but written in. What will help their case is performances like this past Sunday’s, most notably by star RB Wello Omorodion, who ran through the Knights defense for 4 TDs. QB Ty Henry made sure to welcome WR Greg Johnson back from injury with 2 passing TDs going his way, while WR Dave King added one on the ground himself. DBs Rex Harding and Dylan Paisley each came up with INTs (Paisley now has 5 on the year), minimising the amount of time the Knights had on the ball. With a bit of rest before their clash at the top at home vs UCD on June 5th, the Rebels may well be favoured to take run with the #1 seed into the playoffs.

The Knights, meanwhile, should be happy with how most of the game went. Keeping the score close at 21-26 until turnovers and the strength of the Rebels offense got the better of them in the 2nd half, McDowell and his offense had a well enough day themselves, scoring more points on the Rebels defense than had been scored on them all season long to that point. McDowell threw 3 TDs (one each to WR/TE Marty Caskey, WRs Jordan Clinton and Matt Williamson), all while being kept upright for most of the game by an especially strong offensive line performance. Defensively the Knights were not as strong as one needs to be to keep the Rebels at bay for a full four quarters, though individual efforts by the likes of Robbie Alexander (2 forced fumbles) will be appreciated moving forward into their last 3 games of the season. The Knights need at least 1 win to survive relegation, facing an upward battle with #4 Admirals (2-2) away, #7 Trojans (0-3) away and — on the final day of the regular season — #6 Rhinos (1-4) at home. 

#5 Craigavon Cowboys (2-3) 13 – 22 #4 Cork Admirals (2-2)
After silencing the Panthers in Gameweek 8 for their first win on the season, Cork bumped their win streak to 2-in-a-row after the long trip up to Craigavon. QB Stephen Hayes and co. have certainly turned it up a notch in recent weeks, throwing for 3 touchdowns on Sunday (Kit O’Keefe with the first, WR Jack Cronin with the second and the game-winner). The story on the other side of the ball was how the Cork defense got into the head of Cowboys QB Peter Loughran, with the Admirals finishing Sunday with 2 sacks and 4 interceptions on the Craigavon signal-caller. The Admirals are certainly performing like a playoff team at this stage in the season. With the defense proving they could limit the likes of UCD and the Rebels, and the offense having come on leaps and bounds since those games, the former National Champions could be a dark horse to get to (and even win) this year’s Shamrock Bowl.

Craigavon, meanwhile, could be hitting the panic button. Starting the year 2-0 after Division 1 promotion from 2019, the Cowboys have since gone 0-3, losing to UCD, the Rhinos in a massive upset, and now Cork. WR Odhran O’Kane was the man for scores Sunday for the Cowboys, catching Loughran’s lone touchdown pass, while also returning a kick to the house before halftime to keep the deficit — before Cronin’s second-half touchdown — to 1 point. DB Anton Nulty grabbed another interception on the year, but defensively the Cowboys will need to improve for sure. With their closing stretch being the Rebels at home and the #3 Panthers (3-1) away, next weekend’s battle with the Trojans may be their best chance to earn a playoff berth. 

AFI Division 2

#3 NI Razorbacks (2-3) 8 – 13 #1 Louth Mavericks (5-0)
Perhaps a tighter game than many expected, Louth kept their undefeated streak in tact and secured their series tie-breaker over the Razorbacks. The Louth defense, which has been strong in Division 2 all season long, swarmed Razorbacks QB Mark Thompson and consistently created pressure in the pass and run game, resulting in 6 takeaways, including 2 INTs from veteran Dec Mulvihill. A slower day on offense, QB Nathan Hearty and RB Dan Finley still punched in a score each to make sure Louth took another win home. 

The Razorbacks fell short of the upset Sunday but played a close game. An aggressive defensive showing paid off, only allowing 2 scores to Division 2’s most prolific offense, while also adding a safety of their own through DL Dee Lorimor and sacks through DL Corey Adair and Elliott Lloyd. Thompson did have the aforementioned 4 INT day, which certainly didn’t help matters, but a strong, growing connection with TE Zakk Appleyard has proven an effective sticks-mover in the Razorbacks offense. Credit must be given to the Razorbacks backroom and HC/RB Gareth Millar, who have revitalised the club and, against many predictions, kept the Razorbacks in bowl game-contention in the later stages of their season: with 2 games against the #5 Pirates (0-5) and #4 Giants (2-2), they could very well make it. 

#2 Antrim Jets (3-2) 35-0 #5 North Dublin Pirates (0-5)³
The Jets soared as high as they have all season against the Pirates, winning a 35-0 shutout. Antrim defended their home turf and also put themselves in good position for the #2 seed in the division, which would send them through to the Division 2 bowl. With the Mavericks facing them at the end of the regular season, the Jets will need wins over the Giants (June 12th) and Pirates again (June 26th) to secure a bowl game berth. 

For stats-crazed among us, QB Scot McLean’s 100% score rate for the Antrim Jets came to an end Sunday as — while he threw for 2 TDs and ran one in himself — RB Declan Curran got on the board twice on the ground.

The Pirates, on the other hand, had little to celebrate Sunday. They were completely outmatched in Antrim, and need a win from their final 3 games in order to not end the year on the sour note that is 0-8. With a return date at home vs the Jets, and a series with the Razorbacks on the cards, that seems more unlikely than likely, though if there’s anything that we’ve come to expect from AFI football this season, it’s to expect the unexpected!

Keep an eye on our socials tomorrow as we preview 5-game slate for AFI Gameweek 10, which includes 

Preview: AFI Gameweek 9

The views and opinions expressed in this article in no way reflect those held by American Football Ireland. The below article is intended to be entertaining and promote around American Football Ireland games.

Gameweek 9 is fast approaching, and with divisions starting to shape up as we march towards the playoffs, teams will start to give those last pushes in their campaigns, whether that be for spots in the postseason or for escaping relegation. This Sunday sees 5 games take place across the island — let’s dive into them and see how they could affect the landscape of the rest of the season ahead! Playoff scenarios for this weekend’s action have been compiled by contributors to AFI, and can be found at the end of this article!

AFI Premier Division

#6 Dublin Rhinos (1-3) @ #2 UCD (4-0) — UCD Sports Grounds, Belfield, 2pm
The Rhinos shocked the #4 Cowboys last time out in what was, at least to that point, the upset of the season. And while it would be quite the sight to see two giant upsets in a row for the Castleknock side, keeping the scoreline respectable may be the secret goal among the Rhinos coaching staff. QB play from Ethan Foster has not been consistent enough to truly trust in the Rhinos to pull off another big win (Foster has 2 passing TDs to 7 INTs on the year), and after already giving up 120 points so far this season, their defense does not match up well with the Students’ offense, who rank 1st in the league in points scored (150).

Speaking of that offense, yardage and points have come from pretty much everywhere for UCD. QB Arun Mooney has truly exploded on to the scene this year, currently sitting with 12 passing TDs so far this season, while RB duo Jack Finnegan and Sean McVeigh have been tearing through defenses for scores in their first 4 games too. Their defense hasn’t been short of playmakers either, with the likes of Dan Verzuh and Eoghan McMahon each coming away with 3 takeaways so far this year. They provide have provided the toughest tasks for every team they have faced this season, and it may end up being much the same this Sunday. It’s worth noting that with a win here, UCD would just need an Admirals win over Craigavon to secure a playoff spot, as the Students hold a head-to-head tiebreaker over Craigavon.

#1 Dublin Rebels (4-0) @ #8 Belfast Knights (0-4) — Malone RFC, Belfast, 2pm
The difficult season for the Knights may very well continue Sunday, hosting the return fixture to a 30-7 loss at the hands of the Rebels this time last month. The visitors have had a comfortable season thus far, their closest game on the scoreboard being their opener @ #6 Admirals. QB Ty Henry has breathed a new life into an offense that struggled in their last season in 2019, scoring 11 total TDs while throwing just 2 INTs. With a powerful, explosive running game to boot, the Rebels have been a force to be reckoned with on the ball this season. Couple that offense with a water-tight defense that has forced 14 turnovers in 4 games, and the Rebels look Shamrock Bowl-bound at this point in the season.

The Knights unfortunately sit at the other end of the table, currently in the relegation zone to Division 1 with a 0-4 record. The Belfast side would have hoped to have picked up at least 1 win by this point in the season, although being without the likes of QB Spencer McDowell and WR/TE Marty Caskey for most of the season to this point has certainly not helped the offensive output. After a massive opening weekend loss to #2 UCD, the Knights appeared to be getting more competitive, taking close one-score losses to #3 Panthers and #4 Panthers. The blowout loss to the Rebels derailed any momentum they were building however, and now Belfast are forced to come out of at least 1 of the next 4 games with a result or face being relegated.

Belfast will be relying on season-best performances from the likes of Robbie Alexander and Kenny McClean to slow the Rebels offense down as much as possible. Otherwise, with remaining fixtures against a surging Admirals team and local rivals #7 Trojans on the cards in the coming week, things may come down to a final day clash with the Rhinos for Premier Division survival. The Rebels secure playoffs with a win and an Admirals loss.

#5 Cork Admirals (1-2) @ #4 Craigavon Cowboys (2-2) — People’s Park, Portadown, 2pm
Perhaps the game of Gameweek 9, as not only are both teams fairly even on the standings, and not only does this matchup influence other teams’ playoff chances, but there are also some very intriguing storylines coming into this one. For the visitors — who are making a near 800km round-trip for the game — this matchup could not come at a better time. After taming the #3 Panthers at Palmerston in last Sunday’s Gameweek 8 matchup, the Admirals travel up north feeling a lot better about themselves than they may have this time 2 weeks ago. The defense has been incredible thus far despite their less-than-stellar win/loss record, conceding just 42 points in 3 games. The main questions for Cork going into this one is can they get inside Peter Loughran’s head in the same way they did Ian Cahill’s? And can the offense unlock RB Phylip Walters in the run game again? If the answer to at least one of those questions is “yes”, then the Admirals give themselves a great chance celebrating going 2-2 on the bus ride home.

As for Craigavon, the hot start has well and truly flamed out, and they may need something to reignite it quick. After storming the Rhinos out of Craigavon and taking home a dying-seconds win from the Knights, the Cowboys were handed a massive loss by UCD before being upset by the Rhinos. Arguably, they are colder now than they were hotter 2 games into the season, and the Cowboys need a win to get back on track. With an angry #7 Trojans team and the #1 Rebels next in line, a win here is crucial for the Cowboys and their hopes for competing in the playoffs this season. Plenty of teams will be watching this one very carefully.

AFI Division 2

#1 Louth Mavericks (4-0) @ #2 NI Razorbacks (2-2) — Newforge Playing Grounds, 2pm
A clash at the top of the table sees a rematch of a game that happened just 2 weeks ago, with the Mavs extending their unbeaten streak in a 24-6 win. The Razorbacks will be disappointed to not have continued their slowly-growing momentum on offense, scoring just 1 TD after scoring 3 in their upset over the Jets. QB Mark Thompson will be hoping for a better day than their away trip to Louth too after throwing a pick 6 and being sacked twice. The Razorbacks need a big win here to validate their claims for the #2 seed in the division, and to prove their Jets performance was not just a happy accident.

The visitors, meanwhile, are exactly where most expected them to be after accepting a voluntary relegation to Division 2. Sitting atop the table and averaging a 33-6 scoreline in 4 games, they will be favoured in every game for the rest of the season, as they are here. The Mavericks run game has scored more touchdowns than the rest of the division combined, and it’s hard to not predict a similarly dominant showing this Sunday.

#5 North Dublin Pirates (0-4) @ #3 Antrim Jets (2-2) — Antrim Forum, 2pm
The final game in our preview sees the Pirates travel to Antrim to take on the Jets, hoping to come away with their first win of the year. The season has not gone at all as planned for the Pirates, especially after bringing on some promising pieces from the Meath Bulldogs, who withdrew from competition before the beginning of the season. While some of those players have made some splashes — Adam Pyne has come away with some nice plays and an INT on defense — but it’s difficult to have much faith in this group considering their results and their forfeit of their most recent matchup. Here’s hoping for more positive outlooks for North Dublin moving forward.

The Jets come into this one as clear favourites and will likely move into the #2 seed after Sunday’s games. QB Scot McLean has been the backbone of this side, still contributing to 100% of the Jets scores on offense, and will be encouraging his players to be more aggressive this weekend. Projecting the Jets after this game is a bit clouded, as while they have been solid on both sides of the ball, they have failed to put up 17 points or more in a single game this season. Sunday represents a big opportunity to buck this trend as the Jets look to close in on that #2 seed in the Division 2 Bowl game at the end of July.

Quickfire Predictions
Rhinos 6 – 35 UCD
Rebels 28 – 13 Knights
Admirals 14 – 13 Cowboys
Mavericks 28 – 10 Razorbacks
Pirates 7 – 24 Jets

Playoff-Clinching/Elimination and Relegation Scenarios
Premier Division
Dublin Rebels (4-0) clinch playoff berth with: Rebels win + Admirals loss
UCD (4-0) clinch playoff birth with: UCD win + Cowboys loss
Belfast Knights (0-4) eliminated from playoff picture with: Knights loss + Cowboys win

Division 1
No scenarios for Gameweek 9

Division 2
North Dublin Pirates (0-4) eliminated from playoff picture with: Pirates loss

GBC & EBC 2019 Final Week Preview

Time flies and we are now in the final week of the regular season games for both the EBC and GBC 2019 seasons.

This being the penultimate preview of 2019 we thought we’d start with the inaugural GBC season. It all started with thirteen teams but only the top six will claim the right to compete in the playoff and maybe a shot at becoming Glas Bowl 1 champions.

A few teams have already booked their ticket to the playoff although without a definitive position yet. The Cork City Outlaws (5-1) and the South Dublin Panthers (4-1-1) currently 1st and 2nd, will be going to the playoff on the 2nd of November. However, since they have no remaining fixtures, they will only have to wait and see to find out what seeding they will finishing at.

On their trail (although already playoff bound) and with two games left to play, the Craigavon Cowboys 2nd (4-0) and Louth Mavericks 2nd (4-0) are a in a good position to take the top seeds if they win both their games with the added bonus that their last game will be against each other (which is our pick for the GBC game of the week). Now, that being said if both teams failed to win their first game and tied their second or even tie both games, they would still be in the top four teams.

The real excitement will come from further down the table. The West Dublin Rhinos (3-2-1) will be on the edge of their seat hoping for the Maynooth Hurricanes (2-2) or Belfast Trojans 2nd (2-2) to lose at least one of their games which would then seal their playoff ticket. If both Hurricanes and Trojans were to win two games then both would go to the playoff.

Now deeper in the table, the Ulster Elks (1-2-1), UCC Raiders 2nd (1-3) and Downpatrick Saints (1-3) could be giving us some upset. If the Hurricanes and Trojans were to loose both their games and the Elks were to win both their games then the Elks would go to the playoff as 5th or 6th seed (tie-breaker would apply against the Rhinos). If the Elks, the Hurricanes and Trojans were to lose both games and UCC were to win both their games then they would take the 6th seed. Same scenario for the Saints if all four teams currently above them were to loose both their games.

All in all, nothing is certain yet which should make for some great games this Saturday at the Dundalk IT Sports Grounds from 11am.

Now for the EBC. The EBC is the Premier League of Flag Football in Ireland and as such we have some of the best teams and players in the country battling it out to claim the sought title of Emerald Bowl Champions or National Champions.

Just like the GBC, it started with twelve teams, who were the top twelve teams from the EBC 2018 season. Just like the GBC, only the top six teams will be eligible to compete in the playoff with a shot at the championship at the Sport Ireland Campus on the 2nd of November. We would like to point out that even though this is the “premier league” of flag football, we did not go through the season unscathed as the season was plagued with a string of forfeits – which will be addressed at the end of the season.

With that out of the way – what’s cooking in the EBC?

Well the season is basically over for UCD (2-5-1), Meath Bulldogs (0-8) and Dublin Rebels (0-8).

Current National Champions Craigavon Cowboys (6-0) and Emerald Bowl 5 runners-up Louth Mavericks (6-0) are seating comfortably at 1st and 2nd and have already booked their ticket to the playoff although we do not yet know which will be topping the group. Mavericks have two tough fixtures against 3rd seed Edenderry Eagles (5-2) and 7th seed Trinity (3-3) with Trinity playing it all out to make the playoff a second year in a row. Some cracking games to watch there.

The Cowboys, being a competitive team, will try to keep they clean record and grab the highly sought after 8-0 perfect season against the 8th seed UCC Raiders and 9th seed Westmeath Minotaurs (also first ever Emerald Bowl champions in 2015). Both teams are on the hunt for a much needed 6th seed to make the playoff.

This is the Dublin Bay Raptors’ (4-2) second EBC appearance, and while they came very close to make the playoff last year for EBC 2018, they are now in a good position to reach the tops seeds if only they make sure to win two tough fixtures against Trinity and Belfast Trojans (4-3). The Raptors, Trojans and Knights are all on 12 points but the Knights have no fixtures left to play and while currently seating at 6th, are on the fence and will have to wait and hope that both Trinity and UCC lose both their games as one win would be enough for either Trinity or UCC to make the playoff as the Knights lost a game against both teams and would lose on head-to-head.

Some exciting games ahead to look forward to kicking off at 11am at the Newbridge College sports ground.

Good luck to all!!

SBC Playoffs: Trojans vs UCD Preview

This is an extremely exciting match-up, with both teams finishing the regular season with almost the same record – the Trojans recording one more win than their playoff opponents. UCD have the most prolific offense in the league, scoring 205 points over eight games but they come up against the second best defense in the league, as the Trojans only gave up an average of 10.75 points a game. These two teams have already met twice this year – on the first occasion, UCD travelled to Harlequins RFC in April, with the game finishing in a 6-6 tie. In the return fixture, the Trojans would prove too strong for the students, winning 32-12 only a month ago.

It has been a much improved season for the Trojans, having bettered their fourth seed finish in 2018 to finishing second seed this year. The Trojans are in great form coming into the playoffs, having won their last four games, including beating Belfast rivals the Knights in their most recent game. Trojans head coach James McKelvey knows his team have worked hard to secure a home playoff game, and will want to take full advantage of that this Sunday “UCD are one of the strongest and physically gifted teams we’ve played this season. They are well coached in all aspects of the game. As a team, we will need to be at our very best. Practice has been good and I’m confident that we will perform to our best.”

Another superb year from UCD saw them finish the regular season as third seeds having only lost to the Admirals and Trojans. Last year’s semi-final agony will be at the forefront of most of UCDs staff and players, losing out on a spot in the Shamrock Bowl by a single point. UCD club secretary Thomas Fitzgerald is confident his team can use that experience last year to overcome the Trojans and book their spot at Energia Park on 4th August “UCD had a lot of positives from our last game versus the Rebels on both sides of the ball. We’re looking to keep our momentum going from that game and continually improve to defeat the Trojans. Last time we went away to Belfast we drew 6-6 with them and this time we’re hoping to secure a win and win our first ever playoff game in what will no doubt be a hard fought game.”

Location: Harlequins RFC, Belfast

Kick-off: 2pm

SBC Playoffs: Admirals vs Panthers Preview

The reigning national champions Cork Admirals are two wins away from retaining the Shamrock Bowl, but they face a tough visit from a South Dublin Panthers side entering their first ever semi final. The Admirals finished the regular season top of the table and unbeaten with seven wins and one draw whilst the Panthers finished as fourth seeds, winning four and losing four. The Admirals possess the best defense in the league, only giving up 63 points in eight games. They come up against a Panthers offense that has scored an average of 20 points per game this year. The last match-up between these two sides was back in March, when the Panthers travelled to Cork. An enthralling game ended 20-14 to the hosts – a one score game meaning this playoff game should be a brilliant watch.

A significant season for the Admirals sees them finish as league champions and with vital home advantage. Finishing unbeaten shows how much this team has come on, after losing three games in 2018. The Admirals enter this match full of confidence having dispatched the West Dublin Rhinos 47-7 in their most recent match two weeks ago. Admirals head coach Alan Lomasney will be looking for consistency of a high level in all three phases of the game, which will be crucial to getting that all important win “The Panthers are a good team, always well coached and every time we play them the games are always close. We are looking forward to welcoming the Panthers to Cork and it’s going to be a tough, hard hitting game of playoff football. We have been practising well and we will be doing our best to get a result and to continue to defend our title.”

A historic season for the South Dublin Panthers as they reach the Shamrock Bowl semi finals for the first time in their history. The Panthers started the season well, as they were sitting with four wins and one loss after five games but have been struggling recently, recording three defeats in a row – most recently a 7-10 loss to the Vikings. Panthers head coach Steve Mack knows his team must find the form they had earlier in the season in order to book their place in Shamrock Bowl XXXIII “Looking forward to the game. Obviously very happy to be at this stage of the season considering how close and unpredictable the regular season was. That being said, we didn’t come this far to only come this far and we know Cork are a very tough team but we’re confident in ourselves and our preparation. Should be an exciting game.”

Location: Presentation Brothers College Sports Grounds, Cork

Kick-off: 2pm

Facebook: Cork Admirals
Facebook: South Dublin Panthers

IAFL 1 Playoffs: Cowboys vs Trinity Preview

Trinity College Dublin @ Craigavon Cowboys

There was 1276 points scored in IAFL 1 this season, with over a third (34.4%) of those scored by Trinity College and league champions Craigavon Cowboys. Whilst their offenses have been setting the pace, their defenses have also had an almighty season as Trinity finished the regular season with the best defense (only 47 points conceded in eight games) and the Cowboys defense coming second, having conceded an average of 7.9 points a game. The last time these two teams met, Trinity came out on top 14-2 in the season opener.

It has been a great season for Trinity, having bounced back from being relegated from the SBC last year. They recorded six wins and two losses, however both their losses came in the last two games they played, losing out to the Eagles and Minotaurs. Trinity line captain Kevin Seery is hoping that recent form will be overturned this Sunday “We are very excited to get back on the field this weekend. This is playoff football, and we know our season hinges on this game. We aren’t expecting an easy game, playing away against the league leaders. We have a very young team this year so for a lot of the guys this will be their first taste of playoff football. We’ve made massive strides as a team over the season and we’re confident that if some of our rookies like WR Franklin Obiekwe and Lineman Oisin Fullham Smith step up and give their all then we can come away with the W.”

With the Cowboys beating the Minotaurs and the Eagles beating Trinity on a frantic final day of the regular season, the Cowboys saw themselves propel from third to first in the table, clinching the league and a home playoff game. The Cowboys carry the best form into the playoffs having won their last seven games, most recently beating the Minotaurs and Eagles. Cowboys head coach Greg Loughran is keen to avenge the early season defeat to Trinity and get his team to their third consecutive IAFL 1 Bowl game “It’s post season football again for the Cowboys and this time around it’s a clash with the only team to beat us in the 2019 season, Trinity College Dublin. We owe it to ourselves to win this game.”

Location: Peoples Park, Portadown

Kick Off: 2pm

Facebook: Craigavon Cowboys

IAFL 1 Playoffs: Minotaurs vs Eagles Preview

Its win or bust time in IAFL 1 as this Sunday see’s four teams go head to head with only two coming out the other side with an IAFL 1 Bowl spot. The four teams combined won 25 matches and lost only 7 this season, so both games are sure to be very competitive. We start our previews with a hard hitting match up in Mullingar.

Wexford Eagles (3rd, 6-2) @ Westmeath Minotaurs (2nd, 6-2)

Second versus third in what is sure to be a smash mouth game of football with both teams being run reliant. The last time these two teams met, the Minotaurs ran out comprehensive winners in Gorey beating the Eagles 39-16. However, the Minotaurs recent form has dipped, losing their two most recent games to the Mavericks and Cowboys. Momentum is certainly with the Eagles, who have won their most recent two games against the Vipers and Trinity.

The Eagles offense scored the second highest points during the regular season (239) however the defense finished fourth after conceding 123 points. Eagles head coach Kevin Klatt will be looking for his defense to step on Sunday “We know this game won’t be easy; the Minotaurs gave us our worst loss this season when we played them in March. However, we’ve moved on a lot since then. I like to think that the Eagles players and coaches have developed the ability to adapt to what other teams are doing ‘on the fly’ if you’ll excuse the play on words. We’ve got nearly a fully-fit squad, and given the performance of some of our rookies over the past few games, the Eagles coaches actually have selection problems of the good kind heading into this semi-final. We think a lot of people expected Trinity to win our game last Sunday. As they’ve done throughout my time with this club, the Eagles rose to the challenge and did exactly what was needed on the day. I know, hand-on-heart, that the players will leave it all out there again next Sunday, as we all know that a place in the final is at stake.”

The Minotaurs find themselves with home field advantage and only one game away from the Bowl after a terrific season. Six wins on the bounce saw them sit top of the table after their first six games but struggles recently saw them finish in second place. The Minotaurs offense is the best in the league, scoring an average of 32.5 per game. Minotaurs club captain Jo Coyne will be hoping his offense is firing all cylinders “We know what to expect from Wexford so we know we will not be handed anything and that we will have to earn every yard on the day. With a few key pieces back from injury/holidays we do think we can get back to playing the football which got us to the playoffs.”

Location: Mullingar RFC

Kick Off: 2pm

Facebook: Thomas Casey Photography
Facebook: Wexford Eagles

SBC 2019 Playoff Picture

SBC 2019 has its four playoff bound teams (with current seeding):

  • The Cork Admiral – 1st seed
  • The Belfast Trojans – 2nd seed
  • UCD American Football – 3rd seed
  • The South Dublin Panthers – 4th seed

All four teams still have one regular season game to play this Sunday and all four games are against another team in the league. This makes the number of possible final SBC playoff scenarios much bigger than its sister leagues IAFL1 and IAFL2 who had nine a piece. All in all, there are eighty-one — yes 81!! — possible scenarios. However, you do not need to be a math whiz to figure out all the possible final outcomes. Here is why.

Now, before we get to the scenarios here are a few key facts:

  • Admirals beat Trojans on May 11th
  • Trojans beat UCD on June 16th
  • UCD beat Panthers on June 23rd

The standings as of last weekend are:

The Admirals have already locked in their playoff berth and home game in Cork, so even a loss would not change their position. Cork Admirals won the league and are comfortably set for a very advantageous home game.

Trojans currently sit at 2nd with 11 points. If they were to lose their game and UCD were to win theirs, Trojans would still be at 2nd after the tie breaker (head to head win). Furthermore, there are no real scenarios where the Trojans could take 1st seed and even less scenarios they would go lower than 2nd. There is a very strong chance the Trojans will host their playoff game in Deramore Park. 

Panthers currently have 8 points, a win would give them 10 points. If UCD were to lose their games then Panthers would overtake UCD to 3rd. In all cases, the Panthers can only reach 3rd seed and would have to travel for their playoff game. And so are UCD at 3rd or 4th.

All things considered, there are only two strong possible outcomes and two very good sets of playoff games not to miss on the 21st of July:

  • Admirals 1st v 4th Panthers and Trojans 2nd v 3rd UCD
  • Admirals 1st v 4th UCD and Trojans 2nd v 3rd Panthers.
You can find the full chart of scenarios below.
By no means if you find another possible outcome please let us know. 

Over and out!

IAFL2 2019 Playoff Picture

As it stands in the IAFL2 has three teams with an option to reach the playoff stage:

  • The Cill Dara Crusaders
  • The Meath Bulldogs
  • The Antrim Jets

However, it is not yet clear which of these will take the top two spots who will have the chance to battle it out and be crowned IAFL2 bowl champions on July 14th. The IAFL2 Bowl game will also be hosted by the top seeded IAFL2 team.

Before we get to the scenarios here is some key factors to help us determine the possible outcome of each scenario.

  • Bulldogs beat Jets on June 9th
  • Bulldogs beat Crusaders on May 26th (33-12)
  • Crusaders beat Bulldogs on April 14th (21-6)
  • Crusaders play Jets on June 23rd
  • Bulldogs play Causeway Giants on June 23rd

The current standings as of last weekend are:

So – unto the scenarios. There are 9 possible outcomes so bear with us while we lay them out for you.

IAFL1 2019 Playoff Picture

As it stands four teams have already gained a berth in the IAFL1 playoff stage :

  • The Westmeath Minotaurs
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • The Craigavon Cowboys
  • The Wexford Eagles

However, it is not yet clear which of these will take 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th seed.

The playoff games will take place on July 14th. Both games will be hosted by the top 2 seeds respectively.

Before we get to the scenarios here is some key factors to help us determine the possible outcome of each scenario.

  • Minotaurs beat Trinity on May 12th
  • Minotaurs beat Eagles on March 30th
  • Trinity beat Cowboys on March 3rd
  • Cowboys beat Eagles on June 9th
  • Minotaurs play Cowboys on June 30th
  • Eagles play Trinity on June 30th
  • Section 3 U 4 of the bylaws (page 25) stipulates “In the event that any team fails to complete 2 or more regular season fixtures, all its games will be regarded as 30-0 forfeits for the purposes of calculating the points allowed in these specific tiebreak categories.” Since both the Waterford Wolves and Galway Warriors have forfeited 2 or more games during the season, all the games each team has fully played will brought (up or down) to a 30-0 score for the non-forfeiting team. For example, the Wolves lost to the Cowboys 73-0, if a tiebreaker needs to be applied then the score will then be changed to 30-0 therefore affecting the NET total of points scored. (phew!!)

The current standings as of last weekend are:

So – unto the scenarios. There are 9 possible outcomes so bear with us while we lay them out for you.